Driver's seat caught fire!

Saab Cars Usa - Driver's seat caught fire!
Seat heater burned *** through the seat. GM Saab says "Too bad". Cannot trade the car until it is fixed. Am I supposed to take the seat out, pull the bottom cover off, buy a new one, replace the seat heater and then the cover. Replace the seat in the car and continue to say how wonderful the Saab is. I think Saab knows about this problem. I have seen hundreds of posts on the same problem with a wide range of years. All have exactly the same problem, in the same seat, in the same location. What if the entire car had burned. Wait....that would have been the best solution in retrospect.
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I bought a brand new SAAB with anti-lock brakes in 1991 and in 1998 I discovered that the car did not have anti-lock brakes at all and the VIN did not match the bill of sale or the title . I never bought another SAAB again.

The Dealer was Guilford Subaru-Saab in Connecticut.

Subaru took away the dealership then a few years later they went out of business.

I hope GM can help you. It stinks when the dealership rips you off and it stinks when the manufacturer doesn't help out.


Try contacting GM customer service at the corporate level and filing a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are the ones that can issue a recall. They will investigate and if there is a fire hazard that should and will result in a recall.


"I have seen hundreds of posts on the same problem with a wide range of years"......and yet you bought this gem?

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1999 Saab 9-3 SE's Sensitive Warning Lights

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my 1999 Saab 9-3. I've taken good care of it and performed all schedule maintenance. However, one thing that's annoying is its over-sensitive warning light systems. For example: The check engine light came on recently, but disappeared the next day when I was on the way to the mechanics. Also: the LED panel goes wonky and gives me warnings for non-existent problems. And: The "passenger airbag" warning light goes off whenever someone heavier than about 150 pounds sits in the passenger seat. My mechanic tells me there's nothing wrong with the airbag. The only thing wrong is that the light goes off in concurrence with a beeping sound. Very annoying. In the scheme of things, these problems are no big deal. Just wanted to make others aware and see if they have similar issues.
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i luv mines. :cry

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Don't buy a Saab

we've had two saabs & they are complete junk! Constantly breaking down. Saab usa is horrible. They could care less if a customer is dissatisfied. We were not notified on recalls. The dealership in Hagerstown, MD is horrible. Great customer service but lousey repair shop. We even question if they were even doing the work that we were paying them for. Two incidents told us that they were not! The dealership in Harrisburg, PA was no better. Again, do yourself a big favor and don't buy a Saab car. It will nickel & dime you in repairs & You'll regret it!
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Had owned a Saab 95 and two months after the warranty expried the turbos blew up. The car has always been serviced in a dealership.

With the amount ($1200.00) that I paid for the last service at 60,000 miles they should have seen something. They refuse to honor anything and that it was not a manufacturing defect. To fix the car left me $3500.00 out of pocket.

old the car soon after. Never again will I buy a SAAB car.

