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Rip Off Attorney & Trustee

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Updated by user Nov 05, 2018

Jessie Polson put us in a huge mess. First she talked us into signing up for her service promising she would do things that she failed to do.

She added bills into my payment plan that I don't owe. Including my house, which I have a 30 year zero interest loan on. My house tried to foreclose on my twice due to how Jessie set up the plan. Which after a lot of hard work & a 7 page novel my house decided not to proceed with foreclosure.

She kept all the money I paid her & between her and the trustee milked the 1,500 down to about $400 left. They never paid any of my bills. When Jessie fired me after not answering my emails or questions or doing donkey, she kept all the money for herself & still wants near $5,000 for her fees which she only worked 1 month for then fired me, leaving me with no lawyer & in worse shape than before we went to her. She messed everything up and had no clue what she was doing.

Taking advantage of a disabled family with hardly any income expecting us to come up with tons of money each month on top of paying for house , bills and everything else. This whole ordeal was a giant nightmare and scam. Do not trust this company as they will take every penny you have and leave you in *** so deep you can't get out. Jessie never told me I was supposed to keep paying the monthly payments after she fired me, then her trustee sent a letter 3 months later demanding $750 which I went & got money order for then next day get a letter it was too late.

Jessie in no way is there to help you but to scam & defraud you taking all your money leaving no money even for food while she probably eats like a king & lives like one on your money. Some companies were listed up to 3 times on her repayment plan, companies I had already paid off, & things from when I was in high school way more than 7 years ago. I fully believe Jessie fired me because she knew I was on to her scams. She hardly explained anything to us & twisted everything up so bad it has taken months and months to fix some of it and some still isn't fixed.

What a RACKET. Everyone I have told & who knows what she did to us says she is a fraud. I hope she gets disbarred for the lies & false promises. Do not sign anything for this company.

Don't even think about filing bankruptcy with them, find another way out because this is a giant scam and all your money goes to her with only 1% going to your bills. I don't even see how it is legal what she does, and it probably isn't. She in no way helped us at all. Then to fire us and want all the money for work she was supposed to do for 3 years, yet she did a month of what she called work on our case then fires us.

My son & mother warned me not to hire her, not to trust her and GOD do I wish I had listened to them. Jessie's company hasn't returned any of my money or paid any bills off. How she sleeps at night is beyond me. Lawyers are supposed to help people not dig them into holes so deep you can't get out.

I am glad others are seeing what she did to us.

I hope she ends up living in a tent like she almost had us doing. Then to boldly lie to our faces many times just to get money from us is just wrong.

