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  • Park West Gallery

    Park West Gallery

    2.0 (113 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.parkwestgallery.com

    "Purchased artwork on a lay-a-way program, initial payment was $2240.78. I was initially told I could change this if I needed to, called client service, but it was different story. The next month on the first, my account was..."

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  • Saatchi Art

    Saatchi Art

    2.1 (40 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.saatchiart.com

    "For a week i have asked to speak with someone (a few times ) in real time or have a live on line chat and have not been contacted. A kind customer support person for buyers (by mistake I connected with her)? said she would get som..."

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  • RAW Artists

    RAW Artists

    2.0 (10 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • rawartists.com

    "I'm embarrassed to say I fell for one of their "shows" in Miami. I'm a photographer in my spare time, and they found my work on Instagram. In short, you have to sell 20 tickets ($25 each) to participate in the event, which is..."

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  • Icon Studios

    Icon Studios

    1.4 (13 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.iconstudiosdallas.com

    "I want to thank the make up artist, stylist and photographer. This is not directed towards any of you.
    With that said, this entire "agreement" is a scam/sham. I was pressured into this contract by a scam artist who really ought to..."

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  • Big Cartel

    Big Cartel

    2.0 (5 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.bigcartel.com

    "I have tried for month to get you guys to close my account and stop charging my account and you guys simply don't do it what does a person have to do to cancel and simple stop charging my credit card I did say it's been month and..."

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  • State Of The Arts Promotions

    State Of The Arts Promotions

    1.1 (9 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.stateoftheartspromotions.com

    "Yes, ridiculous that this guy is allowed to continue unabashed but we are taking him to Small Claims plus using our Collections Company to at least look to have some dark fun with him because he's not anywhere near a business pers..."

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  • Marble Classics

    Marble Classics

    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.marbleclassics.com

    "The owner of this business, Thor Johnsen has a civil judgement against him for over $1000 as a result his deceptive and misleading advertising practice and failure to return my money. He has not paid this court judgement and is in..."

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  • Original Paint By Diamond

    Original Paint By Diamond

    1.4 (9 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • originalpaintbydiamond.com

    "I placed an order for 2 paintings on 8 November 2021. It was confirmed & had been in transit since 11 November 2021. To date I have still not received a reply to Emails or messages sent on their website. Im a pensioner & cannot..."

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  • Jake Wand

    Jake Wand

    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.jakewand.com

    "Along with my family, I decided to eat at Jake Wand's Gold Coast restaurant last March on our 6th marriage anniversary. Well, I must say, our entire celebration of that special day became simply horrible because of Jake Wand's res..."

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  • Arts Heaven

    Arts Heaven

    2.2 (6 reviews)
    • Arts and Fine Arts
    • www.artsheaven.com

    "I am a repeat customer. other two paintings were done as promised with no issues. In early July 2021 I ordered and paid for three separate paintings. After a month no word from them. Now it has been two months, with only two..."

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