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| map-marker Ruidoso, New Mexico

My PPD from Ruidoso Malinois is top dog

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My PPD from Ruidoso Malinois is top dog

Irene interviewed us in a phone call. I planned an onsite visit to meet Irene in person and the dog she had chosen for us based on our phone interview.

The grounds are spacious and well-kept. I arrived a few minutes early and waited in my car until Irene greeted me. The conversation was easy with Irene as she explained Kamel and how she felt she would be a great choice for me and family.We asked as we walked down the hill past a long kennel and several puppy pens, filled with healthy appearing barking pups . The puppy pens were smartly positioned around shade trees and each had full clean water troughs .

Igloo type dog houses also noted in several of the pens for larger dogs. We waited in the training area for Kamel to be brought out. I looked to and followed instructions from Irene for initial interaction with my future service/PPD. Kamel was beautiful.

Compact, muscular, bright eyed alert. Her coloring was unusual and her fur so soft and well kept. It was love at first sight. The hard part was not leaving with Kamel.

We asked additional training for our specific needs that would take 2months more to complete. So two months later we returned to Ruidoso New Mexico booked a cabin for our one week training that is included with the purchase price. We met with Irene and received our training apron, a beautiful blue leather leash and the specific Herms Sprenger prong collar that would be used for Kamel. We had our first session that morning and then took Kamel with us to the cabin to bond until next session that evening.

We had 2 a day trainings the entire week in several settings including a restaurant , Box store, and fair grounds. By the end of the week, Kamel was bonded with our family. The experience was exactly what we needed from the phone call until the day we left with Kamels service vest and a hug From Irene.

I would like to bring Kamel back so she can have some fun doing her bite work with a trainer, and Irene provides the opportunity for refresher training on site for the life of your dog. Id give more praise by way of stars, but it only goes to 5, id have it go to Eleven!

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  • Great dogs
  • Beautiful clean kennels
  • Not closer to texas

Preferred solution: The word out that it is a great place.

User's recommendation: Ruidoso Malinois are worth your time and money

Martin Gmj

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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I would not trust this person when buying a dog. The dogs are good but when you get a dog make sure the dog can do what it supposedly has been trained for.

My main complaint is the dog I got has no off leash obedience. I cant take the dog anywhere if I want to let her run around because she wont come when called. I could see it when I picked up the dog but thought I would be good with it since the dog definitely would protect if needed.
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  • Malinois are good breed

Preferred solution: Nothing

User's recommendation: Dogs are great A training C- and I wouldn’t believe what this woman tells you. F

map-marker Weston, West Virginia


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I'm a 63 Year Old Disabled Veteran dealing with living 6STAY GO TO YOUR LOCST years on Marine Base Camp Lejeune with (PTS) Service Animal, I ask for a quote twice for an OBEDIENCE trained puppy to start my training for the replacement of my (PTS) SERVICE ANIMAL and 11 Year Old Southern White English Bulldog she only called after telling her, I was posting a bad review she called me, I couldn't understand her or who she was and hung up then she starts G-Mailing me but never replied to my request for a ,,PRICE,, for the trained puppy, I told her told to #*+@-OFF and go away, I'll spend the extra money and get a TRUE EUROPEAN BLOODLINE FROM EUROPE stay away very far away from this place very, very, very, very, very, FAR AWAY ! she's still emailing me DAMN !

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User's recommendation: STAY AWAY ! Go to your local Animal Shelter or ADOPT-A-PET.COM

map-marker Sunnyvale, California

I’m proud to say Irene is EXTREMELY Intelligent verypleasant so I gave her a five star

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Yes,my favorite person Ive met thus far. Maybe, its your personality that clashes with her because I DO NOT have a problem at all!! Im glad you got a good dog anyway because Im going to get one and I gave her a five star 10 STAR! If you have nothing nice to say dont say it. You can return your dog if you cared too.
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Jeff F Qxs
map-marker Ruidoso, New Mexico

Stay Away From This Puppy Mill

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Where to begin...first...we purchased our boy from this breeder. The experience with the breeder notwithstanding, we could not have asked for a better dog! He was the most loyal and just absolutely biggest joy of our life! Recently, at just over two years old, we unexpectedly lost our boy, we are absolutely devastated!!! I am trying my best to live my life in honor of our boy and be the person he always believed me to be. That said, I feel it important to share our experience with this breeder.. After having provided a deposit, I arrived to pick up our boy. I arrived 30 minutes early and was told the breeder refused to come out and meet me because I was early - after driving from Denver, I just wanted to conduct my business and get on the road home. Well, I received a call from the breeder and she went on a tirade asking if I was early, trying to spy on her. I told her that I would be happy to just accept a refund and be on my way. She advised me there are no refunds and I "Have to accept my dog or forfeit deposit". Once I returned, upon arriving at the breeders house, I was overwhelmed with the pungent smell of dog poo!!! Walking up the short dirt drive, I passed three makeshift wire fence pens, each circling a tree and each containing a single dog. While there was an out building about 50 yards from the house which seemed to house 20 or so barking adult dogs, these seemed to be..."overflow". As I approached the house, I found another three makeshift pens, which contained a number of pups. In total, there were probably 40 pups on the ground. At the time, being new to the dog world, I thought this to be the norm. I've since been told...not so much. What we've described to other breeders, and showing them the video I took when picking up our boy, we're told these conditions are "Deplorable" and, "The epitome of a puppy mill". Fast forward to our dog's second year...he was titled as per our contract and we inquired about breeding. We were put off, made promises, all of which were never followed thru on. After having lost our boy, reputable breeders we spoke with suggested that the breeder of our dog may have known he had potential health issues, which could explain why she refused to allow us any breeding rights - she also failed to provide us with health certs of the sire or dam! The internal struggle I suffer with is NOT having been able to breed our boy, but did she know of health issues that we may have been able to address and perhaps extend the life of this majestic creature!? If you research, you will find a court matter related to this breeder. And, while the case(s) was/were indeed "dropped" it wasn't that there was a prevailing trial, but that the municipal offices that conducted this enforcement operated outside of their jurisdiction, literally by approx. 100 yards! Also, the people who this breeder sued and "prevailed" all pretty much failed to respond as most of them were/are unable to afford counsel...the cases were pretty much all default/fail to answer the complaint...people were unable to afford an attorney to answer the suit. We currently struggle with the decision to bring another dog into our family, but have spoken with a number of breeders and have decided that we are a good family and that we provide a great life for our four-legged family members. So, while our lost boy was wonderful in EVERY way, we do not attribute any of that to this breeder! We miss him terribly and hope nobody ever has to experience what we have, witnessing this young and beautiful creature...our beloved family member take his last breath at such a young age!! Sidenote: after having our boy home for a week, playing in the front yard, a neighbor was walking by and struck up his attempt to purchase Malinois and how he was, "Ripped off". Come to find out, it was Ruidoso Malinois who did him wrong. When I brought this up with this breeder, as always, it's everybody elses fault.
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  • Leaving
  • Owner irene howcroft
Reason of review:
Loss of our dog

