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  • Support Pets

    Support Pets

    5.0 (263 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.supportpets.com

    "None of the information you sent for my dog works. The tag won't scan, the numbers on her paperwork are all invalid, and the website won't recognize any of it. You will have to send her all new tags, and paperwork that actually..."

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  • Bark Busters

    Bark Busters

    1.5 (146 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.barkbusters.com

    "I have a dog with aggression issues towards other dogs they insisted they could help and were very positive about turning him around. I had researched the company and they had amazing reviews; all reviews which they wrote and post..."

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  • Rover Com

    Rover Com

    2.6 (74 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.rover.com

    "Very poor customer service , wont return calls . Customer service sucks , non responsive, call numbers dont work . The questionnaire service doesnt work wasting your time trying to get call service basically a very poorly run..."

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  • Planet Urine

    Planet Urine

    5.0 (40 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.planeturine.com

    "I've used their urine removal and stain removal products on my carpet and like it very much it's usually from accidents from dogs and cats, and it seems to do a superb job. The only problem is they don't send you enough of the..."

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  • PawBoost


    1.4 (26 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.pawboost.com

    "Cant get anyone to respond to the contact owner of a list cat that I found I have sent numerous emails to you for help and not one response back"

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  • 24petwatch


    1.4 (32 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.24petwatch.com

    "I have 7 claims that they had covered before and paid for the same medication for my dog who is blind due to Glaucoma, They have copies of the prescriptions, paid stubs, packing slips, and invoices, and are too stupid to read..."

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  • Camp Bow Wow

    Camp Bow Wow

    1.8 (38 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.campbowwow.com

    I worked at Camp Bow Wow for a little over 6 months. In that time I had a wonderful experience with most of the dogs th..."

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  • WagWalking


    2.1 (33 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • wagwalking.com

    "I was charged for a service I did not use. Never connected with wag worker . When I did they had already. Barged for the service that we no longer needed. Told worker this but he submitted a report card sayings went well with..."

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  • Sit Means Sit

    Sit Means Sit

    1.4 (25 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • sitmeanssit.com

    "This is related to the franchise in Indiana.
    I had a consultation because my dog had a few stress related incidents. The sales person was nice enough, however she was misleading and not at all upfront regarding their training pract..."

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  • Lap of Love

    Lap of Love

    2.9 (32 reviews)
    • Animal Services
    • www.lapoflove.com

    "I used Lap Of love before five years ago and had an OK experience. They use a shot in the beginning that sometimes cant cause a stinging pain.sensation and my dog yelped out in pain. This time at least it was a lot more peaceful...."

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