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Thank you

Excellent Service and fast shipping. Will purchase here again!
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User's recommendation: I will be purchasing here again at SD Bullion

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Fraud activity and discrimination

Refusal of e check transfer or wire transfer thru commerce
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User's recommendation: stay away from fraud activity

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Contract violations

#228**** #228**** #228**** #228**** GAAP Policy Violations Account stolen using my gmail account
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User's recommendation: Stay away they discriminate using your information

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Order experience

I made on order with the company online on 4/10/20. The next day I contacted them on their website stating that I wanted to edit my order. I contacted them on their website again on 4/14/20 stating that since I had not heard from them I wanted to cancel the order. I received an email from them the same day stating that I could not edit or cancel my order. They stated that any cancellations would be subject to a fee. I called and spoke with a service rep and he stated that I would be subject to that fee. I told him I would not pay the fee. He said that it would be turned over to collections.
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User's recommendation: Don't buy from SD Bullion.


Um, when you place an order with SD Bullion, just like any other online dealer, you have to agree to read their Terms and Conditions, which states: "When an order is confirmed, prices become locked-in and the order becomes a contractually binding agreement between the “buyer” and SD Bullion, Inc. By placing an order through the SD Bullion website or via telephone and agreeing to our terms and conditions, the customer enters into a contractually binding agreement with SD Bullion, Inc.

The “buyer” agrees to send SD Bullion, Inc payment as contractually specified... SD Bullion will evaluate any request to cancel an order on a case-by-case basis and only under extraordinary circumstances will a cancellation be approved." It also specifies cancellation fees. It seems pretty disingenuous to me to cut down a company publicly just because you don't like their terms--which they provided to you BEFORE your purchase AND you agreed to.

How would you like someone to do that to you? I've had nothing but positive interactions with SD Bulliion and will definitely use them again.


Thanks for the review, I almost placed an order, NO better than JM or APM etc. etc

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How to Shop Online Safely | Online Shopping Tips

May 28, 2021

Nathan Grant, a Senior Credit Industry Analyst with Credit Card Insider, talks about online shopping, safety when making online payments, and how not to get scammed when buying things online.

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Nathan Grant
Nathan Grant

Nathan Grant, a Senior Credit Industry Analyst with Credit Card Insider. Nathan specializes in credit cards and online payments.