Preferred solution: Make people aware

Earnest Nux

ANDREW PANCROFT I am sorry for the loss of your wonderful boy. You and I had stayed in regular contact through his life and I felt a deep connection to him.

Further you worked for me as a consultant and I believed we had a good relationship. YOU HAD SPOKEN OF GETTING A SECOND PUP FROM ME IN 2018. I HAVE A TEXT WITH THIS REQUEST . This post was a shock on so many levels both in our relationship and with the viciousness of your fabrications.

Your statement "So, while our lost boy was wonderful in EVERY way, we do not attribute any of that to this breeder!" sadly reflects your lack of knowledge and the critical impact of bloodlines and the work done in the first 14 weeks of life of the pup here at my kennel. All of this resulted you having the foundation from which to spring with your boy. Without a solid foundation there is nothing. YOUR POST IS A REVENGE POST as you had demanded a refund for your almost 3 year old dog (whelped 4/30/2016 died 3/12/2019) sold to you as a pup 3 years ago who died from a heart attack through no fault of mine.

You did a necropsy and the report found ZERO genetic flaws as you would have posted it everywhere. You have not sent me a necropsy report as requested several times. You sent a text that the vet said it may have been a nutritional issue. I have this text posted on my Facebook page.

You demanded the funds by March 29 2019 and when you did not receive the funds you posted this on March 29 2019 This post is a clear "punishment" for not sending you funds that you had no claim to. See your text on my Facebook page where the veiled threat of extortion is clear, it can be found under reviews where Ani Austin posted… INTERNET REPUTATION IS YOUR BUSINESS and you made this post with full knowledge to impugn and damage Ruidoso Malinois to fullest effect, to harm my reputation and ability to earn a living IF MY KENNEL WAS SO BAD WHY DID YOU NOT MENTION THIS FOR 3 YEARS ? THIS SIMPLY UNDERSCORES THE REVENGE MOTIVE. I HAVE TOP AKC RATING for my facility and the health of my dogs.

See other reviews on this and other sites verifying the high quality of my facility. There are also pictures on my website You arrived at 6.30 am for a 9am appointment and I asked you to please return at the designated appointment time. My facility is clean. Please forward me the vet report showing that your dog had giardia and worms upon your IMMEDIATE return to Colorado.

This is the first time you mentioned this in the 3 years we have known each other. You have made several very damaging allegations without substantiating any. This is defamation and libel. Based upon your consistent fabrications in this post how can any-one believe anything you state or that other breeders have spoken badly of me, and, if they did, have they actually been to my facility, met me and been privy to my breeding program?

Of course not, so their statements are empty and predictable from unethical competition. REGARDING NUMBER OF PUPS. Your statement of 40 pups at my facility is a fabrication. Did you actually count them?

I cannot breed more than 2 litters at a time as my pups are whelped in my home, each litter with a dedicated room. What you saw was 2 litters, one of 10 pups and another of 12 pups each that had been divided into separate large areas. You state you showed video of my facility to other breeders but do not state who they are, nor have you made this video public. I believe it does not exist.

Again, if you were so unhappy with my facility why did it take you 3 years to post such definitive libel. I HAVE A WORKING DOG FACILITY and the structure that you disparagingly refer to as an "outbuilding for overflow" is where my working dogs (police, and security dogs in training) are housed. These are large carefully designed runs. My dogs are happy, healthy and run around in very large areas.

See other posts referencing my facility. REGARDING BREEDING RIGHTS, I do not allow breeding with my dogs, with few exceptions, in order to protect these superior bloodlines and the integrity of the breed. Do not insinuate bad health on a dog and bad breeding with ZERO evidence. I hold breeding rights on every dog I breed as stated in the contract you signed.

We had discussed breeding him. I have a text I sent you asking that we find a mutual time to discuss breeding as he was so exceptional and titled. ANDREW, YOU ADDRESS A LITIGATION ISSUE, again to cause harm. I WON A CIVIL SUIT against all those involved.



I to got dog from Ruidoso Malinois. She is most rude and is worry only about money. Very bad person.

Jerri Jiw

I have a Ruido Malinois and I too have had difficulty dealing with Irene Howcroft and Ruidoso Malinois. As has another person I know.

The dog is a good dog, not a great dog, I am the second owner. The first had behavior issues and put him up for adoption. Irene, would not communicate with the previous owner or be forthcoming with a response by phone or mail with me.

She also was not forthcoming with the dog's documentation to either the prior owner or me. Buyer Beware!!!

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