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My wife and I are currently attending the three day training course. This is our second time through. In 2015 we attended our first seminar and did not purchase one of the larger mentor packages. The reason we didn't purchase was simply based on economics. We didn't feel we wanted to make that large investment at the time. However, I'm reading these reviews and see the sour grapes being pressed by many who have attended the seminars and bought... Read more

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This *** and his rip off presentation group continue to send solicitations to 'personal name that does not exist' after repeatedly being (1) informed of that fact, (2) specifically requested to delete from mailing list and stop all contact, and (3) informed their erroneous mailings were reaching retired federal law enforcement and if they do not cease we still have contacts, knowledge, resources and where-with-all to present our documented case... Read more

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I have read several reviews slamming these guys because their program is a "scam" or "too hard", etc... I'm sure everything these people have ever tried and failed at was a scam or too hard, and they are most likely unsuccessful people. It would be the equivalent of flying a plane or riding a motorcycle... you either have the brains and ability, or you are willing to try harder and surround yourself with people who can help you succeed or you... Read more

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are you kidding me . its like a needle in a haystack. you have to have jac meaning a lot of money to make any money. especially in fl. bid downs are a ***. by the time you make money, you will be dead. its not for everybody. you could make money. but with liens its vag . most liens in fl. you loose money. you have to be very selective. i do not need classes to do this. alot of work . people want a quick easy fast way to make money. it takes yrs.... Read more

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we signed up for the course --we paid $13120.00 And we have nothing to show for it....what recourse do we have????? We attended the 3 day seminar--and got swept up in the energy. We attended the computer classes also. The classes were not helpful--when we asked for additional help--they gave us more classes. Two supervisors contacted us and told us how much money they made and soon cut off contact. Further the help line was no longer working and... Read more

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I am currently attending the 3 day training course and after the 1st day I see that it is just a hustle. Jason talks about 30% of the time about his personal life, 20% percent about how much money he, Sean and Tony have made and about the deals they are putting together and 30% in marketing the US Tax Lien 30% Diamond and Platinum Support product. The remaining 20% of time is spent on training. What a sham. Jason breezes through the important... Read more

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My wife and I attended the three day seminar for Tax Liens after purchasing the first package for $ 1,497.00. During this seminar we were encouraged to purchase other Tax Lien packages for $ 37,000 or $32,997. We were lead to believe during the first presentation that we were on are way to get guidance to get started purchasing Tax Liens after attending the 3 day seminar. We did not purchase the packages offered. However, we received a phone... Read more

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I went through their program at the US Tax Lien Association and I am actively purchasing tax liens. I have had some redeem and right now I am hold 2 deeds from from a couple that did not redeem. Your interest will vary on how high the the winning bid was and different states/counties have different rules. So your ROI will vary from state to state and even some counties within the same state. I live in MD and purchased Liens in Illinois and... Read more

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We purchased the top priced package and the whole thing is a pile of bull ***. They tell you to go through list after list of available liens but not that you will never get the interest rate shown as guaranteed on their notebook...16 to 32% - not going to happen. We live in Arizona and I spent days and weeks researching every property and the bidders who won the bids were getting 1% not 16%. Do not buy into their scheme/scam. The interest... Read more

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The one thing I got from the free 7 day course is DUE DILIGENCE and I did mine. I researched Sean Higgins and realized I was about to make a huge mistake. Thank you all for your reviews. You save me time and more importantly money!!! I decided not to buy videos or associate myself with him in any way shape or form. I do not want to regret later on spending so much money and find out I being scam big time. No thank you!!!!! Once again thank you... Read more

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