Original review Oct 05, 2018
I inquired about help from Jessie Polson for a roof company named Rooforia Omaha Nebraska that scammed my family on roof work for near $19,000. Roof company damaged a lot of my property and left a lot of work undone, when my insurance company told me not to pay them along with several other people the roof company slapped a lien on our house & tried to take our house away. Jessie told us she would be able to strip the lien. I had hardly any debt until this roof nightmare. I had to pay Jessie Polson $500 up front and made 2 payments to her to file bankruptcy which I didn't even need to do but had to in order to save our house from foreclosure due to that lien roof company placed on our house. Jessie met me in a pair of sweat pants & always was very unprofessional looking. She refused to answer my emails for weeks on end leaving me wonder what was going on. We came up with a list of creditors to pay back & a fee. Jessie then wanted near $4000 just for her fees on top of the $500 plus $1,000 for her trustee Kathleen Laughlin. That amount then went up to near $10,000 she wanted for fees. When someone has to file bankruptcy where does she think they have $10,000 at? Growing on trees in the back yard? Not. I never even saw a judge. Jessie also should of known I didn't have the money to make payments to her each month, instead she let me get roped into her scam & she did everything she could to scam money from us all along. When I got upset with Jessie for not answering my questions or returning my emails she fired me & still wants the $4,000 plus $1,000 for her trustee to take the payments. Jessie informed me that she wasn't even going to attempt to get roof lien stripped after I paid her & signed the paperwork. She did everything she could to scam me into falling for her tricks and games she played. Yet did basically nothing for us. Her attitude was just rude, bragging about her $450,000 house she had just sold. Her office stunk of sweaty armpits. I now need to hire a new attorney and pay more money to get out of the huge mess Jessie polson sunk us into. I am in a bigger mess than I was before. Now I am getting paperwork from her office, which last documents Jessie sent were all wet and so small of print I couldn't even read them while we were processing my case so who knows what she tricked me into on those. However the paperwork I am getting now lists all these places that I don' t owe money to, one is for a Dr Weidner from 32 years ago, another for an attorney that I don't even know who he is Kevin Hopp, then she has the same companies listed up to 3 times on this paper each with extra charges, not to mention rooforia company has added an extra $800 to my bill which they were not supposed to add any fees after filing bankruptcy but that was another thing Jessie didn't solve or fix. The only thing she fixed is her wallet making it fatter with our money robbing us blind. 1% of the money you pay goes to your bills and the rest goes in Jessie's fat wallet. We needed help and trusted Jessie to help us and she only made everything 100 times worse. She completely took advantage of a disabled family and what few dollars we do have. Jessie wouldn't even fix my monthly payment amount which was way higher than it should of been but she didn't care because she was pocketing all the money all along. Then she lied to trustee office and told them I only paid her $157 when I have money orders that prove what I paid. I turned her into the Council for Discipline to be investigated and I hope no one else falls victim to her scams. I also had to pay near $60 to take online classes that were about worthless. Jessie refused to give us our money back. Letter I got from her trustee said to contact them if I don't agree with all the debts she added to my bill after I signed the paperwork, places from 32 years ago that they included, when things drop off your credit record after 7 years any way so why would anything from 32 years ago be on this bill? Then when I called her trustee Kathleen Laughlin, the same day I got letter, they told me it was too late to contest the extra made up charges. Jessie is about a worthless scam deceitful lawyer who will take all your money and leave you with nothing and do nothing she promises. I hope she suffers the way I have, the sleepless nights worrying about what is going to happen to our house and if we would end up sleeping in our beater car. All while Jessie probably ate steak every night on us and I am sure she lost no sleep although I don't know how when she should be worried about loosing her job and license for fraudulent scams she is pulling. I wish I could write what I really think about her but she knows what she did to us and I hope one day karma bites her back.
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  • Jessie telling us lies to get money
  • Jessie digging us in a deeper hole
  • Being taken advantage of
Reason of review:
Fraud Rip Off Lawyer

Preferred solution: Full refund

Jessica A Jew

Rip off Lawyer

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Jessie Polson at Sam Turco law talked my family into filing bankruptcy to get out of a foreclosure put on after Rooforia in Nebraska. placed a lien on our house , after they failed to finish the work, damaged thousands of dollars in our property and took advantage of us. Jessie made us feel confident she could get the rooforia lien stripped, telling us it was one of the powers of bankruptcy. Her office charged us $500 up front and we made 2 payments which 99% of the money I was paying was going to Jessie Polson and 1% to my bills. I didn't even need to file bankruptcy until this roof thing came about, I didn't even have more than a thousand dollars in debt. So it was just ridiculous to talk us into filing it then telling us she is unable to do the work to strip the lien to stop the foreclosure. After collecting money she sent us documents that were so small we couldn't even read them , even a document that was all wet and unreadable, refused to resend those then told us she wasn't even going to try to get lien stripped and would have to add that to our monthly payment causing that to go up more than double. Making the whole deal completely unworkable. After failing to respond to messages, calls or questions I became upset and let Jessie know how I felt. Jessie then dis-missed herself from the case leaving us with no attorney in a crucial time plus a lot less money. Then I had no idea I could appeal the choice of her quitting on me but the way she was so sly , deceiving and tricked us into everything then taking all our money I don't want her to work for me any way. At this point I just want my money back as she did basically nothing but charged a lot of money to do nothing and dig us in a bigger hole than we were in. Awful attorney just lies to get your money then leaves you with nothing and no one. Jessie Polson even bragged about her near $500,000 house to us and wore sweat pants when we met. In no way was she professional or knew what she was doing. Her company even charges $1,000 to process your payments. The whole ordeal was just bull. When someone is so broke they have to file bankruptcy they don't have the kind of money Jessie was trying to extort from us. Jessie knew how much money we got each month and for her to take advantage of us after Rooforia has just taken advantage of us was just wrong and I don't know how Jessie or Rooforia sleep at night but I know I sure havent had a decent nights sleep since all of this bull started 11 month ago. I would recommend find a different roof company than rooforia and a better attorney than Jessie Polson , because Jessie is just to busy or lazy to even answer your questions then when you complain she fires you but keeps your money and all the work and suffering you went through was all for nothing. What a crooked shameful attorney to do this to a disabled family. I have already put in a complaint with the Nebraska Bar and Nebraska Council For Discipline.
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  • Both places taking all of our money and leaving us with nothing
  • Having my house taken away
  • 99 percent of money went to jessie polson 1 percent to bills
Reason of review:
Scammed by both roof company and attorney

