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Hospital TV and Phone services

I Phoned the service at the hospital to get my Brother a Phone and TV. It was days before the service was installed, and than they neglected to show him how to use the phone. They said he was out of the room, but never went back to show him until i phoned again. Than as of yesterday, they cut his TV off because of no payment. The original call from me was quite clear, please provide him with aTV and Phone and put it on my credit card.They "apparently" put only the phone on the card, and not the TV. He also claims the TV cuts in and out on a regular basis. Not pleased with the service. Brian Maguire
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Poor customer service
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Ward clerk at Sault Ste Marie Area Hospital mistreats and humiliated patients

Sault Area Hospital - Ward clerk at Sault Ste Marie Area Hospital mistreats and humiliated patients
Residents of Sault Ste Marie Ontario inform yourself before entering the emergency department; Maltreatment of sick patient's waiting for medical assistance in Canadian Emergency Department is not acceptable or ethical. Recently on the Public Social Media site Facebook an employee of the Sault Ste Marie Area Hospital was scrutinizing an ill patient who had been waiting to see a doctor. Christina Olsen who works in The Emergency Department of the Sault Area Hospital as a ward clerk, found it comical for her public Facebook audience to know of an ill patient that had presented in The Emergency Department during her work shift August 26 2013 .(see attachment/link) Demeaning words were clearly a lack of empathy for the ill patient, and any other patient that enters the Emergency Department of the Sault Ste. Marie Hospital. This public malicious statements on Facebook shows complete lack of empathy for the ill patient waiting for a doctor. Ms. Olsen refers to the patients "I have a tummy ache face" and stating the ill patient should "Just go sit down"... Where is the humanity and compassion for the patient in the statement? Employees who work in Hospital's of Canada including Ontario should show kindness for the sick. Ms. Olsen is employed by The Sault Area Hospital, S.A.H., she works in the center of The Emergency Department. Patients arriving in the Emergency ward are sick and distraught, if not in critical conditions; expecting non-preferential treatment. Recently The National Canadian News Corporations have published articles concerning public deaths from maltreatment in Emergency Hospital waiting rooms. On Sept. 19, 2008 Mr.Brian Sinclair went to the emergency room of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center , with a bladder infection and spoke with a nurse. The homeless aboriginal man stayed in the emergency room waiting room until a fellow patient notified a security guard that he was dead. Now there is an inquest into his death. Read more:****#ixzz2dCDixjRf These trusted positions that are awarded to Nurses, Doctors and Hospital Staff are commonly fail positioned and abused. Hospital employees are playing God with the members of the public. These employees are judging patients by appearance and financial status, choosing who to help and who to ridicule. The citizens of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario who present in The Emergency Department might possibly be humiliated from members of paid staff on public social media. Their privacy and dignity will become comical relief for Hospital staff members. Is this allowed by our Government of Ontario Canada? Are Hospital Staff members allowed to speak publicly of our illnesses on Facebook? As citizens of Canada we Expect better from our health care workers! Residents of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada Be Careful when you enter The Emergency Department DO NOT Speak to this woman or you will be her next Facebook victim!!
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What I do know is this Christina was drunk one night (long time ago).I don't go to the bars anymore but back in the early 2000/2001 maybe, she was drunk and damaged her mom's brand new vehicle.So to cover it up and make sure her mom's insurance would cover the costs she had a couple guys fake stealing the car and burned it I think out by Goulias. She has been lying about lots.

yes and when a person goes out to bars (as I did back then) and doesn't drink (as I didn't back then ) you just remember these things. Later on in years I went to the emergency with one of my parents and saw her there.I was surprised because she was always stoned / drunk back in the day. I thought until I saw this article she had changed things around for herself.

I know what it is like to be caught up in lies and bull because of someone else's agenda.

It was an insurance claim that the company covered. I suppose given the circumstances ( stolen vehicle) and I think she told me she reported it to make sure the costs were incurred by the company.

the car was her mom's and Christina didn't want to be in trouble. If you know her mom's name you could probably access the info.

and there would have to have been an incident report.

I know Christina was scared her mom would be mad at the time,at least thats what she said.Never believe a liar though. I wonder how mom would feel if she knew.


As professionals, physicians, nurses and staff are expected to act in a courteous, dignified and civil manner towards their patients, their colleagues (i.e., all those who work with the physician, whether members of a health regulatory college or not) and others involved in the provision of health care. The purpose of this policy is to provide specific guidance about the profession’s expectations of physician behaviour in the professional environment.

Disruptive behaviour occurs when the use of inappropriate words, actions or inactions by a physician and or staff interferes with his or her ability to function well with others to the extent that the behaviour interferes with, or is likely to interfere with, quality health care delivery.

There are myriad potential reasons for unprofessional behaviour: for example, such behaviour may have been learned through poor role models and entrenched through habit; it may be in response to a difficult or unhealthy work environment; or there may be physical or mental health bases for unprofessional behaviour (especially if the behaviour is new)


Christina Olsen vicious in her words seems to experience negative issues in her personal life, she is broadcast through multiple internet sources as a mother guilty for alienating the father of her young daughter.

