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  • Facebook


    1.8 (23,133 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.facebook.com

    "My market place customers tell me that I need to activate pay now on my items because theyre not able to purchase anything"

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  • Amazon


    3.0 (24,498 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.amazon.com

    "Full funds went toward the bank card,order was process yet amazon decline one payment on a sneakers what was the real issue"

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  • Ubereats


    1.6 (22,517 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.ubereats.com

    "Placed an order for PICK UP for sushi. I arrived at location 10min later and location was closed. (Chairs on the table, lights out, no employees etc. etc.)
    So I cancelled the order, on the Uber app.
    I noticed today I was chgd $43. f..."

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  • Shein


    4.4 (11,598 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.shein.com

    "Help 1st time customer please please please respond. I would like to return bad quality item Kristin"

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  • Ebay


    2.0 (12,168 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.ebay.com

    "Cant talk to a human cant talk to a person cant talk to customer service there is no live person to talk to no customer service at all no one to get in touch with"

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  • Lyft


    1.8 (10,745 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.lyft.com

    "I need to talk to customer service about my account im new deliver I meed to talk to customer service about my account im new deliver"

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  • Ola Cabs

    Ola Cabs

    1.6 (10,070 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.olacabs.com

    "I got a call for the post paid bill wherein the customer care call for payment my only concern was only if i knew where did i miss my payment and if it is cancelled then how was that possible to even threaten someone by case and..."

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  • DoorDash


    1.8 (13,331 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "i work for food delivery, i deleted the doordash app on my phone. I downloaded it again but I can't run it. Help launch it. Registered at irisha30584@***.com"

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  • Flipkart


    1.9 (8,783 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.flipkart.com

    "Sir aacunt open please 1 veek problem not solv try tu adctend
    Sir I need big big reqvast please halp me sir pleaseram"

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  • Uber


    1.7 (7,782 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.uber.com

    "I booked a Uber this morning for my flight. My Uber driver was two minutes away. It was changed to Uber driver that was 40 minutes away. It made me miss my flight. My next flight wont be until 9 PM tomorrow. I have nowhere to..."

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