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  • Tri County Humane Society Florida

    Tri County Humane Society Florida

    2.0 (2 reviews)
    • Animals
    • tricountyhumane.org

    "I have been made aware of a case that a dog was taken there and "disappeared". A fairly valuable dog that was probably "adopted" for a hefty price. In the meantime the owner that lost the dog had been there looking for the lost..."

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  • Little Puppies Online

    Little Puppies Online

    4.1 (8 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.littlepuppiesonline.com

    "I actually drove to their place of Business from Michigan. They were so kind and really went out of their way to make my experience perfect!"

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  • Hoovers Hatchery

    Hoovers Hatchery

    1.5 (8 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.hoovershatchery.com

    "Ordered chicks on 2/26/24. Chicks were shipped 2/28/24. All but two are dead on arrival and the other two don't look too good. I would give them less than a star if I could. First and last time ordering from them."

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  • "If you invest your money into Pet Corner you'll lose it all. The Product doesn't sell. It's not priced right for one thing. You won't get any support your promise.

    I bought into this and I lost my entire investment. BEWARE OF TH..."

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  • Havahart


    2.4 (7 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.havahart.com

    "Hard to believe that something works good and it can't be replaced I have called 7 different dealers, suppliers and Trapping dealers and could not find replacement so I called company to find what model number it is to find out..."

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  • Phat Dachshunds

    Phat Dachshunds

    3.4 (8 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.phatdachshund.com

    "My mom gave her Gina Jacobs $1300 and never got a dog. Asked for our $ back and she said no refunds."

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  • Crossed Sabers Stables

    Crossed Sabers Stables

    1.4 (2 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.crossedsabers.com

    "I have asked for a application to adopt a horse which she owns and is in ohio,,,she called me a horse trader and said I worked for the traders and will sell the horse for meat!!! I dont know this lady and now dont want to she is..."

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  • Billings Livestock Horse Sales

    Billings Livestock Horse Sales

    4.3 (2 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.billingslivestock.com

    "My husband and I have bought many horses from the BLS and have sold a few through them. First off really do your home work on the horse you are interested in. If possible try to visit the horse where it is housed. I know that can..."

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  • Amys Acres King Shepherds

    Amys Acres King Shepherds

    1.8 (5 reviews)
    • Animals
    • www.amysacres.com

    "Contact the AG's office for help they are surprisingly helpful for consumers who have been wronged."

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  • Fancy Poodles

    Fancy Poodles

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Animals

    "I was going to buy a puppy from them. The only payment method was walmart or zelle. Offered same day shipping, even with COVID- 19 happening. Never offered a phone number, address to verify. There are multiple websites offering..."

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