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Scientology is a hateful extortionist.

Scientology wrecks families and they are a greedy organization.

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User's recommendation: Never join and leave if you are a member.

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Scientology KILLS! Google: Lisa McPherson

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Bring a team of attorneys before you ever give them a dime and have them review the legal documents you will sign where you give up your constitutional rights.

David Miscavige is the leader of the cult. He is an alcoholic and abuses the trapped Sea Org members.

Google: Debbie Cook Depositions on You Tube.

The organization hides behind a "religious cloak" and is above the laws of the land because they obtained "religious tax exempt status" by suing IRS agents personally, spying on them with Private Investigators and harassing them into allowing them to be called a Church and receive all benefits of non profit organizations.

It is sitting on billions of dollars and David Miscavige spends millions attacking, spying and suing critics of the evil cult.

Do your homework. Stay away from it.

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Do not join or surrender

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Scientology/Extremist Inbreeds/White Supremacists/Human/Sex Trafficking Operations

Symptoms of the Human Brain Hijacked by Inbred Criminal Infrasound/Radiation Abuse⁃Brain zapping⁃Nausea (Triggered at random)⁃Sudden Short Term Memory Loss (Forced memory blanking)⁃Radio Interferences directed to you⁃Pressure on the top of your head⁃Erectile Dysfunction⁃Hypersensitivity⁃Tinnitus⁃Power Itching⁃Vivid and controlled dreaming⁃Insomnia⁃Rolling of the eyes (External)⁃Raised heart beats⁃Induced words in sentences⁃Forced nudging⁃Forced spasms⁃Infrasound that are targeted to you⁃Induced Anxiety Do not panic. Do not Submit!

Do NOT sign any unknown affiliated contracts for access to parties, relationships, drugs, or guilt! They murder doctors secretly.

Do NOT give into the demands of human traffickers. A mass investigation is currently undergoing right now on this covert crime of inbred murderers.

They are not the police, CIA or any law enforcement.

Do NOT traffick yourself. You will be trapped, Microchipped, raped and farmed of your babies that WILL be used against you

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Stay away from this Satanic cult

Disclosure of Scientology

Beware of these thugs. Their new business strategies are to snatch people from their homes aggressively using bribes, threats, and various abuse routines to cause the person to break into becoming a Scientologists. Scientology targets and stalks random individuals in the world and harasses their targets using what is known as “fair gaming” to illegally track a person 24/7 and harass them.

Their arrogance is astounding as they run covert operations on individuals around the world with people that has nothing to do with their organization. I’ve seen the classroom, They call it their “Defensive weaponized drone safety” class. But the sick thing about this class, they pretend it’s a school thing and they go over the many “exciting” ways to torture any persons body from afar around the world without being near their target of interest. Brain zapping, sexual organ manipulations, the ability to twitch a persons muscles to cause them physical pain and harm, forcing a person to stay awake, forcing their eyes closed, manipulating blood pressure, and Scientology members who are enjoying torturing innocent lives around the world there were a lot of terrible people there that I would never like to see again.

But in reality, it is just a front and they are using these weaponized drones for fair gaming purposes to aggressively traffick people into their organization illegally and secretly forces the trafficked persons to accept bribes to drive themselves into further debt so they are unable to leave the organization.

They also hire their members into spreading paranoid delusions by sending stalkers in cars with devices that are used to speak directly into a persons ear within a 1 - 5 mile radius, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The young adults you see with white shirts and tattered pants from the organization are slaves by no choice of their own and they are unable to leave. They abuse their members severely with drugs various other ritualistic abuses that almost seems satanic

Prostitution is also heavy within the Church of Scientology. They sell their own bodies to trick new members into joining and losing all of their money to the organization. How did such a criminal organization get so big? But I couldn’t say anything because it was like everyone was hypnotized by this spokesperson thug in a white shirt, tucked into his black pants. These people are extremely sick in the brain, you can’t talk to them without them trying to sell you something, including their own bodies. It’s kinda sad because these thugs within the organization abuses, rapes, and intoxicates their members into lovebombing, having intercourse with, and bribing random individuals who are not apart of Scientology, to try and get them to join.

They are also heavy into the human/drug trafficking gig which revolves heavily around the bribes they use to trick new members into accepting their terms and signing an absurd contract, that pretty much surrenders your life to the organization.

