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Terrible and dangerous product topped with worst manufacturer customer service.

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I bought three bidets and one by one each of the hose leaked and each time I called them the rude customer service guy told me that there is nothing wrong with the product and I have to replace the cheap rubber hose covered with metal cover with a all rubber hose, and that all rubber 40" hose cost $30, unbelievable. The second time I had massive water damage as the bathroom was on 2nd floor. When I called the manufacturer, their customer service guy had the audacity to tell me that we are not using the product properly, really? I mean is there rocket science involved in using a hose with a handle and pressing a lever. So he told me that after every use we should be shutting off the bidet using the valve under the tank to avoid leaks. This was ridiculous to avoid future water damage we start doing that. With that practice for few weeks the little bar on the valve to shut off came apart and won't fit back because it's a CHEAP product which is not well designed. Replacement Valve price $35 with discount. To fix this terrible product it cost me $65.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Bidet Spray head received

Received a bidet spray head from these people...tried to contact them advising them it leaks when shut off, hang it up it drips all over the floor....cannot reach them via phone no one answers, no matter which "dept" you call...sent them an email...received a very "snarky" email back asking for the same information they already have...i.e., name, address, order no...item, reason for contact/return, etc., repeated this, and still no word...READ THEIR RETURN policy carefully....these people are impossible to deal with...TIP: when no one answers the phone, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM...period! If you've dealt with them and lost $'s...protest the purchase and get your credit card company in on the dispute...cannot let them get away with what they are doing....period...I'll go to Amazon next time, as I just found what I need and it's a LOT LESS... AND Amazon answers their phones!
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Ticked off consumer with Sanicare

purchased a DEFECTIVE spray head...$37...just read the complaint about the EXACT SAME SITUATION...and YES, these people should be shut down...I say boycott them! the point is....I've been calling them with NO response so far..3 days now...I finally sent them an email ...they sent one back saying "DON"T SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS...IT CONFUSES US! They asked for information I had already given them!! name/ph#/order#, etc....lame lame lame...go on-line to Amazon for now on...they've got what I need ! AND Amazon is very reasonable to work with! They do not return phone calls no matter which dept you ask for...sales, "technical", etc...doesn't matter...I received this spray head 1/16/17 and tried to make contact with them about it leaking ...they answered the email but only to ask the same questions I had already answered....their "return policy for defective merchandise" is a JOKE!
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective
Ossie Qbu
map-marker Louisville, Kentucky

Sanicare Staff Review

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Sanicare owner was the rudest most hateful sales person I have EVER dealt with and he is the owner. Wouldn't deal with him if he was giving the product away. If he was so nasty when I'm trying to buy something, I can only imagine how he treats those who have already bought from him. DO NOT try to deal with this obnoxious man.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Kamau Mvx

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| map-marker Dallas, Texas

Handheld Bidet sprayer head

I returned defective sprayer head asking for a replacement but received no word. Representative stated that I needed an RMA number which I failed to get. They acknowledged the order but not having received the item back. My loss - no help was offered. I had purchased one bidet and one replacement head over a period of years, but I will not purchase another from Sanicare. This company has a very bad policy in dealing with its customers. I guess they don't expect to stay in business. I wish I had checked online to see what other customers had to say about their products before I made the purchase.
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I had the same issue withe this product when I ordered two of Sanicare Bidets from Bristol and can not use because the leaking hose. i should read the review before I order from this company.

My lesson is to read review before order anything from Internet.i never purchased anything from this company again. My lost is $71.95.


Yikes, Customer Service at Sanicare is TERRIBLE to say the least. They are condescending, rude and will talk right over you.

They also say that "you" are the problem and not the product. All I needed was a washer replaced that had been pinched and they stated I needed to send in the whole unit back at my expense then I needed to pay for shipping back to me. All this for a washer. What a horrible company and a waste of money and time.

I am so glad this was a unit for a guest bath and not the Master Bath. I bought that one from a United Kingdom Company who has great customer service. I received it damaged and they sent me a new one as long as I provided a photo of the damage.

2 years later the sprayer leaked my fault not theirs) and even though it was out of warranty they sold me another one for 50% off. I dealt with a customer service rep named Lucas at

Needless to say, I will now have to buy another bidet and I will definitely not be buying it from Sanicare; instead I will order it from wet water in the U.K.

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mudary S
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Defective product with no returns at

I purchased the Sanicare Italia Hand Held Bidet Black/Chrome - Model IT100BC from for $130. Prior to installing I noticed that the rotating collar was a little wobbly. When I installed it and started the water supply, water started leaking (a lot of it) from the joint between the rotating collar and the T-joint. When I talked to customer service, they were rude and initially blamed me for breaking it and would not even let me finish telling my story. Anyway, after a rude and unfriendly customer service, the only advice I got was to go online and file a claim which I did. I told them in my claim that I do not want to repair or replace it, instead I want to return the bidet and get a refund because I could not trust the product that broke before my first use and risk my house getting flooded. I mailed them the package expecting my money to be returned, but instead they mailed back the product, with the T-joint repaired. After that I emailed them twice asking for the process to return it, but got no response. Finally I called them and was again greeted with the same unfriendly service by their customer service rep who threatened me with a slander litigation if I posted my experience with them on the internet or BBB. I will never buy any product from this company. Cannot decide which is worse, their service or their product!
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I fully agree with you...I purchased their Italia Handheld Bidet for nearly USD 300. After 18 months it broke.

Although they said it is "LIFETIME WARRANTY" this is not true. They never replaced it.

The customer service rep is very abrasive and unfriendly. It is my worst online purchase experience.

tomm Xpq
map-marker Memphis, Tennessee

Bad Product..Bad Service from owner (Robert N.)

