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Worst Experience Ever

On a recent visit to Rustic Inn Crab House, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was having a conversation with the manager about the bill, when the waitress rudely interrupted by slamming the plates on the table and began yelling that she can't believe that we thought less of the service. While she was clearly not happy and didn't care what we had to say, I asked the manager if he was going to allow the waitress to speak to like that to the customer? The manager stated she had a right to defend herself. We were in utter shock! I said that's fine, but that is a conversation that you need to have with her in private. The manager did not try to apologize or correct the problem. After the waitress went off at the table (in front of the kids) and drawing a crowd no less, she refused to return to the table to pick-up the check even after being told by the manager to do so. Unbelievable. My friend expressed to the manager her disappointment as this was her favorite restaurant and he simply stated "Maybe You shouldn't Back Here. Wow, again I was shocked! I know they are a family owned business, but this Unprofessional and Unacceptable behavior period. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!
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Don't forget to go there one last time, ring up a huge bill, and walk out without paying when nobody is around.


Family run restaurants are the worst places to go. They will allow lesser-employees to remain on the payroll for years and years. You could have 'cousin Ed' spitting in your food because the best job that he can get is working for 'gramma' in her little diner.

Family run businesses will not discipline or fire family members, it doesn't matter how poor their performance is.

My suggestion is to never go back and just forget the place exists at all.

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