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  • Bark Busters

    Bark Busters

    1.9 (127 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.barkbusters.com

    "It's a steep price for a lifetime of spray bottle and a "BAH" word to discipline the dog. I asked for refund and still getting charged $895 for two hours of spraying my dogs.
    I contacted them in emergency, that the dogs in the same..."

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  • Planet Urine

    Planet Urine

    4.8 (40 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.planeturine.com

    "I've used their urine removal and stain removal products on my carpet and like it very much it's usually from accidents from dogs and cats, and it seems to do a superb job. The only problem is they don't send you enough of the..."

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  • 24petwatch


    1.4 (32 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.24petwatch.com

    "I have 7 claims that they had covered before and paid for the same medication for my dog who is blind due to Glaucoma, They have copies of the prescriptions, paid stubs, packing slips, and invoices, and are too stupid to read..."

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  • Support Pets Com

    Support Pets Com

    1.8 (39 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.supportpets.com

    "Please send me a blue Extra-small. MaryAnn Koller 310 Broadway Ave Pueblo CO 81004

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  • Camp Bow Wow

    Camp Bow Wow

    1.7 (36 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.campbowwow.com

    "I hate to write poor reviews but my experience at CBW Duluth was appalling and my hope is to warn others. In June, I dropped my dog for an initial interview with a bag of food because he was going to stay for the day. When I..."

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  • Rover Com

    Rover Com

    2.5 (24 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.rover.com

    "Hi, I signed in and it said that my account is not active but it wont allow me to activate it. So I tried to make a new account but it wont let me use my phone number saying its still on file being used. Can you please help me rea..."

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  • Sit Means Sit

    Sit Means Sit

    1.4 (23 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.sitmeanssit.com

    "This morning, 9/11/21, I was walking in Mason Park in Irvine, where an instructor from Sit Means Sit was teaching a class. It was very hot, yet the instructor was teaching in a bright, sunny area and the dogs (and owners) seemed..."

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  • Iresq Rescue And Rehabilitation

    Iresq Rescue And Rehabilitation

    2.6 (29 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • iresq.co

    "First, don't be fooled into thinking this is a rescue. They're buying puppies dirt cheap out of state then selling them to you here in Colorado, slapping the word "rescue" on them. They're nothing more than a puppy mill outlet.

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  • Trutech


    1.5 (20 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.trutechinc.com

    "These people are dishonest and incompetent. I asked them for exclusions in 2019 and the guy comes out and says, "Well where do you think they're gettin' in at?" ("They're," there, meaning the squirrels/chipmunks/rats/flying..."

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  • One Step Closer Animal Rescue

    One Step Closer Animal Rescue

    2.6 (16 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • oscaranimalrescue.org

    "We have adopted our Gus, Paige and Cheyenne from OSCAR. Wonderful help especially with Gus who is special needs. Would go to them for another fur baby in a minute. We continue us to try and support them as best we can."

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