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I'm Yolanda Davis I did a partsurvey I a friend told me abt it but it was a scam I want my money now

Add comment is a FAKE / SCAM website that makes money by charging to have FAKE reviews removed from their site. It's disgusting and shameful they charge people to have fake reviews to be removed from their site! I have sent them several proves showing the claims were FAKE but they would only assist if I was to pay them money! is run by CROOKS and scammers ripping people off left, right and centre!! Hopefully one day... Read more

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False information was published about me on ScamBook. Repeated attempts o reach these extortionists were impossible. They do not list a telephone number and they never respond to an email I have sent, other aggrieved people have sent or Attorneys have sent. I have instituted a law suit against them, through my Attorney, for extortion, mis representation, publishing false information without vetting and financial damages due to business. My... Read more

Was this review helpful? 3 0 is currently under investigation by the Attorney General in the USA for fraudulent trading. The FBI have received thousands of complaints from both companies and consumers about their activities and there has also been an investigative report which has been televised by NBC Chicago News. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a red alert against the company and two of the original founding members have since left the company. I... Read more

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Allmost 2 years ago I paid Jason Barlett (Lakeside Upholstery) $1,400 to re cover my dad's pickup front seat, headliner, door panels & dash...He took the money No work!! Took him to court won still no money or work... he's a crook! he's done this to many others.... PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE THIS CROOK A DIME!!!! he's moved 5 times thrown out of many.... I'm Handicapped and all this Money is alot for me...He don't care! He even gave me a $50... Read more

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  • Dec 13, 2014
  • by anonymous
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416 numbers for sale isa Scam!

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I am an attorney who has tried to contact Scambook several times to obtain their policies and procedures in order to remove a false, libelous and/or defamatory "Claim" from their website. My client, an individual with a public reputation at stake, is the victim of a "Claim" on Scambook which contains false facts and completely misstates what happened. I have sent three (3) emails, and received absolutely no response. I agree with "Lucy" --... Read more

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I have an EX boyfriend who for 16 months or more did nothing but harass me VIA the internet/social media, pretty much day and nite. The harassment included making fake Facebook pages in my name,making websites about me physically and sexually abusing my 2 young children(also uploading pictures of me and my 2 children) and making a complaint about me on Scam Book. Not only was the complaint on Scam Book completely UNTRUE,full of slander and... Read more

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Tufties Hair salon in Rawtenstall lancashire England are the most rude and terrible service I have ever had. I went to get my hair cut and dried 125 pounds and all the staff were the worst I have ever set eyes upon The owner a lady by the name of Vicky was extremely rude I have heard about a story of a ladies hair falling out Don't go anywhere near this place I would not recommend this to anybody at all Please stay away pass this info onto all... Read more

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SCAMBOOK IS A MASSIVE SCAM!!! The only SCAM is SCAMBOOK. They extort money from small businesses. When someone files a complaint with scambook (real, fake, madeup by scambook, or a competitor) - scambook then contacts the complaint the complaint is against and DEMANDS $500/month every month to remove any the compalints do not stay if you pay. Extortion. Google "SCAMBOOK" and page will see all of the compalints... Read more

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