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Sauna Works Lies

Clearlight Infrared Saunas by Sauna are works cedar saunas are actually made of Thuja Plicata wood. This wood has none of the properties Sauna Works likes to report that it does. The Essential Line by Sauna Works is not manufactured by Sauna Works as they say. They are manufactured by Healthmate, a "competitor" of Sauna Works. The Saunas are not tested before they are sent to you as their website reports. The Saunas are not manufactured in South Korea s they like to say. They are manufactured in Yantai and Shanghai China. The positive reviews listed in YELP were to combat negative reviews stating the above facts which they were able to have removed as "policy violations." The policy they violated was: that the above information is considered "not from a consumer but from a third party". That does not mean they are not facts. If you were to search your sauna you will discover that nowhere on the sauna is it stated where the sauna and it's various parts are manufactured. Why hide this information? Sauna Works trades in lies. Sauna Works commits fraud repeatedly without conscience.
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The above poster obviously does not know what they are talking about. Thuja Plicata IS Western Red Cedar and it does have anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties.


Everything above are the rents of a lunatic. The saunas are amazing, the sales staff completely knowledgable and friendly, and the service is impeccable. I would be proud to recommend this item to anyone - and I have!

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Not exactly sure what "rents" of a lunatic means but the allegations appear perfectly reasonable and unfortunate at the same time. There is no question that sometimes, in business, you must make compromises. The trick is not to let those compromises cloud your judgement and begin to manifest as a corporate culture or become permanent features of the business. The result is dysfunction which will permeate the entire organization. A business built on fraud is a business built on sand. Asking your employees to perpetuate that fraud is wrong and incidentally illegal. Sauna Works as a company has no humility what so ever. Sauna Works probably does not need to lie as much as it does to sell a sauna. Their product has potential. The company, on the other hand is grossly dysfunctional. It certainly should be honest about where their products are made. At Sauna Works the issue is treated as a joke. That's just sick and wrong. Chinese manufacturing is infamous for quality control problems which may explain some of the quality problems Sauna Works saunas experience. Bottom Line: Lying about where your sauna is made is no different from using horse meat in what is labeled "beef". In this case they do not indicate anywhere on the sauna where it is made which is probably illegal. The consumer has a legal right not to be lied to let alone the ethics associated with the issues.

I feel sorry for Mr. Kiggins. He has a degree from Berkeley in rhetoric and the only job he can land is at Sauna Works. But maybe rhetoric is what Sauna Works seeks? They certainly reward it.

Sauna Works must be made to understand that when they invite innocent people into their game they are messing with people's ability to pay rents and feed their families. This is nothing to be cavalier about. I believe that to employ people you must treat that responsibility ethically and build a business on rock not sand and dare not try to deceive or intoxicate with financial rewards. Yes. The employee has a choice. In todays market that choice is a little tougher to make and Sauna Works ownership are really nice nice guys. They really are. Unless you tell them something they don't want to hear or deal with or if you don't put up with *** they are only to happy to accomodate.

In no uncertain language Sauna Works deceives. To them it is one big joke and what they are doing is justified because they have a quality product. Maybe they do maybe they don't. Fact: When serious issues with a sauna are reported there is no response to make sure other saunas do not bare the same defect...why? There is no quality control at Sauna Works. None-Zero-Zip. They do not supervise the manufacturing process. That is a real joke. They hold their breath and pray that they will not have more problems than they can handle. Now they can throw money at issues to make them go away. (The profits are massive) The bullet Sauna Works dodged when one of their saunas caught fire is huge. Still they make light of it. What is that a sign of? Corruption-nothing less. They will do what they can get away with. Trust them not.

I trust nothing made in China because I consider myself informed. China has a profound issues associated with ethics in it's manufacturing. This issue is well documented. Those that turn to China to make their products are looking for one thing first and that is: A CHEAPLY made product.

Sauna Works business model is to sell as many saunas as possible as quickly as possible.

For the record: Bruce Ressen, their best salesperson is, in the words of ownership, a psychopath with a narcissistic personality disorder. They love his numbers though. Bruce and Chris had a choice. They eagerly made it. They are still with the company.

As mentioned Sauna Works has no humility. They don't understand that they have been given a gift. Before they get too big they need to take care of the basics. Only then will they know real lasting success. The path they are on leads to ruin and compromises the health and safety of innocent people. That's not a joke. It's not a laughing matter. The sad thing is they are perfectly capable of doing it the right way. They consciously chose a more sadistic business model. No wonder ownership is dealing with certain psychiatric issues. I'd be depressed too if my lively-hood was a lie and every day I went to work I had to tell lie upon lie and pat myself on the back for each lie well told.

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That was very well put I am an electrical contractor well versed in troubleshooting. I'm trying to solve a problem with their unit it seems that there front heaters stay on continuously, there is no wiring diagram there are no markings as to where the product Parts come from I don't see a UL label on the unit or an inspection tag from any approved inspector as to its functionality I am skeptical of infrared types of saunas.

