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Attorney Scott Midgley is worse than useless! Worse than useless is;

Original review May 09, 2013
Attorney Scott Midgley is worse than useless. A useless rating would be me getting a divorce. Worse than useless is; Conciliation counseling was never done. He had a home appraisal done- it was a "drive by" appraisal so interior and backyard upgrades were never considered. That was only $170,000. He had me sign a "non-modifiable spousal maintenance" agreement. That means if I lost both my legs I would still be responsible for the same payments. When I asked him at the Arbitration why he was proposing non-modifiable spousal maintenance he said "in case you win the lottery you wont be responsible for any additional spousal maintenance". When I got home my girlfriend said why didn't he have my ex agree that if she won the lottery, I wouldn't be responsible for any more spousal maintenance. My girlfriend told me not to sign any papers at the Arbitration. She told me, come home, talk it over and maybe even re-negotiate some more. Scott pushed that I sign and finalize the Arbitration right at the conclusion. Great strategy He never thought to have me go to a Vocational Consultant to evaluate my employment possibilities and pay scale. He had me sign a $3500/month non-modifiable spousal maintenance agreement till the end of time. I didn't even have a job. He did absolutely no discovery. What kind of position is one in without any discovery material. If we went to trial, there would be nothing to refer to. I believe he never intends to go to a trial. He never intends to go to a trial because he would be a useless buffoon in a Court. He never intends to go to trial because he has no court room skills. One of his letters he asks for exhibits 11 and 12. I never saw these documents. He buckled to every concession requested by the opposing 100 pound, mild mannered, uninterested female attorney who already had her plans to stop practicing. He never had a proper household inventory done. He asked for an inventory and never got it and never followed up on it. Why was it never even considered that I be the spouse that receives maintenance? Why wasn't a credit report pulled on my ex-wife? Why wasn't any accounting ever done- Personal check books Why wasn't my ex-wife asked about gambling habits, vices, loans to her family, posession of safe deposit boxes. Why wasn't our CPA brought into the proceedings? Why do I and my ex-wife still own burial plots next to each other? michael_wilenchik@***.com If you are even slightly considering using this putz, ask him his story, and of course he knows how to get in touch with me.
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map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Attorney mess up

Scott Midgley, an attorney, in Phoenix, Arizona messed up my divorce case. Don't hire this guy, as he is less than useless. he signed me up to a "non-modifyable spousal maintenance" agreement. This is the only thing in our legal system that cannot be changed. So the redicul;ous monthly amount of spousal maintenance I agreed to can never be changed. Nomatter what- Even if i become a para palegic- still ghotta pay the same monthly amount. Why would anuyone sign up to that agreement- (unless you're a Kennedy and your trust fund can pay out forever. I can give you the case # and a whole lot more particulars... michael_wilenchik@***.com
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You are correct. But, when you go through a divorce there are so many things pulling at you.

That is why you hire an attorney- to guide you, represent you. After all was said and done and the dust settled, I realized all the mistakes he made. My only reason posting here is to interrupt a possible client that is thinking about hiring this attorney, Scott Midgley. I have a 2 minute readable list of all his inept handlings in my case.

Actually, my list of his screw-ups is a good list for any one to use as a checklist for things that need to be addressed in a divorce proceeding. michael_wilenchik@***.com

donna Fbq

why did YOU sign the "non-modifyable" agreement?? did you not ask him what that meant if you did not understand???? sounds like you needed to read the paperwork a little more careful

Melani Nru
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My first thought is - why are we paying $300/hour for us to check on our attorney's work. Yes, you are correct- read everything twice.

But I was not in that mental state. I wasn't buying a house, I was divorcing my wife of 30 years.

Going through a divorce for me was very traumatic. I didn't know which end was up. I had a hard time "fighting" with my soon to be ex-wife after 30 years of marriage.

My lawyer should have been my fighter. This guy was a total WIMP. Anyway, at the arbitration I asked each person present, to their face, "Do you think I will be able to pay $3500 a month for the rest of my life to her", and each one- Scott Midgley, my wife, her attorney and a silly *** arbitor Leah Pahlin all said sure. When I asked Scott Midgley again about this non modifiable clause he responded that it would be a good thing because in case I win a lottery my ex-wife couldn't ask for more support.

How rediculous. The total nonsense of Scott Midgley's inept handling of my divorce goes on & on.

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And, if you'd won the lottery, and had a Modifiable Agreement, you'd still think he was an ***. It's a gamble either way.

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