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  • Etsy


    1.8 (3,456 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.etsy.com

    "I WILL NOT GET PAID for the item I sent my customer because even though you said the money wold be held you sent it to the wrong bank and kept your fees."

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  • Lazada Philippines

    Lazada Philippines

    1.9 (3,668 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.lazada.com.ph

    "I want to check the items because the items diamond cabinet from JW GOOD SHOP wasn't received the costumer since July 27 was already pick up here at store.i always keep on calling the Lazada costumer service the land line still..."

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  • Lowes


    2.0 (3,763 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.lowes.com

    "This item has been out stock for a long long time. [Severe Weather 1-in x 4-in x 6-ft Pressure Treated Pine Dog Ear Fence Picket
    Item #783304
    Model #285304
    You sell other type of fence pickets, why don't you have one of them stupid m..."

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  • Affirm


    2.5 (3,676 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.affirm.com

    "Im still waiting for closure. Rugsquestionable.q received i believe by the july 27th. It is august 15th. It is nearly three weeks. Please refund deposit and cancel the account. Lets end this process, as i returned rugs to..."

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  • Cash App

    Cash App

    1.8 (2,746 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • cash.app

    "Hi. My name is Amy Bailey and I got scammed 3 times this year for a total of $375 dollars. Three times on May 3rd for $50 each, once on June 29th for $25 and just resently on August 3rd for $200 dollars. I would appreciate it if..."

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  • PayPal


    1.8 (3,273 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • www.paypal.com

    "I got an email for a receipt for $200 for an iPhone I never purchased. Nor do I have an PayPal account. Then when I check my account I was charged with an return check fee I don't use checks my bank is working on this matter as..."

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  • Sears


    1.6 (2,759 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.sears.com

    "Trying to use a gift card my dad gave me.
    Googled how to use it, and it says add a gift card when you get down to where you pay.
    There is NO add a gift card option.
    Ive spent hours literally trying to make a purchase with this card...."

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  • Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut

    2.0 (3,888 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.pizzahut.com

    "Pizza was under cooked crust had a disgusting raw dough taste. I never been so disappointed with my pie!!"

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  • Xfinity


    1.9 (3,773 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.xfinity.com

    "My WIF was down for 4 hours. What ever I did didn't work. I had to call the customer service. The customer service was excellent."

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  • RockAuto


    2.4 (3,205 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.rockauto.com

    "I ordered a fuel pump and assembly for my 2003 Ford f-150 pu. It was supposed to be delivered on August 9, but has not arrived yet."

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