Unethical puppy mill

We were fooled by this breeder. She sold us a severely ill and blind puppy. He also has temperament issues. Most cockers love people. This dog is fearful of everything and everyone. Do not buy a dog from this woman who claims to love her puppies. This puppy mill needs to be closed for the sake of these animals and the families who unknowingly take on such health and temperament challenged dogs.

User's recommendation: Beware- Do NOT buy from this mill.

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Kennesaw, Georgia
Preferred solution

Save yourself the heartache

I love my dog that I got from Rockhaven to death, but thats why Im writing this review. We got our puppy in 2015 and was told he did not have any problems. Well, turns out he has multiple genetic defects, one being a severe genetic spinal defect, that have taken years off of his life. Plenty of these issues started around the time that we got him, when he was only about 10 weeks old. He has ended up in the vets office and the emergency vet multiple times because of these genetic defects, which make him more prone to severe injuries and have given him mobility issues. We love him, though, and have spent the thousands of dollars in vet bills for him. However, if anything else happens to him, any veterinarian refuses to do surgery on him because of how many (totally preventable) issues he has, which make nearly any type of surgery fatal for him. My dog will not be able to live his full life because of the issues that have been passed down onto him and he is only 7 years old. Please save yourself the heartache and find a more reputable breeder or adopt.
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Birmingham, Alabama

To save a family from heart ache

Tammy sold us a puppy with severe defects. She lied and said his eyes were just a mutation but our puppy is blind. As a result he is fearful and scared of everything. He has bitten several people. Our veterinarian told us this is a bad dog. And he was only 8 weeks old then! DO NOT buy a puppy from this puppy mill. She will tell you what you want to hear but shes not an honorable person.
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Great experience

RockHeaven Cockers - Great experience
We purchased a female buff Coker from Tammy in 2014. Our dog has been amazing - smart as a whip from day 1. Tammy was and continues to be invested in our experience and life with our fur baby. We would buy from Tammy again.

User's recommendation: Pure bred. Smart.

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Alpharetta, Georgia

Follow up on Rockhaven Cockers!!

May 2019!!! I am the original poster of the first complaint on Mrs Tammy Baker about the little Merle I purchased from her in February of 2013! Fast forward! He is 6 years old completely blind, has been receiving chemotherapy for one year at University of Georgia since September of 2018! Has been under the care of The University of Georgia for Cataracts and complete blindness since one year old and surgery was not an option!!! If any of you would like to speak with his medical team please feel free Call Dr Victoria Pentlarge eye specialist And UGA Dermatology they will gladly speak with you all! Also the Merle gene is not recognized! It is a mishap!!! However I love my little guy or else I would not be spending thousands of dollars a month for his care!!! You all should be on your knees thanking God that you have healthy babies and I will pray that God opens your eyes because he has opened mine!!! Because she is a backyard breeder!! I mean come on when I was there my baby’s daddy was down in his hip and she said oh he hurt it during breeding!!! Really well poor Sarge died at a very young age!!! I think my baby was a product of a bad offspring, Sarge and he produced some poor puppies in his bloodline!!!!!
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We bought a Merle from Tammy in January 2012. Your experience is the same as ours.

Our dog was an offspring of Sarge and is completely blind. And he is scared of everything because he can’t see.

Tammy is not a reputable breeder!!! Beware of this puppy mill!

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Rockhaven Cockers

RockHeaven Cockers - Rockhaven Cockers
My experience was the opposite. We did not use the airlines but instead flew ourselves to pick up our puppy in 2009. He was perfect in every way, is healthy and happy and the joy of our lives. He is a blue Merle and has so far had no health issues. He still is a happy little scamp who loves to play with his and chase his throw toys (7 years old). I am sorry the lady had a problem, the fecal matter I would think, would be normal on a non house trained puppy subjected to an airline flight. I found the bakers delightful to deal with. Their home was nice and clean as were the puppies and dogs I saw.
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Garner, North Carolina
  • Would use them again
Reason of review
Good customer service

