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Tax lien and deed investing is a legal and viable way to make interest on your $, and/or possibly end up with a few properties if you are consistently in the game working hard. If your on the sidelines talking *** about something you obviously know nothing about or have most likely failed at, you will probably end up with no interest, no properties, and no $$. It's not for everyone as it takes focus, hard work, lots of research and diligence....
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Anonymous To: C - RE Investor,
I'd like to thank you for this informative comment. I've purchased this program and plan on doing the tax lien & tax deeds once I retire from my full t...

I liked
  • Information and systems in place for mentoring-coaching
  • Honesty and straight forward approach
  • Positive attitude and encouragement
I didn't like
  • That i am so busy right now i cant get involved right away
Jason talks about 30% of the time about his personal life, 20% percent about how much money he, Sean and Tony have made and about the deals they are putting together and 30% in marketing the US Tax Lien 30% Diamond and Platinum Support product. The remaining 20% of time is spent on training. What a sham. Jason breezes through the important real estate details, answers a few questions, says he has to move on and then spends 55 minutes talking...
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44labrador I attended the very same course, and I have to agree with this comment. The fact is they teach you some information of marginal to good value, but it's really just to keep yo...

During this seminar we were encouraged to purchase other Tax Lien packages for $ 37,000 or $32,997. We were lead to believe during the first presentation that we were on are way to get guidance to get started purchasing Tax Liens after attending the 3 day seminar. We did not purchase the packages offered. However, we received a phone call from a Tax Lien rep who convinced us to purchase a package for $5,997. With this program we were...
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