I luckily did not sign any contracts, but I know they are stalking me because of what I know about them. If someone murders me mysteriously, chances are it’s Scientology in Winnipeg Canada.

I honestly do not know why this business is still around with all the people they’ve killed and enslaved. I mean, I may have literally found most of the missing milk carton kids. They have to be within the Church of Scientology because there were so many young teens that’s been kidnapped from their homes and forced into rooms and terrible situations. Stay away from these psychopathic drug abusers. They are very good with manipulating people and they refuse to take no for any answer. Thank god I managed to escape by not signing any contracts. They were trying to trick me with bribes as well, but thankfully I declined and left. Ever since, they’ve been sending these strange drug addicts and RPF Rehabilitation Project Force members who stalks me where ever I go 24/7. But even that’s better than joining them.

Here’s a bonus, they run disinfo campaigns to divert the attention of the public, off of their trails so the irs can’t trace them. They are currently eluding the irs. I did a little research and found out they steal vital information off of their members and add whatever money they’ve stolen off the persons assets.

Avoid these dangerous criminal organizations disguised as a religion

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This is just not a true review. WQhat is he talking about drones etc.


I have doll and some pins. Beside that sits a vintage Remington 31.

That ought to do it as far as self protection is concerned. And I live in a really spooky house that's hard to find and even more difficult to leave.

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Terrible and fake

These sick individuals runs covert operations on individuals utilizing hired criminal contractors to stalk a person aggressively 24/7 of every day. They use devices called a Neuro based technology to speak directly to their victims ears.

They send out members of Scientology and hired criminals in vehicles and surrounds their target of interest within a 1 - 5 mile radius so they can speak directly into the victims ear. The worse thing about this, they possess brain hacking technologies that infiltrates the brain and manipulates nerves and muscles at their will and choosing.

Their aggressive sales tactics and psychologically manipulative means to recruit their members is absolutely and completely absurd and illegal on so many different laws they are currently bypassing.

In my opinion and many others including celebrities, Do Not Allow Scientology To Grow!!

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Sentence from the review: "They use devices called a Neuro based technology to speak directly to their victims ears." I'm sorry, but that does not sound like a sane review.


Scientology is a total Scam

I read the book "What is Scientology" and learned later that the book was written for religious cloaking.

Google: Lawerence Brennan's affidavit.

He was a whistle blower that helped write the book for L Ron Hubbard so that his religion would receive tax exempt benefits as well as not have to abide by the laws of the land.

Scientology uses mind controlling techniques, hypnosis and high pressure sales tactics to convince you that you have a reactive mind and can get rid of it. They ask you about what is ruining your life and then promise the solution, which costs a ton of money delivered by unpaid volunteer's. It is a rip off.

Study up on rhetorical writing, hypnosis, cult mind controlling tactics, love bombing in cults, cults in general and religious cults.

Based on my experience, Scientology is very dangerous for your well being and that of your family and friends.

Hang on to your bank account - there is nothing a Scientologist won't do to get ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

I witnessed members filing bankruptcy, getting foreclosed on and going broke from giving money to this horrible Organization that disguises itself as a "religion".

Read 'Going Clear' by Lawrence Wright, 'Inside Scientology' by Janet Reitman, 'My Billion Year Contract' by Nancy Many, 'Blown for Good' by Jefferson Hawkins, 'Beyond Belief' by Jenna Miscavige Hill, (Leader, David Miscavige's neice), Madman or Messiah, Piece of Blue Sky and watch Jamie DeWolfe on You Tube ( L Ron Hubbard's great grandson).

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I too was in Scientology for 30 years. It is a total SCAM.

Study up on hypnosis, mind control tactics and cults before you ever walk into those doors. They will bankrupt you, shatter your family and ruin your life.

Many people die and commit suicide. It is an evil cult and STAY AWAY FROM Scientologists and Scientology.

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Hold on to your money, scientology is a big money scam. If you are feeling poorly, and need medical attention...get it.

Mental health problems are health problems. Go see a doctor. Scientology is based on Alester Crowleys majic from england, it is a shame. Don't even consider scientology, your wasting money and time and it could hurt you in other ways, good luck.

Hubbard the founded was a pult si-fi written in the 1940's and published the first nonsense in Astonding Si-Fi which no one thought would take seriously.

Please see a medical doctor. Health is weath.

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