I purchased a Bemis800 and didn't like the fact that the seat and the lid are not the same as far as the finish coating...i shipped the product back and Robert, the owner, call me said that there is nothing wrong with the product, i explained to him that the seat and lid are not the same, the reflection on the seat is no where compare to the lid..and there are spot on the seat that look the same as the lid ??? He had his independent claim specialist look at it again..the result came back that there is a different in the reflection between the seat and the lid and that all of that model are the same.. I ask for a refund since the product is not what i expected (imagine what i had to go thru)..the order was placed in 8/9/11 and shipped back shipped back on the 27th..i am still waiting on me refund. Robert Neilsen aka owner is one rude/unprofessional MOTHER F#CKER..I do a lot of on-line shopping and never had any problem with any company as customer service is non-existence..I highly NOT RECOMMENDED doing any business with this Company..if you decide to purchase from them..please please take a look at their ridiculous claim policy (this is when you have to deal with Mr.Robert aka ***)...
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Same here. Robert scared me.

He called me lazy and a liar.

Very bizarre experience. DO NOT BUY SANICARE.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-782585

I got the same treatment from Robert and could not believe his rudeness. Of course I didn't buy from him and can't help but wonder why the owner answers ALL calls. Is he the only one that works there?


Had rude & surly experience on 3/12/12 at 3.40pm with Robert aka owner who tried to tell me that the problem was with my toilet & not with the sanicare bidet. I have other sanicare bidets which work fine. This type of service & attitude keeps customers away from sanicare.

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sayurasem M
map-marker Los Angeles, California


I bought several items from them, I could not use a pair items (Thermostatic Mixing valves). I never open or used them.They never mentioned that the products are non refundable). Initially I requested a refund and they agreed and gave me authorization Number for refund ( RMA 6870). I shipped the items back,I paid the shipping costs and I knew they received it, but after several emails and phone Sanicare just ignore me. Until now I never get any refund and I already returned their products. I think this is a Real Ripp off!!!! Warning for other consumers!!!Do not buy anything from them , the company can not be trusted. The owner name Robert.
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georgeb b

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| map-marker Atascadero, California owner, Robert was rude and unhelpful

Based on a number of frustrating experiences with (in particular the owner, Robert) I strongly recommend not doing business with this company. Robert initially discouraged me from buying the product I called in to purchase, gave me misleading information on product comparisons, and then when I attempted to return the product for the one I had originally called to purchase, he was not only incredibly rude, insulting and disagreeable, but refused to accept the product back in return for the one I wanted, and then refused to respond to my phone calls and written requests for various remedies. I have rarely been treated so poorly as a customer, and his complete refusal to accept any one of a number of my suggestions to meet me part way speaks to his lack of customer support. He quoted his web page that such personal items were not returnable, yet he never told me during our discussion that if I did not like it, he would not accept it back. Had I known this, I would certainly NOT have taken a chance on another product when I was so happy with the one I have been using. Basic details include: I originally called to order another of the exact Toto Bidet (SW553 I have owned for about 3 years, because it has worked so well for both my wife and I. and we were prepared to install one in our second bathroom. Robert proceeded to tell me that Toto is standing on its (old) reputation and has become technically obsolete, not keeping up with more advanced bidets (specifically the Coway BA13 he was steering me toward). Not being conversant on "bidet-talk," it was impossible for me to sort out his truths from his exaggerations, but I felt he would be the logical person to know the differences at some depth. I also knew there was no pricing difference between the two units, so I had no reason to suspect he was just trying to extract more money from my purchase (although now I feel it is possible he either had a falling out with Toto, or gets more commission by selling Coway). The bottom line is that I purchased the Coway on his strong and convincing, indeed compelling statements about the superiority of the unit over the Toto. Immediately upon installation, and every day since then, both my wife and I have been disappointed in virtually all operating aspects of the Coway. I could provide details on a point-by-point basis, but this is already too long a message. The real reason for writing this is not to attempt to "sell" people on my preferred Toto unit, or to badmouth Coway. It is to try to persuade buyers to use a vendor who is more customer-oriented and less antagonistic. There are so many to pick from…why use someone who won't even return calls to work out a mutually agreeable solution?
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We had purchased Sanicare Hand-Held Bidet Diaper Sprayer/Shattaf from this company. After few days the unit leaked and water splashed everywhere.

First they did not want to replace this item. Then they asked for return shipping charges and now we are still waiting this item to be sent back.

Bad company. Never do business with them.


They have the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with, I sent it back and the said it worked they sent it back saying it did, but it does not. I am still fighting with them.


I fell for the TOTO scam too. After placing my order online I was informed that it was not in stock and I was presented with a choice of three 'superior' products (incl.


After insisting on staying with TOTO my order got cancelled.

I wish I noticed this site earlier to save me the time and trouble. Don't like to be scammed.


jsims, if hardware broke it is Coway's warranty to fix it not Sanicare's. If you're out of Coway's warranty then it isn't Sanicare's problem. I don't know what the gap in time was before you got your Coway and when the hardware broke but get your warranty facts straight before you start ***.

Jamie Nha

I also wanted a TOTO and Robert talked me into a Coway. Two weeks ago some hardware on the unit broke and I could not get Sanicare to respond.

Finally Robert called me last night and told me it wasn't covered under warranty, he was not going to help, did not appreciate the emails I had been sending him and to go *** myself and then hung up on me! Now I am trying to get it fixed through Coway, but it doesn't sound like they are well established in the United States so I might never get the parts I need.

I only wish I lived in the same town as that guy so I could go there in person!

If you buy anything from this company and have issues you will be ignored or spoken to in a rude manner. Please do not do business with this company.


I had a similarly bad experience from They use bait and switch techniques on their TOTO products and are extremely rude/unhelpful if you question them.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS there are plenty of other sites to buy bidets from.

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