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I have given Ronnie Deutch 1987.50 of my last money to them. I have a family a 2 yearold and wife. I'm on disability making 150.00 a week. Is there a lawyer that can help all these people get there money back. I'm never going to replace that money, when I could...
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Scott Juceam

Admittedly my company has defrauded many consumers, but as I have found my place with God, I am now working on making my self a better person and rectifying my mistakes. ...


I have been told that Scott Juceam is Roni Deutchs illegite brother. Apparently its true, because the Deutch/Juceam Groups blood now has now been charged AGAIN with FRAUD al...

California Attorney General's office filed action alleging that Roni Deutch, A professional Tax Corporation and Roni Lynn Deutch have engaged in and continue to engage in acts making or causing to be made untrue or misleading statements with intent to induce...
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