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To Warn Others

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I will start off advising you that those of you who shop at that the majority of reviews you are reading that are four or five stars are from customers like myself, but they simply just went online to Rollergirls website, saw a pair of skates they liked and ordered them. I myself am old school where I prefer to go to a store to try out something before I even consider buying it.

Zoë, who works in Rollergirls warehouse, was the first person I spoke to and sounded friendly, was polite and answered all my various questions but only over the phone, not in person, and suggested that the Riedell 135 would be a good pair of skates for me to use. I was truthful in telling her that it had been almost 40 years since I last roller skated and was simply trying to find something my wife and I could do together. I still remember how to roller skate as well as stopping but I am older now so I may not be as flexible as I once was, but I am sure that with any activity, over time, you gradually get more limber and are able to get back into the swing of things. Its just like riding a bike, once you learn, you never forget it.

Zoë stated that she would have a pair of these skates sent to the Rollergirl store location where I could try them on.

At that point after speaking to her, I was starting to get excited thinking I could maybe soon be doing something again I once enjoyed very much and possibly buying a new pair of skates from them. I took the assumption that they were "men's" size 7 but on the day I showed up at the store location to try them on, they were actually a woman's size 7, so they did not fit at all . Rollergirl is a small store with very little selection to look at for skates and is just inside the Rolla Skate Club roller skating rink, off to the right at the front entrance. The first impression I got when arriving at where Rollergirl is, the two female individuals who worked there were in or around their twenties and quite occupied doing whatever they were doing on their phones before even realizing that I was there.

When the older of the two finally decided to ask me what she could do to help, I informed her that there was a pair of Riedell skates waiting for me and I gave her my name. The younger girl of the two was the one who went to the back to retrieve the skates which again were the skates that did not fit at all. While she was going to get the skates, I went and waited at the bench outside and completely out of view of the store. She then stated that she had another pair that would fit which was probably a womans size 9 or mens size 7.5.

I tried those on, and they seemed to fit and were somewhat comfortable which was when she took them back and left to go put on the wheels so I could actually try out the skates.

Little did I know nor was I even advised in anyway by neither one of the two girls at the store, or even Zoë, from the warehouse, that when you try on skates at the Rollergirl store, you are absolutely not allowed to physically try any skates whatsoever as advised to me on June 29, 2022, at 10:22 AM by Lisa Suggitt, who is the owner and founder of Rollergirl. Had I been advised of this by either one of the two girls working there, prior to my trying the skates out, I would have not proceeded and what unexpectedly happened to me afterwards, would not have happened at all. In many ways I feel as though I was poorly treated as a customer, with no respect whatsoever, and betrayed by someone who should have been much more responsible in knowing the policies of the store and how she acted as a store employee. I put my trust in the youngest female sales representative who worked there, and I went ahead putting on the skates to try them again but now with the wheels attached.

There is a very limited and extremely small area where the bench is located to try skates on, but no one is allowed to go on the rink whatsoever. The floor surface of this entire area including inside the store is what looks like a shiny, black floor covering of some sort that when you have a pair of roller skates on and try to skate, the wheels feel like you are walking on black ice with just an ordinary worn out pair of running shoes with no traction whatsoever (e.g. wet snow days in Vancouver that freezes at night) and this of course is definitely not how roller skates are to feel like. They should have a slightly stickier feeling with more traction from the wheels themselves than I had.

When I asked the only person available in the store, who was the younger girl, she first snobbishly advised me that the skates would have a different feeling and are more stickier feeling followed by rudely and condescendingly advising me that the skating rink was off limits because I was not a member and that the skates would depreciate in value if I took them out onto the rink, so I guess profit is more important over us normal people let alone our security or our safety at this store. When the skates were brought back, they were just nonchalantly placed on the floor in front of the benches and she just turned and left without even asking me if I needed anything else or wanted her to stay and went back into the store area, behind the counter to do what she was doing prior to my arrival at the store (e.g. TikToking, Facebooking etc.). Not even one of the two girls that work at the Rollergirl store that day showed any concern to supervise while I tried the skates out which is what a good customer service person would do.

Any other time I have gone to a sporting location (e.g. Sportchek, MEC) the person helping me has always stayed with me to help and see to it that my safety was a priority and that the equipment I was trying was suitable for me.

