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  • Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World

    2.0 (274 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • disneyworld.disney.go.com

    "Waiting in line not fair to those with less money who can not afford to pay for lightening passes. We can no afford to pay more so had to wait !!!"

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  • Six Flags

    Six Flags

    1.8 (259 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.sixflags.com

    "Yes there is still an issue please contact me at 760896**** I still need to speak to someone about being charged extra because your systems were down"

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  • Disneyland


    2.3 (212 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • disneyland.disney.go.com

    "Hi, over a month ago I went to disneyland with my family. My sister bought me a funko pop in the section of marvel, i was so excited and happy that i didnt even take it out of the box. That's until today, I just noticed that my..."

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  • SeaWorld


    1.9 (185 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.seaworld.com

    "Your phone is the worst ever! I have tried getting through to Customer Service about a refund that has not arrived and I have waited 20 to 40 each time on the line with NO response, until I have to had to hang up.
    I don't know how..."

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  • Great Wolf Lodge

    Great Wolf Lodge

    2.2 (147 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.greatwolf.com

    "Been trying to reach someone about a incident that happened with my daughter toenail coming off in a pool. The supervisor that Ive spoke to have not been of any help. This is frustrating."

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  • Universal Studios Orlando

    Universal Studios Orlando

    2.2 (102 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.universalorlando.com

    "No complaints just want to cancel all access please i had a great experience there. I Really enjoyed the rides and food but im just not interested anymore at this. Maybe sometime in the future but all and all thank you guys so muc..."

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  • Knotts Berry Farm

    Knotts Berry Farm

    2.4 (73 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.knotts.com

    "Error on trying to change long on to payment portal trying to change my debit card it wont lte me long in"

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  • Urban Air Trampoline Park

    Urban Air Trampoline Park

    1.6 (87 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.urbanairtrampolinepark.com

    "Trying to get membership transferred to Spring Texas ! I am trying to add 4 more to membership. Reached out to two locations with no response. Went in they said they will reach out to corporate. Still no call back."

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  • Busch Gardens

    Busch Gardens

    1.9 (68 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • buschgardens.com

    "My family visited the Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Va on Friday July 29,2022 We arrived at 1:00p.m. and we had to leave your park at 3:45p.m because it was a thunderstorms ,so the park shut down.
    My name is Veronica Nu-man it was my..."

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  • Legoland


    1.9 (55 reviews)
    • Theme Parks
    • www.legoland.com

    "Do me and my daughter both need to be tested for covid or just me? And do you take covid 19 test that are the week of the date scheduled?"

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