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THIS BANK IS THE WORST!!!  They follow there own set of rules outside of industry standard and when you ask where there made up rules are in writing, they say it is an unwritten rule.  When you try to ask to speak to management, the representative on the phone says they are the manager and there is no one above them to contact.  If your account goes into the negative for whatever reason, the put a hold on your direct deposits.  What bank does that?  just apply the credit and deduct the necessary fee but to hold the check for 24 hours.....what is that a punishment....are we kids.  Also, if a company makes any changes to their internal banking system, RTPFCU has NO mechanism in place to automatically accept and apply changes so say if you have recurring payments coming out of your account, they will not process it when it has nothing to do with fraud or misinformation.  For instance, My company made an internal change to their financial system, everyone else in my company received their direct deposits in a host of different banks.  I was the only one in my entire department who did not get paid, with no pre notice warning me of the issue.  I had to pay s deposit on an event hall and lost my spot because when I went to pay my money wasn't there and the RTPFCU had no valid excuse why they could not do what all the other banks managed to do and would not release my payment for 48 hrs.  Another instance, I pay all my bills on the same day every month, went to pay two different vendors and twice my payment was declined, not for insufficient funds but because my bank declined the charge.  I had to cal both vendors to make a phone payment that went through.  Well RTPFCU put a hold on all the declined charges anyway and put it on me to get letters from the two vendors of their intent to charge me only once when it was not the vendors who placed the repeated charges, it was my bank who placed a soft hold on the declined attemps. What bank does that?  Have you ever gotten charged for declined doesn't freaking exist.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH RTPFCU.  They never take responsibility for their ineffective, inefficient, sub par banking policies.......that are unwritten!......Just found out about calusions going on behind the scenes in the customer service department.  Mrs. Tiffany McKnight and her son, Mr. Jamal McKnight protect each other from escalation.  Jamal is the representative and his mother is the supervisor, they sit right next to each other.  Jamal McKnight blatantly disrespected me as a customer andwouldnot give me any contact of follow up information regarding my case and when I began telling him about his unprofessionalism, he said he did not have to give me anything and his mother then got on the phone sayingI was irate and she was going to end my call without assessing my complaint.  Calusions, theft and fraud is what RTP FCU is all about.
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RTP FCU executives resolved my issue very promptly.  Hope fully instruction on customer service will flow downstream.  Very pleased with response time.

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