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My boyfriend bought a BMW X6 he hasnt had it a good 3 months and has taken numerous times to BMW to have it fixed because Car Castle says the warranty is up. Straight up rip off. Now he stuck paying for repairs and car note.
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Bmw Car
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Suns of *** *** them stay away from that plsace and hi speed motors same owner
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2000 Dodge 2500 bad tranny

June of last year I bought a 2000 dodge truck from these guys. They swore time and time again that nothing was wrong with the truck. Mistake on my behalf for believing them. Came in from out of town and didnt do all my home work prior to the purchase and they new it. Left the lot with the truck and got about 70 miles out and the transmission went out. I feel like the dealer new. They offered very little assistance. I was told the truck is yours now so do what you want. I hope they sleep well at night because I sure couldn't if I were them. What ever happened to good business practices? People like this make it hard for the man who is trying to do the right thing. Who can you trust? I wish you many prosperous years in the used car business and once again hope you go to bed every night with a good feeling about your days work. I work hard and do whats right. Do you?
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Scammed Me

Car Castle are scammers. I purchased a 2006 Mercedes Benz R Class from them. They were nice until I purchased the vehicle. Found out tires were bald and within 4 days of having vehicle my battery died for no apparent reason. Called spoke with dealer he lied and said he would come help get car started, and never showed. When called back I was told he was on vacation. Whenever I call he's out to lunch or off for the day. I should have done my research and I wouldnt have been in this perdicament. Im pissed and will not give up until I get satisfaction.
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Warwick, New York
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CAR CASTLE INC. Is a Bunch of Thugs trying to Steal your money

I wanted to Buy a 2007 Audi A4 From them, I asked them to give me the Car History and a CARFAX Report, They told me the Car has a clean record and Gave me a CARFAX Report, As It was too late to test drive the car that day I had to come back the next day for a Test Drive, When I checked the VIN # Then I realized it was different from the Number on the CARFAX. I Mentioned that to the Dealer and he told me it was a mistake as they had another AUDI A4, Went back in took 30 mins to print a new CARFAX and Gave it back to me, this time all the Numbers Matched, I wanted to test the Gas Mileage on the Car, and Asked them to fill up the Tank and told them I would fill it back up when I was done with the drive but they made me pay for the GAS (Full Tank). When I test drove the Vehicle I realized it was making a lot of weird noises, especially when braking and then moving on, I also noticed that the Acceleration was nothing like you expect from an AUDI, It felt like the Car was Hanging on you, I mentioned it to the Dealer and he told me they usually don't service the car until before its sold, and Its just the little bit of rust that's causing those problems. I trusted him put down a deposit and went back home to pick it up the next day, I decided to run my own CARFAX Report Just to be sure and BOOM! the Report Showed an Accident and Frame Damage Reported and All the other Info supplied to me earlier was fabricated and Fake. I will be recalling my Deposit, I need to call them today but the first thing i did is write this report! BEWARE of these Dealers, From what I experienced and What I read about them from other Reports they are a SCAM-BULLET TO BE DODGED.
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They pulled the same thing with me on a 2006 VW except I didn't catch it. The car has been falling apart since.

I just tried trading it in at a Ford dealership and found out the car had been in two major accidents and had major frame damage. They Forged a Fake Car Fax.

I am currently pursuing charges through the New York State Attorney General. These guys should be in Jail.

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Jersey City, New Jersey
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Car Castle Inc. of Bellerose NY scammed me

They sold me a lemon and will not call me back or take responsibility. Don't get scammed also go somewhere else. I found out after I purchased the car there have been many issues with this company. I called for over two weeks and they keep giving me the run around. They tell me the manager and owner are not around but when I call the sales number (which is a different 1-800 number) and act like a different person who is interested in a new sale suddenly they are in the office. They obviously have been working on this routine for a while and have a lot of problems.
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Purchased 2006 Jaguar in July 2013, When I was road testing the car I noticed the low water light was on. I told Carl and he told me he was driving the car and there is something wrong with the sensor, When I got home the car wash overheating.

I checked the water level and it was low by 1/2 gallon. Besides that I checked the trunk there was no spare tire or jack and no owners manual. How *** was I. I took the car to Jaguar and they told me I had a blown head gasket, at the very least it would cost $6,500.00 to fix, that is if there was nothing else damaged.

I called them and they told me I purchased the car as is. I told Carl I was going to sue the, he told me he would dance me around in court until I am Broke. Long story short, I did sue and won the case. They have to according to the NYS Lemmon law pay me back what I paid, My Legal fees and interest on all the money.

This was awarded to me 3 weeks ago. My lawyer is in the process of getting the sheriff to either attach their bank accounts or place leans on their inventory. Un fortunately I paid them with the proceeds from the insurance co with their check.

If any one who reads this post could help us out with High Speed Motors or Car Castle bank account numbers you would help putting these thieve out of business for good. Thank You


HORRIBLE! Don't waste your time.


We were looking for an Audi A3 for a few months, when we saw this one we called and made an appt to come look at the car. We asked for a Carfax a few times and they either blew us off or told us that they will get it in a minute.

