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I had a cracked windshield. I took it to the Hookset, NH shop. My truck was done in 20 minutes, great! On the way home the windshield slid down about an inch and all I heard was wind noise. The adhesive didn't have enough time to dry and they hadn't taped it up. I brought it back and they pushed the windshield up and taped it. Since then, I have brought it back 5X to either re-install the windshield or trouble shoot why my carpeting is wet...
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I had Safelite come out to repair a very small divot in my windshield last week while I was at work, they said it wouldn't be a problem to just do the repair and have me pay ahead of time, so I wouldn't need to be bothered while at work. They came, did the repair, and left without checking in with me (which is fine, that's what we had planned). However, at the end of the day I came out to my car and there was a larger CRACK in my windshield,...
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Safelite Autoglass Windshield Repair Review

I took my custom '94 Chev c1500 from the paint shop to Safelite to diagnose a leak in a windshield that they had recently replaced. They banged and drug a tool cart or something down the passenger side chipping the paint and leaving surface scratches. When I brought it to their attention they denied it and refused to take responsibility. They also failed to fix the leak.