I also received deformed puppy 2/06/2013

Had placed deposit on puppy from Sarge ( Major ) and Jerseys liter, a little boy. Husband and I went to see him at 5 wks everything fine, met Tammy would be returning in a week or so to pick little guy up. Received call from Tammy a few days later stating my dog had to be rushed to vet in middle of night with distended abdomen, he died from what her vet thought was a kidney stone. She said we could have another dog from same liter so we picked a blue Merle boy and she assured us there would be no health problems. When we picked him up we noticed his eyes were completely blue, the whole eye, questioned her and she said that was from the Merle gene. Needless to say they were congenital cataracts and my little guy has b een blind since two years old because of them. My vet sent him to a specialist Dr. Victoria Pentlarge and any of you can check with her if you would like!!!! He has been under her care since he was a yr old. Tammy was notified of this when my little boy was first found by my vet to have a cataract and she undermined my vet and said "it can't be it has to be an eye infection." Well let me tell you, my vet has been in practice for 40 yrs and obviously she or her vet can't detect congenital cataracts and when a puppy can't urinate. Any of you who don't believe this , I listed my doctors name google her give her a call and ask her staff about Corey the Cocker!!! I love my dog and I know God has entrusted him into my care and I will love him and give him the best of care until he calls either of us home! This lady needs to step up and be the Christian she professes and do right by these dogs! Also she sold every dog from this liter also!
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We experienced the same thing! Tammy lied to us and said the blue eyes were the Merle gene, when they are actually cataracts.

Our dog had been blind his whole life.

Tammy continuing to breed cockers is a travesty! She needs to be investigated.


We purchased a Cocker Spaniel from Tammy as well. It was a blue Merle and she gave us the same lie.

Our dog is blind and fearful. He is only 3 years old. We purchased him from Tammy at 5 weeks old. Way to early for her to sell a dog.

But glad we did because the rest of the liter perished in the cold spell 2 weeks later.

Do not buy a dog from Rockhaven cockers. You are buying from a disreputable breeder.


please send me your name - I have a similar experience. sandy@***.com

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North Augusta, South Carolina
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Shipped a Deform Puppy

Update by user May 06, 2013

Like always Did noting about the poor puppy and was clearly notified. By vet and phone calls and us postal.

The worst!!!!! Never get a cocker out of her Tammy Baker lines.

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2013
Purchase a puppy from Tammy Baker At RockHaven's Cockers And Grooming Facilities. She ship me a deform puppy cover with fecal and in a kitten crate paid for a 200 crate blamed airline they said didn't change crate she did. All this she knew all along. She wanted me to ship puppy back. But ask for me to pay for return shipping and would replace puppy for another one when she would have one available. But I would need to pay for a retuning Flight for my new puppy again to me, so it would be in total for me to pay addition 850.00 on the cost. I already paid out for puppy 1,000.00 for puppy. I had a health guarantee for 1 year for congenital defect from her. Which I sent her letters and papers clearly stating to her from my vet was defected called Persistent Penile Frenulum, And his prepuce was not attached He couldn't *** it meant. All information was in writing sent to Mrs. Baker and she agree to give me back my money? But till this day and after being wrote up From the Dept. of Agriculture. She never did any thing to make this right but lie. This lady is apiece of work try's to blame everyone for something she knew and did her self. And her health guarantee is no good. Now the dog died less then a year old. Because could not *** right infection kept coming back. I would never purchase a puppy from these people And never get a puppy out of these lines Because she breeds genes problems Camic's liL Tommy Tucker Sire, Rockhaven's Pretty Please Pixie Dam. Their was more deform puppies in this litter. Sold them too!
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I have also purchased multiple cockers from Tammy and I do not believe for one minute that she would sell anyone a defective dog. I have visited her home several times.

Her dogs are cared for as if they are her children and she is extremely careful to keep her bloodlines strong and her dogs healthy. You won't find a more ethical breeder than Tammie.


Tammy is a trouble breeder you too someday will see how Awful her dogs are and I like to add Tammy her self wrote these reviews