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  • Support Pets

    Support Pets

    4.9 (195 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.supportpets.com

    "After reaching out 4 times Still no documents or any customer service representative reaching out. Im about to call my card and report a fraudulent charge. Bellow is a picture of the the renewal documents with the expired date ."

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  • Bark Busters

    Bark Busters

    1.5 (142 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.barkbusters.com

    "Two months of their negative reinforcement techniques and putting my dog on calming medication - no improvement at all. Hired another trainer with positive reinforcement technique with dramatic success.
    This is a pyramid type organ..."

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  • Rover Com

    Rover Com

    2.6 (68 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.rover.com

    "Not Site was confusing. Ultimately I mistakenly was booked with 2 sitters. By the time I realized I was charged twice I want able to receive a full refund. It was clear that this was a mistake and not a last minute cancellation as..."

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  • Planet Urine

    Planet Urine

    5.0 (40 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.planeturine.com

    "I've used their urine removal and stain removal products on my carpet and like it very much it's usually from accidents from dogs and cats, and it seems to do a superb job. The only problem is they don't send you enough of the..."

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  • PawBoost


    1.2 (21 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.pawboost.com

    "a man found my dog, in austin texas i live in houston he put on paw boost that he was sold. my dog has a microchip with mt information on the chip. he called me a SCAMMER ON PAWBOOST AND GAVE OUT ALL MY INFORMATION OUT MY NAME,..."

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  • 24petwatch


    1.4 (32 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.24petwatch.com

    "I have 7 claims that they had covered before and paid for the same medication for my dog who is blind due to Glaucoma, They have copies of the prescriptions, paid stubs, packing slips, and invoices, and are too stupid to read..."

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  • Camp Bow Wow

    Camp Bow Wow

    1.9 (37 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.campbowwow.com

    "My fiance was an employee that was sick in treatment. She was fired and still not paid for her work. She was injured 3 times at work. Also was screamed at by a supervisor that is open about her pot consumption. They often ask 1..."

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  • Sit Means Sit

    Sit Means Sit

    1.4 (25 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • sitmeanssit.com

    "This is related to the franchise in Indiana.
    I had a consultation because my dog had a few stress related incidents. The sales person was nice enough, however she was misleading and not at all upfront regarding their training pract..."

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  • WagWalking


    2.2 (30 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • wagwalking.com

    "Hello, I recently received an email saying my wag caregiver account has been approved and that I can sign in but whenever I try to sign in Ill put my email in and receive a code and after I put the code in it says that my..."

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  • Iresq Rescue And Rehabilitation

    Iresq Rescue And Rehabilitation

    2.5 (30 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • iresq.co

    "We drove to hours after filling out an application. Only to be lied to, told a different price 3 times. Have the dog adopted to someone else, even though they knew we wanted the dog and could not make a payment on their site...."

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