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Restaurant Emotionally Abuses Customer

I'm pissed for what this restaurant did to my cousin from 2007 - last year. The management decided without getting the full side of the story, that my cousin was doing something they didn't like. Instead of going to her and asking her to explain herself, they assumed she was guilty, and told their staff as much, who then treated her disrespectfully. Other customers also learned of this from the staff at this restaurant, and they were downright rude to her, hostile even. My cousin felt very unwelcome, very uncomfortable, and this caused her increasing emotional distress for over two years. Finally last year the restaurant brought it to her attention. By that time it was too late for her to do anything. They didn't even want to know her side of the story, they were so sure their side was right. So she was 86ed by this restaurant, and when she tried very hard to complain to the corporation what this restaurant had done, nobody cared. The corporation, Restaurants Unlimited, even threatened her for trying to complain. My cousin has had to be in therapy over this, and it has caused her mental and physical harm. I asked her why she kept going to such a horrible place. She told me it's because she didn't have many friends, and the few friends she thought she had, were there. Also she's part of a theater group that likes going there. I think emotional abuse was done to my cousin by this restaurant. I have urged her to get legal help but she can't afford it. I just think it's wrong that any restaurant can single someone out like this one has, assume things are true about them without getting all the fact, and then treat them badly for over two years.
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If things really happened the way you described, my sympathies are with you.

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I have to say that the information here was the most complete that I found anywhere. I am definitely bookmarking this to come back and read later.


sounds like some one needs to NOT be in a bar anymore. This took place over a period of four years, and 'she' stayed around? Not the behavoir of a healthy person in any way.

Run, do not walk to your nearest mental health care provider and get back on those meds asap!


Sorry, I didn't post this to get the opinion of people who have no idea what happened here. But no, this didn't happen four years ago.

She has been treated like *** by this restaurant over the course of four years and it was only just last summer that someone got around to telling her why.

The reason turns out to be something they assumed and held against her that isn't true, only she was never told about it or given any way to defend herself. I call this abusive treatment of a customer, and it has hurt someone I care for very much.


You're complaining about something that happened some four years ago? I think both you and your cousin had mental problems long before this "incident"...whatever it was.

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Everett, Washington
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Scotts Bar & Grill, Edmonds Serves Up False Accusations & Harassment

Privacy concern. I complained at one point to the corporate office Restaurant's Unlimited about having beer spilled on me by one of the bartenders who never apologized and neither did any managers at Scotts Bar and Grill, and a day or so later one of the regular patrons at the bar turned to me and said "we don't want you here anymore, you complained about our BOYS." Discimination, because I suffer from anxiety issues the growing hostility at this bar was aiming at me, I wanted to sit by the window. They interpreted this as me going after the head bartender who three years ago had targeted me, intoxicated me on the premisis after hours and harrassed me--even though I'd try to sit by the window regardless of which bartender was working that night. They never would have interpreted this had I been a man. And I feel my anxiety that the negative atmosphere there triggered in me, was not my fault. I would go outside or sit by the window to try to feel better--they assumed it was something it was not and I was eventually 86ed for something they assumed. Harrassment, because during the end of my marriage and after caring for a man who had been very ill, I was emotionally very exhausted and in a depression and I confided to the head bartender after he had led me to think he was my friend, and one night he urged me to stay after hours, after the bar was shut and locked, and gave me shots on the house after 2am when it is no longer legal to serve liquor in WA State, to impair my judgement so he could pressure me into acts I would never have consented to had I then been sober. I wrote him notes after that asking him to please kindly explain his behavior, rather than ask him at this crowded bar where people would likely overhear and it might threaten his reputation or his marriage. So instead of finding a little time to explain himself to me, he went behind my back and gave my notes to his managers and worked to get them to believe I was after him, when he had gone after me, and the fact I needed to sit by the window was more of his proof of this, when I actually needed to sit by the window to help with my growing anxiety I was experiencing, thanks to this increasingly hostile environment and my not knowing why. After several years of being treated rudely by the regulars who knew this bartender wanted me out, and by other bartenders who thought I was after him, the management finally took me aside last May 2010 and told me I am no longer to write anyone notes (that's the first time I had ever been told writing the notes was bad--HE had never bothered to even tell me he had gotten the notes he had then given to his management). I was also then told I could no longer change seats at the bar once I sat down, even though everyone else could. And it didn't matter who was working that night--I was not allowed to change seats. Well a week later or so I ended up under the fan at a time I was trying to get over the flu. A seat opened up right next to me, and I moved over one seat to get away from the fan. I was given my first warning by this head bartender. I then, in the spirit of cooperation, went to his manager to nicely ask for clarification of these rules that only I had to follow--so I would not break them again. He said he'd have the General Manager Kirsten Irwin call me the next morning to explain. She called me the next morning and told me I was no longer welcome at this bar anymore where I had been loyally patronizing for years. I tried to tell her my side of the story, she cut in with a "I already KNOW everything." I tried to contact the corporation Restaurants Unlimited, and they threatened to file a harassment charge against me because i was complaining too much. As far as I know this head bartender still works there and nothing has been done to assure that no other depressed or lonely women are not targeted by this man in the future. That's the negligence part of this. Unfair practices--the fact something was held against me for years that I didn't get to know about but had to endure an ever increasing hostile environment because of without knowing why, I was finally, after two years of enduring this so I could still see my friends at this bar, given only one warning--I broke the "rule" only once, and they told me I wasn't welcome back anymore for asking them to please clarify the rule so I wouldn't break it again. Then there was no customer service at all when I finally realized what had happened to me and tried repeatedly to complain to both Scotts and its corporation Restaurants Unlimited--neither demonstrated any caring about the emotional well being of a paying customer. I spent about $3000 a year at this restaurant because this is where my friends like to go and where my threatre goes after shows. I think my well being should have been a consideration. But when I tried to contact the CEO Scott Smith, no response. When I tried to contact the regional manager for Scotts restaurant, Chris Legler, no response, when I wrote to Kirstin Irwin and tried to give her my side of the story that no one ever once asked me for, no response. No one cares at Scotts or Restaurants Unlimited that this happened to me, and when i tried to give my side of the story, I was threatened and treated like I was in the wrong for being upset. So basically the bottom line here is, if you are not one of the favored people at this restaurant, you can be in danger of having false accusations said behind your back and without your knowledge or any chance to defend yourself or explain yourself, have both staff and other customers hear these false accusations and then start treating you as if you're guilty of them, and you not knowing why...then if that doesn't make you want to leave on your own voluntarily, you can then be humiliated by having some manager call you and tell you you're not wanted there anymore, and then when you do try to then, finally, explain your side of the story, you get from her, "I already KNOW everything." This company calls their customers "guests" for a very good reason. Because guests are privileged to be allowed into their resaurants to spend their money--they are tolerated, but they have little to no rights. Customers, on the other hand, are something a restaurant is privileged to have whenever they are chosen as the place people want to go to spend their money--and customers do have rights. Their welfare matters. If they have a horrible experience(s) or unfair business practice(s) happen to them, the company gives a ***. This one though, not so much. Sad thing for me, it has resulted in therapy for me for more than two years trying to get over the anxiety and panic attacks it has caused--symtoms I haven't experienced since I was little, not to mention severe depression.
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I think you let a lot of personal drama spill over into this establishment. They don't want you there and I don't blame them, as it sounds like bad feelings are on both sides.

