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I have been a consultant for a little over 3 years, I have a small downline, and (I used to have)18 warmers on 24/7 in my home. I used to love Scentsy but then my sponsor left and I rolled up to her sponsor. Okay, except she is very opinionated and judgemental and I'm not. She has made insulting comments about people that happen to think, act, or believe the same as me. And, yes, I requested to be moved to a different upline but they don't do... Read more

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  • Feb 14
  • by anonymous
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Horrible!Scentsy goes for Quantity not Quality! Got a Star Gaze Warmer.Horrible.Ugly Looking.Some China ***. Supposed to be all different colors then all of a sudden they say there is 6 different ones.False Advertisement.

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Don't become a Scentsy consultant. Unless you are willing to ruthlessly track people down to get them to buy more stuff that they absolutely don't need, and lie to people to get them to become consultants (they will NEVER make any money, and either will you, unless you sell your soul to the mormon pyramid scheme in Idaho), DON'T BE TEMPTED TO JOIN SCENTSY. I don't care if it's just $99 or just $49. It's not worth it. You'll lose money. You may... Read more

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I ordered a replacement warming dish from a Scentsy reps online site in my area. My visa was charged, and I received an email saying that the item had shipped. A few days later UPS said my item was damaged in transit and was being returned to sender. I immediately emailed the rep but did not hear back. Two days later I contacted the rep again through their contact link on the website (it didn't provide a phone number). I got ripped off $26.... Read more

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I have been a consultant for Scentsy for a few months now, and just wanted to throw this out there for a few people posting the same types of problems: that the products are expensive, or as a consultant they didn't make money. First, this is a pyramid company. You can tell from the triangle shape of recruitment they give to anyone at orientation. That is how they make their money, so if you are not into giving your money to the higher ups, be... Read more

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On or about August of 2016 I placed an order with one of your consultants Cheree Armstrong. Its February 7, 2017 and to this date I have not received products ordered. paid with check, check cleared bank that afternoon. After waiting 1 month for the product that was suppose to arrive within 2 weeks I contacted the person and she kept giving me the run-around. It was interesting to me that someone else was asking her for their products. at this... Read more

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I attended a scentsy party the beginning of November and bought 6 bars for 30 some ,dollars, I got three of them cause she had them at the party but had to order 3 of white tea and cactus. It's now the end of January and have not received them. I've text my friend numerous times about my order and she said the lady that through the party is giving her the run around and still has not closed the party yet. I don't know where this lady lives , I'm... Read more

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While I was at home with my mother who was going through Chemo treatments Scentsy didn't kick me while I was down, I called and let them know what was going on and why I did't meet my goal for the three months. You know what? I am still a Consultant. Why? because they do care about us and they are willing to give extensions to those who need it. You can not expect to get paid for buying products for personal use and that's why Scentsy has set... Read more

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Have a Scentsy was warmer with the official bulb & it barely melts the wax, I'm done with these bulb melters & going to a hot plate style much better & no crappy bulbs. Read more

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SCENTSY has discriminated against me due to im medically disabled and have constantly been bad mouthed by other consultants i tried to fight the situation but they decided to drop me from being a consultant and i was wrongfully accused of being the one who was doing the bad mouthing and they shut dowm my personal web site i had to pay for every month and they shut down my business account. So had no other choice but to walk away SCENTSY has alot... Read more

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