Banfield First Shield Trio is Horrible

I bought this item on 5/28/14 and put on my dog 6/11.The product not only cause discomfort for my dog it didn't even work. She was covered in fleas less than a week after application. I feel so bad for my dog due to her misery. I am not able to afford to keep trying things that don't work. I am so glad I didn't by the 4 month supply. Please heed my warning it is not worth the money nor the agony that your pet will go through (weither it is the skin reaction or it just not working)
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Worst I have ever used on my 12 year old shi-tzu. Not only does it not soak in their skin and gets all over your house , it doesn't work !

I found fleas on him a week after . I also had one malfunction and explode all over me and got onto my phone .

It took the paint off of my case . This is not something we want to put on our fur babies for more than one reason .

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Huntsville, Alabama

WARNING: DO NOT use First Shield Trio!!

OH MY LORD!! PLEASE, PLEASE READ! I am not saying this is going to happen to every dog, I am not saying this is going to happen to your dog, I am just letting you know this COULD happen and DID, to mine today!!! ...And before you go asking questions like, "Did you give the right size?" or "Did you apply it correctly?," If you knew me and my dog, you'd know you don't have to ask silly questions like that. Last night I applied a tube of First Shield Trio to Pancho. After returning home a few hrs later, I was surprised to find Pancho sleeping in my closet (totally weird, but he's a lovely weird little Chihuahua.) Cut to this morning..I am awakened to Pancho running around my house like a MAD man! He is sprinting, jumping, colliding into furniture and acting like he is trying to come out of his own skin! I instantly think, "Dang, i bet that stuff has really activated any fleas he may have had! Poor guuuuy." After about 20 minutes of all that I could handle of that, I washed the stuff off and noticed all of these tiny little patches of red near his belly and rear that looked like little burns. I am furious and feel so terrible for this little guy. The bath definitely seemed to help comfort Pancho, but the story doesn't END HERE!! Enter PHASE II: After the itching/burning seemed to subside somewhat, Pancho began this bizarre pacing, just steadily walking the perimeter of my apartment and looking at me as if he could not STOP!! His breathing then became labored. Then I knew this was getting serious. I reached for the baby Benadryl, thinking he may be having an allergic reaction. It definitely helped. His breathing has become normal again but he STILL cannot sit still. I try petting him, talking to him, the only thing that seems to help is actually walking him. We just came in from nearly a 2 hour walk now and I finally feel that he has calmed down. He is restfully sleeping next to me now and his breathing and heart rate have returned to normal. I thank the Lord every day for this little kid and know you probably feel the same for your pet. I am not trying to bash any companies, ruin anyone's business or say even that this is a bad product. If it works for your pet, fantastic, I wish I could've had similar results. I am only merely sending out a warning because there was NOT one on the tube I bought that said THIS could happen! Buyer just BEWARE.
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UPDATE: We had to go to the 24 hr Emergency Vet last night. The nap and comfort was short lived.

Pancho is still pacing, makes the most awful cries out of the blue and is trembling and terrified of me! It is as if he is on a horrible acid trip or something! They told me they've seen these reactions before and that the effects can last up to 72 hrs!! The Vet suggested (verbatim from the mfr website)to wash and apply Vit E.

She also assured me it is not absorbed through the skin. I just dont know that I buy that. My dog has been pacing for HOURS!! No one knows what to do.

Make this stuff safe or take it OFF THE MARKET!! I dont want to kill my dog to kill the fleas!

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Houston, Texas
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First Shield Trio is bad for pets!!

I used this product on my poodle and she is having a terrible experince. I used it last month an it cost me 240.00 at the Banfield vet. The vet claimed my dogs vomiting and strange behavior was not because of the First Shield,so I purchased and used the product today. Aftr an hour, my dog became hyper an thn stated slow down. I called the Emergency vet and the tech was nice enough to tell me the same thing happened to a cat last night. At her advice, I bathed te dog in blue dawn to get the rest of the pesticide, yes, First Shield Trio is a pesticide off of my dog. I will watch her tonight and may need to take her back to the vet in the am. I plan to pursue this matter legally as Banfield should not sell such a product to then turn ard and profit from administerin services to try and remedy the problem.
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To Vallleb, I don't know what Banfield you went to but it could have not cost that much due to I just went to Banfield today in Burleson,TX and a single 1 month dose just cost me 15.26 so that was a lie for that costing 240.00 you must have had other items done for it to cost that much. Comments like yours is how chaos and confusion starts.

