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  • Christypaw Persians

    Christypaw Persians

    4.7 (17 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.christypaw.com

    "I adopted my first baby Flynn, a golden chinchilla Persian from Christy in 2016 and I fell in love immediately! The whole process was simple and easy, and yes there was a questionnaire and she asked some additional questions but..."

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  • Ramona Humane Society

    Ramona Humane Society

    1.5 (4 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.ramonahumanesociety.org

    "In the morning i went to see a kitty and to keep the story short I asked and said I dont want it sprayed and kept repeating myself and asked for a manager and or owner to the company to wave it and then they proceeded to bring a..."

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  • Good to Be Horsey

    Good to Be Horsey

    2.1 (5 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.goodtobehorsey.com

    "I bought a TWH mare from Broken R Stables Gene Ross who says he is a horse trainer. I bought horse for my daughter and Gene said she would be prefect for her. So I bought the mare and let her settle in I called Gene to tell him I..."

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  • Home For Life

    Home For Life

    3.1 (6 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.homeforlife.org

    "I met with the person that runs this place for an interview of employment for the Star Prairie, WI job opening. My interview was at 4:30 but she interviewed her 5 pm interview before me acting as if I got the time wrong but I did..."

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  • Furever Home Dog Rescue

    Furever Home Dog Rescue

    2.7 (7 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • fureverhomedogrescue.com

    "How this women is able to run an adoption center is beyond me. She chose not to adopt to my family because of a past grudge she has with a vet we went to when we had our past dogs. She wanted us to sign a waiver that we wouldn't u..."

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  • KatKin


    3.0 (5 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • katkin.club

    "I am very very unhappy you have taken a second payment from my account for a second lot of cat food despite my telling you my cat hates it
    I would have thought it was pretty obvious that if my cat hates it and i have told you that..."

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  • Room To Run Stables

    Room To Run Stables

    1.5 (7 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.room2runstables.com

    "Room to run
    Let me start with what was promised 3 months ago when I took my gelding there. I started out full board, I was told he would be fed, watered, stall cleaned and turned out every day. In the stall the hay nets would be bu..."

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  • RagdollBlues


    2.3 (6 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • ragdollblues.com

    RAGDOLL BLUES Kitten Mill! Kittens with RINGWORM and EAR MITES
    Kathy Renteria/RAGDOLL BLUES does not take kittens to be seen by a Veterinarian from birth to being placed in a home!!!! Kathy Renteria/RAGDOLL BLUES sent..."

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  • Poshfairytail


    1.6 (2 reviews)
    • Animal Services

    "I had a great experience and recieved exactly what I purchased. Bottom line don't believe everything you see or read on the Internet. People will post anything just to hurt others for their own gain. I would highly recommend..."

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  • Lisas Fancy Dals

    Lisas Fancy Dals

    4.3 (8 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • lisamariedb64.tripod.com

    "I'd like to do this assembly product again. Cjanet_51@***.com"

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