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My husband and I hired Roni Deutch to help us with our large sum owed on our back taxes. We were told what was going on. So we thought. We are getting correspondence, saying IRS is going to enforce a levy. We were told we were in a "Not Collectible Status". Guess...
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DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION to have your taxes done! The owners claim to be educated tax professionals however they attempted to file your taxes incorrectly. Matt Sidhu (co-owner of this franchise location) attempted to file our taxes with a large tax write off that...
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I have seen Roni Deutch commercials on television and wondered if the business was reputable. The great thing about this site is that people like you (everyone commenting...

mad as !@#$
mad as !@#$

Sorry to hear about your demise. I too was scammed by CROOK = Roni Deutch last year. This is Roni Deutch\'s M.O.: * Pay up $2000 (or more) * They will do an installm...