The older of the two girls passed by me two or three times while I was there, going from the store onto the rink to skate around and in a way, kind of being a show off doing her whirly twirlies and whatnot. Not once did the oldest girl even look to see if I needed assistance with anything. Im too old for that kind of childish attitude and dont let things like that distract me nor was I even concerned but what I was concerned about was my safety and it would have been nice to have had someone stay there to hold onto in case something unexpected happened because I was absolutely not able to get any balance due to how slippery the floor surface felt from the very get go.

Where the benches are, there is no way whatsoever for anyone in the store, customer or employee, to see if you are having problems with skates or need assistance which is definitely something that needs immediate improvement.

I could feel that the trucks were definitely too loose and that they along with the wheels, needed to be tightened more. I explained all of this in fine detail to the girl who brought the skates to me, and she supposedly tightened the wheels as well as the trucks. They felt a little better and had a little less looseness than before while only standing up and bending my knees in one spot, but I still needed to be able to skate with them. She took the assumption that everything was okay and didnt have to be there anymore, then just simply turned and left again, not even asking if I wanted her to stay in case I needed more help from her for any reason.

The trucks definitely felt as though they were still too loose and needed to be tightened more. When I mentioned this, she began telling me that if the trucks were tightened anymore, I would not have very good control in regard to my turning around but I believe the floor surface was the key factor as to why I could not get control of the skates but that again did not even matter or be of concern to any of the two girls who were working that day. It was almost as though I was not of any concern to them whatsoever!

Slowly, and I mean very slowly, I started to push off carefully to get moving trying to get my balance as best I could and was eventually able to skate back and forth at a very cautious and slow speed. More times than not, I had to suddenly grab onto one of the wooden barriers, the wall or the metal door to where the store was to prevent myself from falling.

After twenty five to thirty minutes of trying the skates, I chose to come to a complete stop, almost right in front of the bench where you sit to put skates on. Without notice and unexpectedly, my right foot slipped out from underneath me. I fell backwards and began to fall, hitting the back of my head on the bench on the way down. Once I landed and was able to break my fall with my arms, I could feel what seemed to be something in the way that was preventing my right foot to move outwards and in turn caused my knee to go one way while my ankle went the other way.

At first, I felt a sharp burst of pain followed by my entire ankle swelling up so badly that it looked like a balloon. The girl in the store must have heard me because she came to the entrance way to the store but only stuck her head out around the entrance asking if I was okay and that was when I told her that I dont think so. She did not show any consideration whatsoever to come to where I was and help me in any way in getting up off the floor and onto the bench so I could sit down. By this time, the older girl, who was out on the rink most of the time ever since I had been there, came and asked if I needed to put ice on it and I said yes.

She came back with a plastic bag of what felt like just a simple bag of cold water with very little ice if anything in it and I applied it to the swollen area. It seemed to help but truthfully, for what I know in first aid, I believe that this was more severe than just a simple sprain. The reason I could tell was because when my foot was on the floor, my ankle still rotated as though my foot was not planted in any way.

Not one person in the rink or from the store came to help me and just turned a blind eye on what eventually turned out to be a lot more serious than assumed. I knew that I had to get home and apply the R.I.C.E.

procedure but there was no way I would be taking public transportation back home in the condition I was in. I told the older girl of the two to call a taxi to pick me up at the rink. By this time, I definitely felt abandoned by not only both of these two girls who were working that day at the store but also anyone else who were in the building at the time because not one person came to help me even get up off the floor and onto the bench nor did anyone even help me to get to and up the stairs inside the entrance of the building. Neither of the two girls who were working that day contact Lisa Suggitt who again is the owner and manager of the store, nor did they even file an incident report of all that happened to me, or they would have asked me for any personal contact information.

I was in complete excruciating pain and was trying my best I could to walk but ended up mostly hobbling very slowly in making my way to where the taxi was supposedly going to pick me up. After waiting outside in the rain for almost fifteen minutes, I had no choice but to painfully try and head back to the building to ask if they had called a taxi or to check and see if there was one even coming. Even then, not one person chose to help in any way to see that I make my way safely to where the taxi would pick me up. Eventually a taxi did arrive, and I told the driver where I was going and by the time I reached home, my ankle had swollen almost twice as much more than how it was at the rink.

Once at home, I started applying ice around my extremely swollen ankle area and elevated my leg to try and help ease some of the pain I was getting.

On the next following day at around 11:00 AM, I decided then and there that I needed to go to the emergency and have my ankle looked at as quickly as possible. After waiting for some time in the waiting room, I finally made my way in to see a doctor who in turn had me immediately sent to the x ray department for x rays and then back to the examination room to speak with the doctor who was in charge of my file. I was informed that my fibula bone had been completely broken due to my fall at the Rollergirl store. I was also instructed that I would now have to wear a medical boot and was not allowed to put any weight on my foot whatsoever and use crutches which of course, the hospital does not supply.

