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I used to run one of the distribution Center they really really get your believe in and how much money you can makeyou end up spending more money than you make and then you get yourself in debt Read more

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the salesperson was very friendly and persuasive. Read more

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The same scam. The same company. The same crappy bottles of fragrances. DO NOT WORK HERE. Selling cologne and perfume in parking lots for *** pay. There is no opportunity to be a manager. There IS A reason why they don't tell you hardly anything about the job before you work there. ITS A SCAM. All the way around, a complete scam. Michael Gilchrest should be sued and thrown in jail. What they are doing is completely illegal on every level... Read more

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They charged me one price and l clearly stated "no $6. 50 tip. Got my receipt via email, guess what was on it the $6.50 tip. Of course they were long gone and trying to contact them via the company only lead to this page to submit a complaint in the form of a review. Read more

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Whatever you do, do not choose this as a career choice. They will lure you in with great promise and then put you in a situation where you are soliciting fake perfume for twenty bucks and you won't make profit unless you sell it for more. They do not explain that you do not get paid unless you are selling this product for more than its worth. It's a waste of time, money and energy. I went on what was called a satellite where they take you to... Read more

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This is crazy. I worked for, well, with scentura first under stefanie young, then under nick and stephanie. If you're in the company you know them. The only reason i had to leave is because reality of life hit me really hard. Im going back as soon as i possibly can. I absolutely loved being there. If you put your mind to it and you're motivated, just stick with the training program and you will be set. I was there almost 2 years before i had to... Read more

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Selling these perfumes is for people between jobs or people who are "un hire-able" like having a felony or excessive tattoes and so on. Good thing you are not forced to work with them. The product obviously is immitation. Would definitely help to have better packaging. Because it looks like the dollar perfume packaging. Scentura does not have to spend a fortune to have better packaging. The perfume does last longer than the dollar ones and... Read more

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I actually work here and it has been a really good experience especially if you want to work for your self why work for someone else that treats you like *** I would rather work for myself and become a entrepreneur. Read more

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I'm kind of surprised to see that this company is still around. I "worked" for Scentura back in the mid-90's for about a week before realizing that the style of work they asked for was straddling a fine line between being legal and illegal. I'd just lost a job at a factory making circuit boards, when I saw an ad in a newspaper looking for management candidates to run an office with no experience necessary. I wasn't overly hopeful about how... Read more

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They advertise a management job which is a lie. You are basically a pawn for whomever is running the local distribution hub. They send you to parking lots, companies, you name it and tell you it is okay to be there. Then when the police ticket you for not having a peddler's license they double talk and ignore you. The people running this *** show should be brought up on charges and thrown in a deep dark hole full of rats (their own kind) Read more

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