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This company has good food but their customer service is extremely crappy I and my husband invested well over $2000 they change the delivery date constantly with out telling you and give out sob story's about the delivery driver not being able to do his rout and refuse to do anything about it will not give you a straight answer my advice do not order from this company cause you will get the run around Read more

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We love your products, but our delivery person is always late, we changed our time from evening to morning to help us and her. Never had problems with our other drivers. Meant cancel service.

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I worked for Schwans in Florence Ky at the pizza plant and was promoted to lead after 2 years and kept that title for 8 years and was back up Supervisor on week ends and when there was no Supervisor during the week I got exultant raises went from 17.00 dollars to 25.00 an hour and then decide to down size there maintenance team from 120 to 56 when they got me out. They went after 3 highest paid and 64 years old and the supervisor's had a job to... Read more

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A month ago I placed an order for around $50. As of today, 2/6/17 I have not received the order or any message from Schwan's. I actually called them the week my order should have arrived, I was told they did not know why and it would be sent out in 7 to 10- days via USPS. I gave her my credit card number as she asked for it so my order would be paid. I don't believe these people, they have no cue as to what they are doing. When I placed my order... Read more

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My only complaint is delivery right before my paydays. I've been with Schwans a long time. With changes threw the years I'm having trouble with this delivery day. Schwans come the Tuesday before my Friday paydays. Which has caused me not to be able to order. My husband is on disability. And that's not working out either. We love Schwans. Our driver told us that their is a way and told me what to do. I decided to do so and it said Not excepting... Read more

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Food is good, customer service is awful can never talk to management they always say we will forward them an email and they will contact you and never do I had put an order in and then the date got moved back because the driver wasn't working never got an email or a call finally 6 that evening I called, then the next order I put in a month later it was moved again because of the driver calling off, that was December 22 and on January 29th they... Read more

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I have been a Schwan's customer on and off for almost 30 years. I have always had good service and have always been treated nicely . I ordered something almost every time for 12 years, but 17 years ago, when my husband died , I quit getting things. I didn't see the need to do so because it was just me . I don't know for sure how long that it was before I decided to order something . I had a different delivery man but , he was just like the first... Read more

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What can I add here, People covered it in full. Really no scruples from HR to your TSL these are people with very low values and askew moral compasses it really is that bad. Yes I worked the crazy hour heard endless promises. TSL wanting to play Rock Em Sock Em robot in his office. Got towed in so many times in those wonderful trucks. I really wanted to post this just so some other poor SOB might read this and turn down there offer. Your not... Read more

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Placed an online order for over $100... I waited the 2 days for a Rep to call one called me, so I took it upon myself to call this company, which I might add is from my home town of Marshall, MN, and I worked at Schwans Customer service one summer, so I am not sure if they moved their customer service department or what, but I was very disappointed tonight after talking to 2 reps. The first one I told the order was under my boyfriends... Read more

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Placed an order on-line for $100+. During check-out I was told that a representative would contact me within two days to arrange delivery. First of all, why does someone need to "contact me?" Why can't the delivery details simply be arranged during the placing of the order? It's not like I live outside their normal area of operation. I've seen the Schwans truck going down my road previously. Time for the company to enter the 20th Century.... Read more

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