I was told that I would see the specialist in about a weeks time to see if surgery would have to be done. I called my wife and advised her that I was not allowed to be discharged from the hospital until I had a pair of crutches along with someone to take me home. My wife was eventually able, after checking multiple medical locations, to find a pair of crutches and have them put on hold until we could make our way there to purchase them.

For the entire time I was at home wearing the medical boot, I was told by the doctor that I could take the boot off at night or when having showers but still had to use crutches. When the day came that I saw the specialist, a second set of x rays were taken and it was then that I was medically informed that my fibula bone, if left as it was at the time, would cause arthritic pains later on after healing as it was not properly aligned and that there was now a larger space where the ligaments were.

The specialist recommended that I have the surgery where a metal plate is wrapped around the two bones and held together by screws which in turn would allow my fibula bone to heal properly aligned and would not hinder my abilities later on. So it was agreed that I would go ahead with the surgery which was done on the next following day, and I was kept at the hospital for an additional day until I was able to be discharged. I am now in a cast that is not removable whatsoever and have to use special medical equipment to be able to at least have somewhat a shower and other bathroom duties. Not only that, but I am not able to do much for daily household chores as I once did until after all has healed which could take some time.

I now have to wait until I go back to see the doctor who performed the surgery and see if I am able to go back wearing the medical boot instead of having the cast I presently have on which does not allow me very much mobility whatsoever. In addition to the healing process, I am required to go through physiotherapy after two months or so in getting my right leg back up to balance with my other leg. For how long, I cannot say. It is a gradual increase that takes time to heal and be properly functional as it previously was prior to all of what should not have happened to me or any customer for that matter at the Rollergirl store due to complete irresponsibility of the two female employees who worked there the day I came to their location.

All I can say is my experience I have had with Rollergirl would have to be one of the worst experiences I have ever had.

As already stated, Lisa Suggitt finally decided to call me on Wednesday June 29, 2022, at 10:22 AM in finding out what exactly happened and how I was doing. I was very shocked and upset that it took thirteen days since the incident, for her to call me, which to me shows that this seems to be not such a very important matter. What really surprised me, was when Lisa told me that I was not even supposed to be allowed to try the skates whatsoever. The two females who were working should have known about this and advised me, but they did not in any way.

Had they done so, I would not done what I did and would not be in the predicament I am in right now thanks to their negligence and irresponsibility. When Lisa learned that her employees who were working at the store on June 15, 2022, did not advise me that customers are absolutely not allowed to try any equipment whatsoever and that they did not tell me prior to what lead to an unexpected and very upsetting incident that should not have happened at all, she sounded surprised knowing they should have but did not. Even after I had fallen backwards, hit the back of my head on the bench on the way down and landing where I did, not one person in the building came to help me get up off the floor and onto the bench. The oldest one who was skating most of the time I was there, finally came and asked if I wanted some ice to put on the swelling.

The so called bag of ice was just a simple bag of cold water if anything and did not help very much. When I informed the oldest that I came by public transportation and that I would not be able to go home the same way I came, due to what just happened, she nonchalantly asked if I wanted her to call a taxi which I responded by telling her yes. When it came time for me to even make my way outside and leave the building, not one person in the building came over to help me get to and up the stairs at the building entrance then outside to where the taxi was supposed to be picking me up. In so many ways, I feel that any and all who were there were avoiding the situation all together and wanted nothing to do with it.

The two employees at the Rollergirl store did not take any information from me in any way as to what my name was, home address, contact information along with an explanation as to what all happened so they would be able to make an incident report prior to my leaving and going home. None of this was done so in many ways the whole incident was ignored, swept under the rug as though it never happened and was of no importance.

This is a warning to people to avoid the Rollergirl store all together as I do not want the same thing happening to another innocent customer like myself who was simply looking for something that my wife and I could do together and have something tragic happen due to the stores irresponsibility and negligence, that in turn is a very upsetting and emotional circumstance, makes you feel insignificant, takes away your independence and the business itself shows very little concern whatsoever. I know I am upset and feel like a burden but especially now that my wife has to help me in so many ways she can so I can accomplish various things that at the moment I cannot do alone .

Thanks for ruining my life Rollergirl!!! AngryAngryCry

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User's recommendation: AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!

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