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The rock wood motel! never rent a room here! the Manager is

Update by user Jan 08, 2018

Stay away from this racist motel and bad services! And bad neighbors here!

Its a Nightmare to rent a room from this one!- its would be a bad mistake and nightmare!- but only if your black! Don't believe any of the owners advertisements at all!- none of it is true! The manager Nicky is a racist manager from ***! And do not give refunds or good services!

As a tenant! And all the rooms are defective garbage anyway! And the worst neighbor and lying troublemaker and very nosy! There is still Ashley jones!

Room #6 if she is still there! I feel sorry for u if u are living next door to her! U will be very disappointed! Don't ever go there!

If your not white and racist! The place and the one in charge needs to be shut down! For fraud and discrimination! And for building and health code violations!

And more! Beware!- its not worth it!

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2017
Never come here to rent a room here at the rockwood motel in Laporte city,iowa!!!! By the worst and racist motel manager there!- called Nicky! Who is horrible at her job! A real scam artist! Who only cares about taking your money! And gives no refunds for your deposit! If u change your mind! Especially if your black!!!! She discriminates against people of color! And will force out because of it after taking your rent money for a month! Than will have the nerve to threaten to call the racist and corrupt cops just like her!- to put u out! Even if your a good tenant! She wont care! And only takes up for her own kind! White racists against us who are black! Who are also the bad neighbors next door! And thats a crime! To discriminate based on your race! But she will let her racist tenants who are the problem! Who are nothing but lying and nosy troublemakers! With a big mouth! To do whatever they want! Loud music,do drugs smok,and its ok when it comes to them! And will never put them out! Because theyre white! But She wanted me and my son out after being there for one day!- because of one lame complaint against us!- that was a lie! And she believed it! Since were black! And i had to insist that its not true! for us to stay at least one more month! But it wasnt even worth it! After that everything got worst! When we realized that the rooms are defective and falls apart! One time the sink fell off the wall! And instead of her fixing it this dumb manager just changed our room! And there is no wifi! No internet signal! And no airconditioner! it didnt get any better! In the next room! Either! Another time this idiot blasted the heat! All night! And before i could call her to complain about it finally she turns it off! I couldnt wait to leave! But for her to call the corrupt cops on me to leave when i did nothing wrong to her! Was evil and so obvious it was a race thing on her part! And tried to get me arrested for tresspassing !even though i paid the rent half and half with my son! How wicked is that! And when i demanded my money back! she still refused! To give my money back! Since i paid the rmonthly rent for nothing! So she is also a theif! And both of us had to leave to get away from that evil racist! After the sick cops got there it was on! And im glad we both told them all off! And that nosy racist neighbor who started this mess in the first place! The worst neighbor from ***!- is :ashly jones!!! room # 6! Because of them! Almost caused us to be homeless! But theyre evil plan didnt work anyway! There was no arrests! Or shooting! Thank God! And we left with a smile! and got something better! Than that dump! The worst experience of my life! Dont ever come here! If your in laporte city,ia! The motels here arent worth a dime! And its too expensive anyway! Before we left! The doorknob fell off! Im so glad we will never ever go back to that place again! Her services are a scam and a fraud!-just garbage! and the cops and the sheriff are evil towards blacks too! And a nightmare! But only if your not white! So-Stay away!!!
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Dont ever go to the rockwood motel at laporte city,Iowa! If u are black!!!

Its not worth it at all! And the services are so bad here Its a crime!!! And this motel violates the safety code to u so called health and property inspectors out there should check that one out! And it needs to be shut down!

For being a fraud! And for discrimination! By the most horrible manager in the world! Beware!

Pass the word on! Everything about this so called Biz!- is bad and stinks!!!!

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La Porte City, Iowa
  • Reporting her
  • Leaving
  • No wifi
  • Bad racist neighbors
  • No refunds
Reason of review
Poor customer service

The Rockwood Motel- got more Worse!!!

Here is my update as of now kn 9/26/17! This manager name nicki- turned out to be a liar,and scam artist!- greedy snake!- even more now and heartless racist! Against a good paying black family! This time she ljed to the police and claimed im tresspassing! Even though i paid the rent for another month with my son from 8/1/17-10/1/17! And i had to leave for a while since she drove me out by her harrassment and racist ways! And had to go to a shelter- because of her! But my son wanted to stay behind til the first! Me 9/7! But that didnt work!- it too! Came back just to be there to the first! But all *** broke lise! And she threatened to call the stupid cols on me! And told me to leave! What nerve! For what for visiting my skn til the first then go elsewhere?! But no it gets worst!- we both decide to leave together! And go elsewhere! No here they come and now it got ugly! With her evil racist self arguing wuth me and my son for wanting to finish getting what we paid for since that wasnt happening i demanded my money back! But this theif refused! And i warned her that i will report her with my complaints against her! For her crimes! So now its on! And beware of her nisy racist neighbors!!- especially the one in room#6!!- name ASHLEY! A real nut case !! Just like the manager! And caused both of us to be HOMELESS! And no where to go! Except to a real business hotel for a night! And these crazy cops sided with her like idiots!- it was pathetic!!! Im so glad we left!- never to come back; but justice will be done!- against her!- asap!- she is the only criminal here!- not us!!! Were the innocent victims she pissed off- for the last time- she wont get away with it!- stay away! This one is a real nightmare!- especially if your-black!
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Was a great place. The pool was amazing and the luxurious hot tub. The selection of women was amazing once they got rid of that loud lady

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Reason of review
Poor customer service

The rockwood motel- is the worst motel-ever!