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map-marker San Francisco, California

Clearlight Infrared Sauna by Sauna Works Made In China

Clearlight Infrared Sauna by Sauna Works lies to their customers. Clearlight Sauna's are made in Yantai and Shanghai China not South Korea as they say. The owner, Dr, Raleigh Duncan as a self proclaimed "*** Artist" will say anything to sell you his cheap Chinese junk. Those working for him, particularly Chris Kiggins, have the ethics and morality of the *** man boss. Problems reported in regard to the saunas include fire, failure of "Never Fail" Control Panels, failure of Power Supplies, shoddy craftsmanship and more. They sell 150 to 300 saunas a month to customers, often experiencing debilitating illness. They could care less about their customers and take months to respond to customer service issues if at all.
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I did a lot of research into Sauna build around the world and found that Clearlight Saunas are supreme quality to all brands I compared them with. I bought one some years ago and still love it.

Especially the nice finish and craftsmanship amazes me.

There post-sale customer service and life time grantee is A+. I recommend highly recommend Clearlight Saunas.

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Clearly, you did not compare them to EuroSauna, iSauna, or Finnleo just to name three.

These are three companies which do not make can't-pass the-laugh-test claims that Clearlight employs in a despicably unethical manner, i.e., "Our True Wave Full Spectrum heater system delivers over 20 times the power of our nearest leading competitor."


Since all quality full-spectrum emitters emit IR waves in the range of 1.2-10 microns, for this absurd claim to be true, Clearlight's emitters would have to produce waves that are .06 microns in length no other manufacturer would be using full-spectrum emitters which is demonstrably false.

Furthermore, Dr. Duncan can't even get his story straight. Prior to climbing aboard the "full-spectrum" bandwagon Clearlight's promotional literature claimed,

"The larger size of our True Wave II™ infrared sauna heaters mean more surface area, resulting in lower surface temperature. The result of this low temperature is that our heaters produce more FAR or LONG wave infrared heat which is more therapeutic for your body.

This means better performance within the optimal wavelength range of 7 to 10 microns with a large portion of wavelengths at 9.4 microns. The human body absorbs more infrared at the 9.4 micron range than any other range.

Years after EuroSauna's founder Hardy Weiler was the first North American manufacturer of saunas to use Philip's Vitae emitters in his Far Infrared cabins, competitors, including Clearlight, began doing the same, as they realized their superiority. Suddenly, Dr. Duncan had an epiphany and he stated that it was near-infrared that penetrated deeper into "the core".

This is true of monochromatic near-infrared produced by LED's but not true of near infrared generally. He also makes the unsubstantiated claim--common to all marketers of this technology that near infrared can penetrate 1"-2" into the skin...or deeper. More B.S. (See diagram and keep in mind that 5mm converts to about 1/5 of an inch.) I've no doubt there can be many therapeutic gains with this technology but I would never buy a sauna from a company that places fast and loose with the science to push its products.

Dr. Duncan is either ignorant of the facts in which case he should get them straight or aware of them but is hedging on the facts.

Either way, Clearlight is peddling false information and blatant unfounded untruths about its competitors to move its units and it appears to be indifferent to the fact.


You are just an angry person with a personal agenda, or? In my opinion these guys make the best sauna that you can find.

They are backed by health celebrities like Dr Mercola and the Hypocrisy Institute. I have researched the field of saunas substantially and their owner Dr Raleigh Duncan is probably one of the most dedicated infrared sauna advocate that there is - check out his videos and articles, I can see high integrity in his research.


I buy nothing made in China.


A criminal enterprise as defined under RICO statutes is one that encourages it's associates to lie. Fraud is illegal, criminal and actionable.

If your sauna was made in China, is made of something other than cedar, was not tested (as they say) and was not manufactured by them then you have a cause of action. Let alone a criminal complaint. A criminal complaint means that the police will go into Sauna Works and arrest all that work there for committing acts of fraud against the public. Not one single employee is immune to criminal prosecution for their role in the enterprise.

Sauna Works saunas are made in China and the first person they need to arrest is Raleigh Duncan it's "*** Artist" Owner.

I don't believe for a moment that any positive review is by an actual customer.


well, it did take too long to arrive. after i phone ordered chris called back several hours later to say it would have to be backordered.

should be sent out on 1/16, he said and i agreed and it was. i think it is beautifully made and am having a great time in it. the only thing is that the 2-3 person isn't roomy.

big enough for 2 to sit but no more. still i can feel the benefit after only a short time and i have rheumatoid arthritis!


Can't comment on where the saunas are made, but I ordered one last month. I feel the quality is above average.

I had one minor problem with a nail that was protruding from the window frame. I contacted Sauna Works and sent them pictures of the problem area. I received a call within 3 business days. They were very professional and gave me a choice of 1) them sending a carpenter to fix or 2) Sending me a check for $200 to fix myself.

I opted for the check and received it in 5 days. Hardly bad service in my case.

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I already have the Clearlight Sauna and I really feel that it was the best purchase that I have made in a very long time. It hasn't given us any problems and it was very easy to assemble.

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Then you don't mind that they lied to you.

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