This is reminiscent of her childhood as a bully. The narcissistic behaviour of an alienating parents burdens onto Hospital Staff and Patients.


Sault Area Hospital's favourite ward clerk is a long time drug addict and alcoholic. In the early 90's when she was employed as a bartender at Snappers Bar on Queen St, she stole her famous mother Suzanne Olen's car while out of town, trashed it, had it brought out to Goulis and burned.

Insurance money was given for the robbery and no one was the wiser...well at-least the Police.

Lies and deception run in the veins of Christina Jane Olsen. She was a bully in grade school, she was evil in high school, making "friends" with nerdy girls to screw their hot brothers & cousins. She stole, cheated, lied, assaulted misfit girls while attending Sir James Dunn.

In her 20's she worked the down-town scene as a bartender. coke in the back, beer in the front, throw out drunk men, punch guys off their chairs "the gloves are off" her favourite term. Men, woman, groups, toys anyway to stimulate herself.

Don't cross Christina Olsen, she will hurt you in whatever way she can. Don't go to the hospital if you are an enemy of hers...your better off dead


Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 17:06:18 -0800

Why the *** are you doing this? Do you really thrive on making the family crazy with your drama?

You left us. Why do you continue to cause such heartache with the family!?!?!? I know you've had some rough times, as have I. But I have taken full ownership when I screwed up.

To you, it's everyone else's fault that you're *** up. Never once have you owned up to yourself and admitted wrongdoing. You put yourself into your predicaments and cry victim so someone swoops in and saves you. Its usually me, and for that I feel a bit abused.

Whenever you're not happy with your present situation you concoct some big dramatic pile of *** to make you look like a victim. Then you *** the hand that feeds you.

I miss you and love you. But you need some serious help to deal with your demons. Why the *** didn't you just pack up and leave like a normal person?

Because you were wasted. You called me bombed (trust me I know your voice) in the afternoon and said you wanted to go to dinner. I find out later you were wasted out of your tree at the SpeakEasy bragging that you're skipping town to go to montreal after mom and I were sleeping. Nice decision.

Who do you think would hold you back if you simply wanted to move out? You lived at mom's by choice. You chose it. Yeah, it's rough being 34 and living at home.

Believe me, i'm there. But it's warm and safe and there's always food and company. A far cry from where you came from.

I've rescued you from Vincent when you called me and told me he was going to kill you. YOU told me to call the police.

Shortly thereafter you said he came at you with a knife. That turns out to be a *** story you concocted for more attention when he came home and found you in bed with another guy. Good move.

As for the arrest in North Bay, what the *** do you think I would do after you messaged me that you wanted to come home, then Vince calls and won't let me talk to you just to see if you're alright? That's where love comes in, sister.

Understand that. I was sick to my stomach thinking that you weren't alright. So don't EVEN make that out to be a bad thing. You have NO idea the grief you've caused.

Vacation schmacation! You don't skip town at 4am for a simple vacation. Come on, don't be such a loser thinking we're buying that.

You consistently lied to me over and over again. I don't know what to believe coming out of your mouth anymore.

BUt rest assured I'm no longer going to help you out if you call. You have hurt the family so much, including our 90 year old Grandmother who loves you so much you will never know. You have consistently abused the whole family with your dramatics and this is going to stop here and now. And the *** you are feeding with this letter to everyone is just that.

And I hope that they all realize it. When you are ready to face the fact that the beginning of your life was *** up because of you and you alone, we'll talk. I still love you unconditionally but the *** drama *** has to stop. Cant u just be normal for like one second?

I think you can. Have a nice life without us.

We miss you but we don't know who you are. Steve Olsen


I know that girl, she was a barmaid at bars in the soo. she worked at foggy's, snappers and is she working in the hospital and why?

she would punch men in the face and throw them out with security, she was a tough girl who fought, drank like a man. reading her comments is kinda ***, why is she picking on sick people?

this article is right i don't want to go to emergency and have her take care of me. :(


Seems this family has more problems than the hospital is aware of-- Found this on a google search. Letter between this ward clerk family. Sounds like a Soap Opera Family......

Words of Christina Jane Olsen. Sault Ste Marie Ontario:

Just to set the message straight...I am fine. My mother's constant attempt to take over from where she feels she left off has been a failure. I have tried to redeem myself over and over. Nothing I do is or will ever be sufficient enough to fill her delusions of me being that perfect child. I am a grown adult whose conscience has been heavy and my regrets been large. I am separating myself from her drama and newly attained Puritan-like attiude towards life. I plan to concentrate on serenity. It's clear that her insistence of me living with her was only a sub-plot to destroying what still exists in terms of my own self-understanding and desire to finally succeed in my life. I plan on finishing my university starting this fall, and move on in a positive direction. And as far as the substance abuse, this is a delusion of hers. I do not partake in the abuse of drugs. I wholeheartedly admit that they have been involved in my past, however, I have better things to concentrate on. I am going to continue working a terrible job out of the service industry and also continue my bi-weekly counselling sessions. My mind is sound and my intentions are sincere. We all have our own demons to live with, but I will not be residing with my personal demon any longer.

