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  • Double Wings Art

    Double Wings Art

    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • oilpaintingart.ca

    My sister bought canvas art from them while ago and she was very happy with the quality and service. Based on my sister’s recommendation, I bought Groupons from Double Wings Art and picked up my canvases from them this weekend w..."

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  • Ac Moore

    Ac Moore

    3.2 (3 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.acmoore.com

    "Hello, I have 2 merchandise refund cards, wondering if I can use them at Michaels, or do i have to shop on line at an AC Moore. Im really not a pissed consumer."

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  • FulcrumGallery


    2.4 (3 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.fulcrumgallery.com

    "Advertise as glass and metal frames. You get a cheap plastic frame with an acrylic cover. Customer service hangs up on you if you dare point out the flaws in their product. Buyer beware."

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  • Urban Archeology Of Mullumbimby

    Urban Archeology Of Mullumbimby

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts

    "No customer service at all i found many of the items in stock to be over priced as a collector of antiques i find it hard to believe that they can get away with claiming some of the items are genuine antiques the set of chairs i..."

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  • Shanalogic


    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.shanalogic.com

    "I learned my lesson when I ordered from shanalogic.com!

    I used to really enjoy checking out the website and seeing what offerings they had. Though I often found there stuff to be EXTREMELY overpriced, I liked the fact they supp..."

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  • Rock City Backdrops

    Rock City Backdrops

    2.0 (1 review)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.rockcitybackdrops.com

    "Mark , I heard a long time ago about this company and yeah you're right at the time that guy did have a attitude problem he was very full of himself. That if he really is called being like this towards his clients I think he rea..."

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  • Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

    Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.mcasd.org

    "After a visit to Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego on Kettner my credit card was repeatedly charged and merchandise ordered by mail was sent to Amelia Smith. I contacted the Museum to find out if Amelia Smith was an employee..."

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  • Guy Hepner

    Guy Hepner

    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • guyhepner.com

    "So Christina who works for guy Hepner had a buyer who was interested in 5 of my Keith Haring works of art. She said that they were very important clients but the wanted to see the art in person. Well I sent her the five pieces..."

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  • Crafting For You Studio

    Crafting For You Studio

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.craftingforyou.com

    "I order a personalized doll for my daughters birthday. The seller did not make the doll. My daughter did not have a gift. And now he wont give me my money back."

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  • Yilinart


    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • yilinart.en.alibaba.com

    If you see yilinart.en.alibaba.com - run away!!!
    They are straight fraudsters.
    Submit order with yilinart.en.alibaba.com (Ruthy).
    Got defrauded ($7000)
    yilinart.en.alibaba.com sent me:
    1. fake marble
    2. Not all parts are..."

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