You have the right to an enjoyable, relaxing experience and the employees have the right to an enjoyable work environment, free of drama from patrons.

Yes guests are important, but you sound like what is known as a toxic customer. A toxic customer is basically someone who causes more trouble than they are worth and it is in the business's best to interest to get rid of them as a customer.

As this was written in 2011, I hope you have gotten a ton of therapy, medication and counseling and have moved on.


Sorry to hear you had this experience. You seem to have been treated pretty badly.

The thing is, though, if you were really outraged by what this guy did, why did you continuing to contact him with notes and why did you choose to go back to the bar? It's natural for people to interpret this to mean that you were less outraged than "interested". If what he did was not actually criminal (in which case you would presumably have called the cops?) and you were both adults, the company may not want to apologize for what they consider a private matter.

They would be likely to side with a staffer anyway because it's less of a loss to lose one customer than to lose a staffer who can pull in the customers. Hope you're able to put this down to experience and put it behind you soon.


Someone is coocoo for coacoa puffs.


So your depressed and a tard? so you go and do the worst thing you could possibly ever do to yourself by going out drinking, and it seems to be .....alot! Then you write out all of your complaints on notes and letters to the powers to be, when you should have been discussing your poor-me issues with a therapist.

Yr obviously a very intellegent lady, you must be the CEO of Fortune 500 company or the like.NOT!

Do you wear an aluminum foil cap when you go out in public? Perhaps that would help to draw in some positive radio waves, and good karma... try that when you get the chance. If you can wire the foil cap into your private parts, that should also bring you great joy in those very special places.

The last place you need to be is in a bar, trust me.


As soon as you know they are unhappy with your being there, you should leave and never return. I've had good experiences with Scotts and have dined there many times.

The food and service were always top notch.

I did go to a local bar and found out that the bartender was trash talking me to a mutual friend. I left and NEVER returned. It's been over 10 years now.

Good for me as I drink much less and my health is better. Overall a win-win!


I would sure like to read THEIR side of the story. Lady, you are a screwed up whacko.


Get over it already, DF! MOve on with your life!

That is all I have to say about it! GET OVER IT!!!!!!



What story did you read? What made you think she worked there?


As soon as you realized the bar employees were treating you bad, you should have never gone back. You and your friends should have given your business to a place that cares about their customers.



What story did you read? What made you think she worked there?

#288091 are whacked out. Get some professional therapy immediately.

Then, get over yourself. It's your own fault to begin with that you allowed yourself to get drunk enough to engage in the sort of behavior you know you shouldn't have.

You are nothing more than a whiny, self-absorbed cry-baby. I wouldn't want your drunk *** in my bar/restaurant either.

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Seattle, Washington



Scotts Bar And Grill is a restaurant in Edmonds, WA owned by Restaurants Unlimited. Its menu offers wide variety of selection, including seafood, fresh salads, steaks, gourmet burgers, pastas and much more. The restaurant is opened from 3pm to last client, offering delicious dishes together with discounted drinks and appetizers. There are specials for people who come between 4pm – 6 pm: they can get a 3 course meal for $20 from a selected menu, it’s called "first seating time". Scotts Bar And Grill restaurant is proud of its great hearty menu, warm and comforting atmosphere and courteous, professional team. Visitors can enjoy their meals sitting in comfortable bar or in the patio with out door seatings and fireplaces.

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