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  • Home For Life

    Home For Life

    2.4 (6 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.homeforlife.org

    "I met with the person that runs this place for an interview of employment for the Star Prairie, WI job opening. My interview was at 4:30 but she interviewed her 5 pm interview before me acting as if I got the time wrong but I did..."

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  • Fureverhomedogrescue


    2.2 (7 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.fureverhomedogrescue.com

    "How this women is able to run an adoption center is beyond me. She chose not to adopt to my family because of a past grudge she has with a vet we went to when we had our past dogs. She wanted us to sign a waiver that we wouldn't u..."

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  • Mrazovac K9

    Mrazovac K9

    1.8 (11 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.mrazovack9.com

    "We found Mrazovac K-9 on google. We called and spoke to Laszlo many hours on the phone,in December once we made our decision to purchase a dog. We have had many failures at being dog owners in the past and were very concerned..."

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  • Room To Run Stables

    Room To Run Stables

    2.3 (7 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.room2runstables.com

    "Room to run
    Let me start with what was promised 3 months ago when I took my gelding there. I started out full board, I was told he would be fed, watered, stall cleaned and turned out every day. In the stall the hay nets would be bu..."

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  • RagdollBlues


    2.9 (6 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • ragdollblues.com

    RAGDOLL BLUES Kitten Mill! Kittens with RINGWORM and EAR MITES
    Kathy Renteria/RAGDOLL BLUES does not take kittens to be seen by a Veterinarian from birth to being placed in a home!!!! Kathy Renteria/RAGDOLL BLUES sent..."

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  • Poshfairytail


    2.5 (2 reviews)
    • Animal Services

    "I had a great experience and recieved exactly what I purchased. Bottom line don't believe everything you see or read on the Internet. People will post anything just to hurt others for their own gain. I would highly recommend..."

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  • Lisas Fancy Dals

    Lisas Fancy Dals

    3.5 (8 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • lisamariedb64.tripod.com

    "I'd like to do this assembly product again. Cjanet_51@***.com"

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  • Kismet Kittens

    Kismet Kittens

    2.1 (4 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • kismetkittens.org

    "Be glad that your kitten lived. I got one March of 2017 and it only lived until July. It was sick from day one and I have talked to several others that bought kittens from her and they were sick and died. Very unprofessional and..."

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  • Sander Haus

    Sander Haus

    2.8 (5 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.sander-haus.com

    "I don't doubt that they are selling quality pups who are healthy and happy, however, the service is much less to be desired. They are definitely looking for absolutely, 100% PERFECT homes for their dogs to an extent that almost..."

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  • Pound Hounds Resq

    Pound Hounds Resq

    2.1 (11 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.poundhoundsresq.org

    "Before you decide to adopt, foster, or donate to this particular rescue, please read all reviews first. Not just on this site, but all review sites that this organization is listed on. Do your homework first. Donate your funds..."

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