Preferred solution: Full refund


I was born in Nebraska but have never heard of "Rooforia" and have absolutely zero idea what you're complaining about. More background info and fewer tears, please.

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We needed roof & siding work done after a hail storm. Rooforia Company, Sarah Smith.

Nobody has heard of them because they are a scam company that hires workers from another country to do work for them at low pay while they get rich and rip people off with low budget materials & low budget work. They scammed us into signing contract with them online electronic signature, which I wasn't ready or willing to sign but when asked for estimate she sent me link to sign her roof contract instead of estimate then refused to cancel it. Rooforia had me electronically sign document, which I didn't want to sign, then rooforia refused to let me back out of deal, broke into my 6 foot fence, tore my roof off & started work without my permission. They left a lot of work undone, had no permits & caused a lot of damage, including water now floods our basement.

Roof tile color was wrong. I have 4 holes in my ceiling inside the house, gutters were done wrong. Still have hail holes in siding. the list is a lot longer of stuff they did & didn't do don't have room to write it all.

then way over charged us taking every penny plus a couple extra thousand they wanted about $19,000 in the end, when I asked insurance company about what to do , insurance co, told me not to pay roofoira any more money until they finished the work & fixed the damages. Instead Rooforia slaps lien on my house & tried to take house, forcing me to file bankruptcy which i didn't even need to do until rooforia scam & only had to do to save house from foreclosure only due to lien on house from rooforia. My family worked for 4 years building houses with a program to be able to get our loan for our house house & have paid on house for 7 years. I might end up sleeping in my car or a tent with 4 dogs, my family, 6 birds, 10 fish, & every thing we own.

To get a lawyer & sue rooforia would cost a lot and all my money was poured into this bankruptcy deal with promises of Jessie getting lien stripped off house & after signing agreement she tells us she won't even try to get lien stripped. Instead she wanted to add roof deal of $19,000 into the repayment plans which would make the monthly payment more than double and it was already high, in which they weren't even giving any of that money to debtors or solving any of our problems. Rooforia and Jessie Polsen are both scammers. I did manage to save my house by a hair however almost did lose house several times due to what roof company did to me & Jessie too.

I dont know why since the 7 years we had paid on our house are now pointless as we owe more than house cost in first place due to lien of roof company now on house. Roof company does still have lien on my house & after about 10 trips to court I finally got out of the bankruptcy scam at a huge cost to my credit & wallet. Plus I have to find another company to go back & fix all the mess rooforia left me with and didn't finish and did wrong. Plus Rooforia adds on extra $800 fees every month that this goes unresolved.

So Jessie did nothing she promised us, only made things worse, seems she just wanted our money & to scam us too. As far as the crying you would cry too, the stress of the whole ordeal took a toll on our entire family all while we were dealing with a dog who was paralyzed and passing away while all this went on.

Just be thank full that you have been warned not to deal or trust either of the two companies mentioned. Or your nightmare will begin too.

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