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  • Facebook


    1.8 (28,768 reviews)
    • Social Media and Networking

    "Blocked from Marketplace with no explanation! Help me!"

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  • Amazon


    3.0 (33,235 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces

    "I want my money back and I don't know the reason why you withdraw this money every month. I didn't purchase anything from you, but you are taking my money, $16.04 every month. Please pay it back and stop it, remove me from your..."

    Read All 78068 reviews Customer Service
  • Advertisements
  • Ubereats


    1.6 (26,208 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I'm very disappointed with you all and my food and no one gave a care your customer care told me it was nothing you can do about with my food being dry and cold and overcooked you wouldn't eat"

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  • eBay


    2.0 (18,652 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces

    "The ithem missing y don't know want happened I want my money back that the only I want I waiting for answers to know what happened with the ithem"

    Read All 47025 reviews Customer Service
  • Lyft


    1.8 (15,384 reviews)
    • Transport

    "I dont know what happened. I got home from a ride from the Lyft driver, which went fine and then another gentleman showed up at my house telling me that he got a confirmation of my drop off which I never made and I never..."

    Read All 45503 reviews Customer Service
  • Shein


    4.4 (15,294 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing

    "Both of my two packages from Shein show that they have been delivered, but I didn't receive the packages. Can I get a full refund?"

    Read All 44644 reviews Customer Service
  • Ola Cabs

    Ola Cabs

    1.5 (12,496 reviews)
    • Transport

    "Last night I came fr9m mira road. And reached mumbai at 10.30pm my son forgot bag in cab. Now he is not picking call my crn no 835149****. It has value things. Or I have to complaint to my near police station"

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  • Flipkart


    2.0 (11,279 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces

    "Here is Flipkart customer Mohammad Azad and my issue is, please change my registered mobile number because my mobile SIM has been switched off and I am not receiving its OTP. Alternatively, if OTP starts coming on my mail ID, my..."

    Read All 32251 reviews Customer Service
  • Uber


    1.7 (10,191 reviews)
    • Transport

    "My account is in good terms but one miscommunication was made and now my account is locked for years."

    Read All 29279 reviews Customer Service
  • Temu


    3.2 (12,108 reviews)
    • E-commerce

    "I have been playing the water game for weeks. My friend has signed up for Temu, and I have been 10¢ away for weeks. This game is broken or a fraud. Now, I am 5¢ away, ongoing for weeks. The game is a fraud! Don't play the game,..."

    Read All 27575 reviews Customer Service