I love my Banfield here in TX and has treated my baby GREAT.. I have used First Shield Trio on my German Shepherd and he is fine and flea free.

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Jacksonville, Florida

FirstSheild Trio- Toy Poodlw

When I got Midnight (our toy poodle), we took him to Bnafield. His very first visit they gave him some shots and medication and their flea products. After a couple of hour he began vomiting everywhere. I though that we might have to take him to the hospital. His next visit I refused to give him all the medication at once, instead we spaced them out. Well, after changing nothing but the flea medication, he started vomiting again and this lasted about 6 hours. So, we well not used this product again. I'm will try advantageX next time. Pissed
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Please post somewhere that someone cares (not here)

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First Shield Trio

I bought this product and can't believe the horrible problems my pets suffered. I had to take them into Emergency Pet Hospital the same day I applied it to their skin. Both dogs had severe hyperactivity, muscle spasms, and itching. They were then seen the next day because they still were in terrible shape. We were afraid they were going to die. Five days later they are still having itching, and muscle spasms. They are currently on muscle relaxers and Benedryl. They are still miserable and should have had to go through this ordeal. I was trying to keep them healthy and safe but, instead I'm afraid they might have permanent damage.
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Any pet can have a negative reaction to any medication. Whether it be a flea prevention or not.

There are pets that have negative reactions to your beloved advantix, as well as frontline, advantage, and more-so with sentry, hartz and biospot. I am a 3 year user of FirstShield Trio, have used it on just over a dozen DIFFERENT pets and none have had these issues. Stop assuming that just because your dog had a problem, it doesn't mean EVERY pet will have the same or similar problems.

I'm not saying pets aren't having bad reactions to this medication or others. But, you have to be honest with yourself and realize that this can happen to ANY dog with ANY medication!


Why are you anonymous if you truly believe in this product? How do you enjoy working for the manufacturers of First Shield, by the way?

I can't believe this product is legal. Advantix shouldn't be legal either. Muscle spasms, skin burning, the list goes on. Our dog has been having muscle spasms for two days.

What a horrible company.

And I can't believe Banfield recommends this, probably because they're being paid nicely to do so. This stuff needs to be removed from the market before other animals suffer, or worse.


Like most others my two dogs have always been on Advantix and didn't have any problems. Banfield changed brands and so did I.

The very first time I used it they both had SEVERE itching and diarrhea. They were scratching their necks and ears until they were bleeding. =( I bathed them with head and shoulders, but they're still scratching.They are currently on Benedryl which doesn't seem to be helping. FYI the Vet recommended I try washing it off with DAWN soap, hope that helps.

My recommendation to everyone is stay AWAY from this poison. Stick with Advantix.


We used FirstShield Trio on our sheltie and did not know until several months later that he had gotten a chemical burn from the medicine when we touched him day and he kept being fidgety, they had to shave him and his hairs has almost all grown back, but it was not pleasant for him






:( I used this product and my dog wouldnt do anything but mope inside his cage. Then he started to chew on parts that we put on the medicine. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!


We got this today after a kitten we rescued brought fleas into the house. We had no luck with two doses of Frontline but within 6 hours, have found dead fles on the kitten and our 4 year old dog. No odd behavior or adverse reactions.


:( I also applied this junk product too my pit bull and hours after she became very hyperactive chasing things that were not there. She does not listen to commands and has begun going to the restroom inside the house.

She definitely is not herself and I am extremely upset.

How can a vet advertise this product professionally. Lack of ethics I guess.


:( I also applied this junk product too my pit bull and hours after she became very hyperactive chasing things that were not there. She does not listen to commands and has begun going to the restroom inside the house.

She definitely is not herself and I am extremely upset.

How can a vet advertise this product professionally. Lack of ethics I guess.


I too had issues with this product. After applying it to out Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix he became very lethargic for 2 days. He then start exhibiting signs of paranoid schizophrenia, cowarring and barking at what appeared to be ghosts in the corners of our home and in the sky while on walks. It took about 2 weeks for him to settle back into his normal self.

I asked the vet at Banfield who sold me the product if this could be caused by First Shield. She said no but after reading the many negative experiences by other consumers I am now convinced the effects were most likely caused by this product.

I will be seeking a refund today.

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Apple Valley, Minnesota

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