I truly apologize for my mother's overdramatics. I love you all.

P.S.- It has also been brought to my attention by my mother that I no longer have a family that will associate with me. I truly hope that she will someday regret her speaking for the rest of you.

Subject: sault ste Marie News

Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 12:46:18 -0500

Just to let you all know that it is with great sadness that I let you all know that Christina has chosen a life of drinking and abuse with ******, over her Mom and family. She was a coward and left in the middle of the night on Wednesday, without facing me to defend her bad decision.I have since been in contact with her in North Bay and have told her that she does not have a Mom or a home to come back to as I told her over and over again before until she is ready to accept that she has a substance abuse problem and needs intensive rehab at Camilla House. I mourn the loss of my child but cannot keep enabling her to make bad destructive decisions. She is sick and needs help and for that I will always be here but only on my terms now..I love her as only a mother could and am terrified that she will not come back to being the Christina that I know she can be that sweet smart girl I used to know

Love you all and if you still pray keep her in your prayers. Love you all Suzanne


Her mom was head nurse of the emergency department Suzanne Olsen, her brother is an ambulance driver, her close aunt worked in doctor recruiting, and all of her moms friends are nurses or work for the hospital. Thats how she got her job and how she keeps her job.

Sault Ste Marie is a small town, and favouritism wins, especially in the hospital.

Personal will never fire her or discipline her, this happens all over. Yes I agree it is irresponsible to speak of patient care,but the new generation of hospital employees lack respect.


Obviously this particular employee suffers from a personality disorder. This is unusual behaviour within Hospital personal. Not ALL employees of the Sault Area Hospital are like this, we are compassionate to our patients, and do not speak on social media concerning patient care. This ward clerk has her job because of certain family members.

Here is an article outlining personality issues:

It's All About ME, ME, ME! Narcissistic Personality Disorder

We all know people with Narcissistic tendencies. The 'all about me' person who can only talk about himself, his self-importance, his uniqueness, his me, me, me!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a true mental diagnosis for people who need admiration, lack empathy and have a grandiose sense of their self-importance.

It is called a pervasive pattern of grandiosity in fantasy and behavior, and usually begins by early adulthood and it presents itself in a variety of symptoms. To achieve this diagnosis, a person presents five or more of the following:

(1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

(2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

(3) believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions

(4) requires excessive admiration

(5) has a sense of entitlement--unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

(6) is interpersonally exploitative--takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

(7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

(8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

(9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

The above criteria is from the American Psychiatric Association's "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders".

Most Narcissistics are men (75%) and it has been demonstrated not to be found in any particular ethnic, social, cultural, economic or professional group and does not seem to be genetic.

Narcissism is a less severe form of psychopathy. NPC can manifest aggressive, paranoid and borderline characteristics, but it most commonly appears in the form of envy, greed, power ***, an extensively rationalized sense of entitlement, and a pathological grandiose self. Narcissists can experience loyalty and guilt; but unlike psychopaths, narcissists lack empathy or caring for others, and view people as 'playthings' to be used.

In females, they tend to 'sleep' their way to the top. Male Narcissists tend to get ahead by getting involved in massive power struggles.

It is thought that narcissism could be the result of severe mental or physical pain in childhood at the hands of a powerful, idealized mother-father figure. Also inconsistent parental attitudes on aggression and self-assertion and other childhood experiences of being valued for specific, precocious talents seem to be the prime determinants. The child never learned who to identify with--the aggressor or the victim. They developed a pragmatic philosophy of siding with winners regardless of who was in the right or wrong. They feel they have the right to control, manipulate, exploit, and be cruel to others.

Narcissism was not fully defined until the late 1980's. It is estimated that between 5-7% of the population is affected with this disorder. Narcissists frequently have uncontrollable behaviors such as rage, and anger.

Many times, other associated disorders accompany narcissism. Narcissists can rarely be cured, but other side effects and associated disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), pathological lying, eating disorders, mood disorders and substance-related disorders and paranoiac dimensions can be modified.

Pathological narcissism is a defense mechanism intended to deflect hurt and trauma from the victim's "True Self" into a "False Self" which is omnipotent, invulnerable, and omniscient.

Pathological narcissism is a defense mechanism intended to deflect hurt and trauma from the victim's 'true Self' into a 'false Self' which is omnipotent, invulnerable, and omniscient. Patients with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) feel injured, empty and humiliated when criticized. They often react with rage and defiance to any slight, real or imagined. To avoid these situations, some patients with NPD socially withdraw and feign false modesty and humility to mask their underlying grandiosity.

Interpersonal relations are typically impaired due to the lack of empathy, disregard for others, exploitativeness, sense of entitlement and constant need for attention


What would the hospital **employ staff


This is horrible. Why would the hospital employee staff that spoke on social media concerning patient care? This is irresponsible of hospital personal to keep this woman on staff.

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