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Ripped off by Roni Deutch who helped open the Juceam Group with her brothers Now I hear the fraudsters are operating OMG Tax? Doing the same services and same scams as Roni Deutch? Didnt the State just successfully sue the Juceam Group? Can I get my money back from...
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Figlets123 Forgot to post my most shocked discovery...I had no idea they were related!! Deutsch AND the Juceam Group...Wow, that is sickening.


Figlets123 It amazes me how such TV commercial driven businesses can take a hard hit off a TV ad (short story, RLD can't do ads anymore), and yet somehow lighten THEIR damage and shunt t...

I paid Roni Deutch $2500.00, only after one year I owe the IRS $4000.00 more in taxes. They continually told me that they were working with the IRS to lower the bill. In the end I ended paying the IRS $610. dollars a month. They said that I could not get a refund that...
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Alan The Deutch family keeps changing their names apparently to avoid more fraud charges. Roni Deutch was shut down, then Juceam Group - operated by the Deutch Family of ***, was ...


Vmarie3 Not only has she fail to pay the clients that she defaulted, it looks like she has not paid her lawyer. But what do you expect of a \"Crook\"! :upset

Roni Deutch ( A Professional Tax Corporation), yeah right, they are nothing but professional crooks! My boyfriend hired them to handle his tax problems. The sales man told us you put $496.00 retainers fee then pay 334.00 for the next 6 months total of $2,500.00. Your...
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Jessica They are running a scam. They are so firendly and helpful during their \"intake process\" but once you retain them, they are unavailable and do not resolve anything in a dilig...


Cathy Similar thing is happening to me. I was charged $350. retainer fee and now am paying $297 a month for legal fees. On 5/18 I received a letter from the IRS dated 5/19 inform...

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