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This is a letter that is being sent to SAAB... Dear SAAB, I am writing to inform you of a serious problem with a dealership in Clearwater Florida. The problem is so severe that I am not comfortable with having my car serviced with this dealership. Both my fiancé and I have been yelled at by the service department head at SAAB. After several attempts to procure a replacement vehicle and find out exactly what the error is with the vehicle, we find ourselves exhausted doing the job of the service personel at SAAB. Additionally, we seriously question the integrity and professionalism of the person involved in the service. Therefore, we feel it may be necessary to have the car fully inspected after its service to ensure consumer safety. The following is a list of events leading up to present. This Christmas season, my fiancée Colleen (the SAAB owner) flew back to Cincinnati to see her family. During that time, I was using her car to go to and drive home from work. On Christmas Eve, the vehicle shut off completely while I was driving south on I-275 at approximately 75 MPH. I immediately pulled off onto the side of the road. I used On Star to schedule road side assistance. Monaghans Towing Company arrived and promptly towed the vehicle to Clearwater Dimmett SAAB and Cadillac. On December 26th at approximately 9:00 AM, I received a call from John Shingry informing me he received the vehicle. He then asked why the car was towed in. I told him that the car had shut down on the highway during my drive home. He replied that the only problem with the car is that it needs an oil change. I insisted there was a problem other than an oil change and he said he would “top off” all the fluids and do a tire rotation as a courtesy to us. He then stated that there was a recent recall on the vehicle and that is why the car shut down completely. I informed him that the owner would be back in town late Thursday evening (December 27th) and has to work at 7:00 AM the next morning. I asked for a car until the service was complete. John Shingry said that the car would be finished on Thursday. He assured me there is no need for a rental. After contacting my fiancée, she then called Dimmitt SAAB. Colleen initiated a phone call with John asking him what is wrong with the car, he then yelled, “There is nothing wrong with the car! It is a simple recall and the car will be finished today.” My girlfriend asked if the recall involved the car shutting down during car rides. He quickly said that the car never shut down on me. He followed by stating that the information I gave him was incorrect. Then she asked for a car while the SAAB was being serviced and he said, “you don’t even need a car… you’re not even in town!” After her exhausted attempt to find answers, she ended the phone conversation. He called me approximately 1 hour later. John told me the vehicle has an error greater than just a recall and that the car has “failed”. He told me come in and pick up a car if I needed one. I replied that I recently moved to town and my only contact was the owner of the car who is in Cincinnati. He had the tenacity to ask me if I could go into work late after picking up the car Friday morning. I told him I am a manager of Walgreens Pharmacy and my fiancé is out of vacation days with her current employer. I again told him this would not work. I asked him if they can deliver the car. He replied that he cannot. He then suggested I go to an enterprise to pick up a rental. He said SAAB will reimburse me for it. I told him I have no way to pick it up since I am without contacts. I asked him why he cannot deliver a SAAB vehicle like they do for the many owners we know in Cincinnati. He then asked “Well, where do you live?” After giving him my address, he said he cannot do it. Finally, he suggested that when I pick my fiancée up at the airport, I should pick up a rental from the Enterprise within the airport. I agreed; however, I wanted to make sure that we would not have to pay for the service so John said the only way for SAAB to pay for the rental is for ME to call Enterprise, tell them what has happened, then give Enterprise John’s back line service number and have them call him with a purchase order number. I told John that I have no idea what he is talking about and that he should set the rental up. I told him I am not sure what kind of car SAAB will pay for and I am not sure how the billing will be set up, but John persisted that I am supposed to get some kind of purchase order number for Dimmitt to use. After calling Enterprise, they reported that the SAAB dealership is supposed to contact them with the information. I reported this to John. He again told me that both Enterprise and myself were wrong. Due to my frustration, I told him I would ask Enterprise to call him again. Thankfully, a nice girl by the name of Melissa did. The following day (Dec 27th), I called Enterprise to verify that the car was ready and approved. They informed me that it was not yet approved. I again called SAAB and asked to speak to John. I told them it was important and I do not want to leave a voicemail. I was placed in his voicemail. I called again and asked to speak with their Enterprise on site. I spoke with Katie. She instructed that she will work to get the problem resolved by the time I arrive at the airport. It is now 7:45PM at the Tampa international airport and at the Enterprise, we are told that SAAB will approve a Mazda Six, but no taxes or fees which leaves us to pay $33.00 every 3 days the car is rented. At this time, John and Dimmitt Saab are closed, and again we are without a car. I have worked retail for 11 years now. I know that everyone doesn’t get exactly what they want and its not always someone’s fault in particular, but when it is people should be held accountable. In my profession, if I make an error; a patient is contacted and I do everything in my power to make it right. No matter what the error a total refund and free prescription is issued. If they take an incorrect medication, I contact their doctor and have frequent follow-ups with patient. Additionally, I will conduct meetings with my employees to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again. If someone dies, I would have my license revoked. Well in this instance, one of your cars completely shut down in the middle of a highway while I was driving near 80 MPH. You now have lost two of the most important features you claim your car is so great at…. Reliability and Safety. The only thing that makes the situation worse is that you treat me like it was my fault.
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