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I did not receive an invoice last month from Sallie Mae for my daughter's student loan, so we missed a payment totaling $58.02. On Saturday Sallie Mae called my home 4 times, and my cell phone 4 times with a message to call them between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday regarding the loan. They aren't even available on Saturday and they called 8 times between my cell phone and my home phone! The exact same thing happened again on Sunday! I...
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Anonymous you knew you had to pay monthly for the loan, why blame it on the company because you didn't check your mail? just pay like you KNEW YOU HAD TO. they had every right to call y...

My husband tried to get another student loan and needed a cosigner. After 2 months of back and forth I was sent a link to be his cosigner online. The link didn't work. After 4 phone calls my husband found out I needed to call in and help him apply. I called in 3 different times over 3 subsequent days. I was told I needed to apply on the first call - not true, I'm not a student. I was told I needed to call NEW loans on the second call and was...
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Sallie Mae Student Loan Review

Navient, aka Sallie Mae, changed my payment history by removing payments then placed my student loans in default while I was disputing the balanced it said I owed. I have been repaying a $20,000 student loan debt since 1992. The US Department of Education is controlled by Navient so filing a complaint was a waste of time.