We never got the carfax... We sat down to sign the contract because the car drove good and the body a pretty good from what we could see, they wanted to leave so they were rushing us. When we were in the process of signing the contract they told us to lie to the bank (Wells Fargo) and say we put more money down on the car then we were actually leaving and that we purchased the car from Luxury Autos when we actually bought the car from High Speed Motors Inc in Bellrose NY. Im not sure why they have 3 different names on all of their docs, maybe some kind of tax scam because my temp tags had Car Castle as the dealer name?

After i asked why the car was more then the asking price he told me that he put a 2500 dollar warranty on it. Darryl then spent couple mins of telling us it was very hard to take the warranty off and that it was such a good idea to have it because we would be able to take the car to any audi dealer in the country and get factory replacement parts installed by the dealer, seemed like a great idea so we said ok. He told us that we had to wait 2 weeks to be able to use the warranty. After about three weeks, I started wondering why I never got my plates or my warranty card, then my wheel bearing broke.

I took it to the nearest dealer and they told me the warranty company had no idea who i was.. I had a contract from the dealer for the warranty. I called the dealer and now they said i cant use the warranty for 30 days. well after a 400 dollar bill from the dealer i waited for my plates.

I called the dealer again and now they tell me that they never filled the paper work for the plates and the warranty... Finally, after five weeks i got my plates and the other wheel bearing went. I brought the car to the Audi dealership to have the wheel bearing covered under the warranty that was sold to us. Now we find out that the warranty company wont pay the dealership to use factory parts like we were told and they only want to pay $250 of a $450 bill so I called the High Speed Motors/Luxury Autos and told them to cancel the warranty.

They then told me they were going to charge me for cancelling it!!! At this point i lost it, they agreed to cancel it for no charge. They never cancelled it when we cancelled it, they took their sweet time if it has even really been done... I am still waiting for a check to be sent to Wells Fargo in the amount of $2,500.

Every time I call they put me on hold or they tell their receptionist to tell me they are with a customer or on the phone. I will be filing complaints with the IRS and with Wells Fargo so that they know that this dealership is lying to them about deposits and such.




I got ripped off on the financing thinking the finance charges on the contract were from the interest over the loan term, but no they were added to the loan and I was paying higher than needed interest. I ended up paying $4000 more than the sticker price, and the truck had a rear main seal leak, rear differential leak, the power steering hoses leaked, and the battery was no good. Go figure I wish I would have done just a little research before buying.


They did the same thing to me. I purchased a 2003 lexus ES300.

They didn't give me the wood gear shifter but they showed it when I was looking at the car.. Luxury auto telling me to lie to the bank etc....the complaints are all true....



To put it bluntly, these guys are rip off artists! I put money down on a car, when I arrived at their scheduled time to pick it up, the safety related fixes were yet to be fixed.

I asked for my money back and was refused. Bottom line they stole $500 from me so I took them to court. Spent the next two years in the court system, because they demanded to see a judge after the arbitrator awarded me the victory. I was fighting the cause mainly on principle and eventually had to bow out once my mother got hospitalized the day of the scheduled court date.

Never again would I deal with this company and if you're wiser than I you wouldn't either.

Each court visit I attended the court cop mentioned to the guy that he saw him there just the other day. I surmise these guys rip people off one way or the other frequently and small claims night court is just part of their workday.


Car castle and there service is a piece of *** & i would never spend even a PENNY with them again! All they sell is lemons and give you the run around when you call them with a issue.


I purchased my 2005 Cadillac CTS from Car Castle in Bellerose, NY on December 28, 2010.. The vehcile price was $10,000 plus $1,995 for the contract (Warranty) totaling $11,995.

After the percentage rate I was given at 9.6 percent, Car Castle estimated the total-vehicle price to total around $20,000.The warranty was not paid upfront via cash because funds were not available at the time; therefore, Car Castle had the warranty price enrolled into my financing payments with the bank or so I thought. After having several problems with my Cadillac, I decided it was time to get some work done. After looking further into everything with the auto shops and them reviewing my warranty, something wasn't making sense. After further investigation, it turns out that Car Castle never submitted my warranty documents or sumbitted payment to the warranty company, The Penn Warranty Corporation.

The Penn Warranty Company stated that the paperwork and payment were never submitted. I've made numerous attempts to speak with the salesmen who handled my paperwork and sold me my Cadillac, but always got the run around. I am constantly told that they are not in for the day, stepped out to lunch, on a phone call, or cannot do anything until the saw the paperwork because "they did not have copies". I then went down to the dealership myself with the warranty documents and was told that they needed the loan papers instead.

After contacting the bank to have the paperwork forwarded to me, I learned that Car Castle submitted to paperwork with the sticker price being $17,000. There was nothing showing the valid sticker price or warranty price. Although I have my signed-warranty documents stating this information, I am being told by Car Castle that there is no proof to show that the warranty was enrolled into my loan; however, I have the Penn Warranty Corporation warranty documents showing Car Castle stating the vehicle price and contract price. I am now stuck with $7,000 in car repairs because Car Castle never submitted the paperwork or payment, trying to scam me out of money.

After having this issue with Car Castle, I researched online and found a ton of complaints via the Internet regarding customers who had problems as well. I have come to the comclusion, along with everyone else who has purchased from them, that they are SCAMMERS!





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