Zaybunissa G
map-marker New York, New York

Deceiful business practices by Samira Travels causes pissed off clients!

She told us to deposit the money for 2 tickets into her BOA account.These were purchased 4 months in advance. Two days before flight everything was reconfirmed by her agency.When my sons arrived at JFK they were told that booking was for only 1 and the second had been cancelled by Travel agent!She could not be reached on the phone at 6.45am. My son was forced to purchase a ticket at the counter for $2775 instead of $1650 which was the original cost!! We contacted her regarding this and she never answered us. On the return also dates had been changed for 1st ticket and we ended paying over $400 more!!
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Ikram Wsf
map-marker Johnson City, Tennessee

Ripped Off by Samira Travel!

This lady took our money months in advance and 3 days before departure her employee confirmed our reservations.Well guess what?!When we arrived at the airline terminal there was only 1 reservation instead of 2. Ofcourse we could not reach her and we were forced to purchase another ticket on the spot at an outragouse price because of her repeated cancellations as we were told by the airline! Our return flights were also messed up and we ended up paying another $450 overseas and also had to return on two different dates as there were no more seats on the same flight!What a screw up by this travel agency ! Beware of Samira Travel!!!!
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map-marker Springfield, Missouri

Warning! Samira Travel in NY and CT ripped me of!!!

I paid this crazy lady Samira way too much for my ticket, because there was a family emergency and I was in no position to shop around. I paid about one and a half weeks before the scheduled day of departure, took off work, was ready and the night before I was too leave, her crazy employee who doesn't understand much English calls me and tells me not to go to the airport the next day cuz I'll "just be standing there!" No explanation, just said she was the messenger and Samira had told her to tell me not to go to the airport. When I complained and asked her to get in touch with Samira for details, she kept saying Samira is "really hard to get in touch with" and she tried to blame me! She said they would call me the next day and try to get me on the flight for the day after. I had multiple destinations and everything would have to be changed. The next day I must have called more than 10 times before they took care of it, and then they said there were no seats on one of the flights and needed more money ($150) to book this whole trip, the one they had said I was confirmed on. Basically she didnt buy the tickets on time when I paid her, and then she tried to blame me and also told me she had just given birth, though that is why she has other employees, to help her run her really bad business. I forked over the money, after all it was due to my Uncle's death I was going on this trip. Finally I was on my way when I got to one of my destinations where I was supposed to have a hotel stay included in my ticket price, Samira had told me herself that the hotel was included, that is why I even agreed to a 16 hr stay in this city anyway. But once there, the hotel staff said the travel agent, my horrible and irresponisble travel agent had forgotten to book me a room, therefore I would not get a room, and I was stuck for 16 hours in the airport or had to pay for another room myself! Once back in the US, I called Samira Travel and since she is never there asked her employee for a refund due to what happened with the hotel. He said Samira insists the hotel was not included and I misnderstood! Ok, but she is the one who is not a native English speaker, and recalling her previous actions, I seriously doubted she had misunderstood anything, she was just too irresponsible to remember to either book my room at the hotel or tell one of her employees to do it for her. I asked the employee to have her call me back and he said she would definetely do so, but its been over a week and still no call! Gee, I wonder was it really my fault? I think not. From Samira's INaction, I think its pretty obvious who's fault this whole awful situation really was. So please do yourself a favor, DO NOT go to Samira Travel in NY and CT. You'll be setting yourself up for a real disappointment and also for being robbed of your hard earned money.
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We already tried small claims court -no success.

Then Attorney General- They're going nowhere with case.

What can be done next??

Her husband is an attorney so I guess he knows all the loop holes to avoid courts!!

Would reporting criminal help? as I's sure she doesn't pay all her taxes seeing how he screws people!

What about reporting to FBI? Can anyone start that? :?


I did not do my research on this Co before making a purchase and I also lost a lot of money!

NEVER do business with this lady!

Has anyone tried to sue her yet?


Don't give your hard earned money to this ***! She takes your money way in advance and when you arrive at the ticket counter your reservation is not there even after they send you a confirmation!Then you have no option but to purchase a VERY EXPENSIVE ticket on the spot if you want to continue your journey!

Someone PLEASE take her to court!!!


It seems to me that you should be able to take this business to small claims court and in the future MAKE SURE that the employee that is making all these "excuses" sign something that has her comments and quotes on it. If you would have had that, you would have won hands down.

You still could try having the other disgruntled customers make a statement and have it notorized and still try to sue them.

Your pain and suffering alone should get you something. :sigh


man f ur *** service get the hella outta here!!! rippin ppl off n then simply saying sorry!!! plz shut up!!!!!!!!


I bought ticket through samira travel's Hicksville office in 07, once I got to the airline(emirates) counter was told my ticket was never issued. I tried calling the samira travels, no luck, since samira is hard to get in touch with, i had to arrange another ticket at the airport through ettihad airline to get to pak.

I would advise all to avoid samira travels in the future.

If I didnt have extra cash or credit available, I wouldnt have been able to make the trip after paying cash to Samira travels.


that is funny because I checked with the Better Business Bureau, and according to their website, their opinion of the way you have dealt with customer issues in the past is UNSATISFACTORY, and anyone who wants to verify it can go to their website at and they will see the results when they type in Samira your saying the bbb is wrong too? hmmm, ok, whatever you say.....personally I think the customers should decide that for themselves.


Dear Passenger:

We are sorry that you think you paid too much for your ticket and that you feel that you should be exempt from paying mandatory Airline charges.

We are grateful that you made your travel arrangments through our agency and that your husband was able to complete his Ummrah and return safely.

At Samira Travel, we endeavor to provide our passengers with competitive fares and outstanding service.

We made every effort to clearly and unequivocally communicate the terms of the travel arrangements.

It is clear to us that our efforts were not successful in this particular case.

We will work harder to assure that such misunderstandings do not occur in the future.

Your comments to do not negate the fact that we have thousands of satisfied passengers who have made their travel arrangements through our travel agency after having made diligent inquiries in the market place. Surely these

knowledgeable and willing buyers unencumbered by undue pressure to buy and acting in their own best interest are testament to the fact that our prices are very competitive.

We sincerely regret the fact that you have chosen to malign us in this manner. We did not as you say, "rip you off", and nor did we "rob you" of your hard earned money.

We did however do the following:

1. Dealt fairly and in good faith with a passenger.

2. Made travel arrangements for a passenger at a price that was competitive and mutually agreed upon.

3. Clearly and unequivocally communicated the terms of the travel arrangments.

Again, thanks for booking with Samira Travel.

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Oh stop all the *** and lies!! I had the same BAD experience as one of the above customers..You are stealing people's money and you know it!Just like that customer I also tried small claims court and her husband's office refused the delivery saying "moved No longer here"I had to purchase another ticket which cost me 3x at the airport and extra $450 for changes you did to another ticket. No one should be doing business with this company!

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