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Sandberg Furniture

I am a ex-buyer for a major N.E. furniture chain. Now that I a not an employee anymore I wanted to warn consumers of all that I know in the furniture industry. #1 Sandberg Furniture: Some great people there but for the most part....JERKS... The owner and his wife and typical wannabe upper class people wiping their feet on others. The wife hates other women (must be very insure) and being woman it was not an easy working environment when she was around. I was told that they have a few labor lawsuits from minority's and women (go figure). New England Buyer P.S. The product quality is poor. Not what they claim.
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You posters are such cry babies. Do your work.

Stop going against the grain. No one owes you anything.

Follow the rules and you'll go far. Stop playing the victim.


I don't normally comment on things like this nor do I have even have a reason to comment on this but I couldn't help it.. First of all mr.

Texter.. Welcome to the real world this isn't high school or walmart. Your an *** and based on your comment you've obviously never managed people or been in a position to hold other under you accountable.. Should he have maybe given ya a warning and a second chance...

Sure. But the fact that your so outraged for being fired from a new job for being on your phone during a meeting is mind boggling. You obviously never learned about first impressions. I'm sure every boss in the world has heard an excuse of why they were on their phone but the beauty of a text is you can check it later..

How long could this meeting have been? Second if you had such a severe personal problem that couldn't wait you shouldn't have been at work or you should have notified him before a meeting. "hey my good friend is in the hospital and very sick I'm waiting to hear how he's doing? This guy may be an *** but I'm sure he's not a ***..

Again welcome to the real world. You can get mad an rant and rave back all you want but a rabbit could understand you didn't get fired because your boss was a *** you got fired because your a dog *** employee and didn't man up be responssible an communicate with el jefè..

To those upset by the big guys wife..hahaha this is awesome. I obviously don't know the situation but judgig by your comments. She has never touched you threatened you harassed you driven by your house at night pulled a gun on you..

Prob never said a word to you. I mean correct me if I'm wrong.. But last I checked if you feel entitled to money that was earned by a company based on a vibe or jealousy feelings... It's funny you people are the first to sue but the most shocked and appalled if someone comes after you.

Your at work to do a job or provide a service unless she's calling in death threats to your work phone every 10 min how in gods name do you feel a company should pay you money that you didn't earn. Your ***. Your parents would be real proud that you earned your money with hard work. Again I may be wrong I may be the *** speaking from ignorance but I couldn't help but reply.

People like this is why amarecia is becoming such a sad place..bottom line take a little pride in who you are life's about the journey not the destination. If you actually worl and worl hard for what you have the fruit will always be sweeter. As far as the original question.

I'm sorry I can't help ya on the actual quality of the furniture as you originally requested. Good luck on your search.


None you sound like CONSUMERS I would have appreciated a comment, review or anything regarding the FURNITURE not the working environment. How many of you actually own the furniture is the quality poor?

or is it Overpriced? Concerned Consumer :?


I agree with what Frank said, Thomas Bass likes to fire people. Specifically, he fired me on my 2nd day because I checked a text message during a meeting.

I explained to Tom that the text message I read was regarding my friend having cancer, but he still fired me. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY, UNLESS YOU WANT TO LIVE IN FEAR THAT YOU'LL BE FIRED ON ANY DAY FOR ANY REASON.


I agree with Frank that Thomas Bass, the CFO, is one *** of an ***. He fired me on my second day simply because I took out my cellphone during a meeting!

(The text message I checked was in relation to friend having cancer.

That explanation was not good enough for Thomas and he fired me).

Do not work for this company unless you wanna live in fear that you'll be fired for any reason on any day.


The CFO, Thomas Bass, is also an ***. I've seen him fire people over almost nothing. He also seems to think he's hot ***.


Did you worked at the one on Vernon CA?


I used to work with her and yes ... she thinks all female are after her man. They are trying to hide her discrimination lawsuits.


Too bad she is going to make her husband loose everything if she keeps treating people like that. Did anyone read about the discrimination lawsuits they have.


I know exactly who you are talking about. Very Right! She give all females a hard time.

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