Chace G
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Solid attorney

I got Robert Glennen as a appointed attorney. My son got taken from me by childrens service when there was no reason for it.

He told me plain and simple what I needed to do to get him back. But I didn't listen. I didnt think my kid should a been taken from me bcuz I nothing wrong. I didn't take the classes or get a job like they said and the judge always treated me like ***.

That court is crooked the way the judge listens to them people and doesn't look at the real situation. So, after finally getting what Mr. Glennen was telling me was what I had to do to get my kid back, I started the classes and he told me about two other services that gave me income to support us. I finished the classes I thought I was going to get my son back.

But the judge hated me and kept him in foster care. So Mr. Glennen helped me find another family member who would take him. He got my son out of foster care and to his grandmas house for permenant.

I am so full of thanks for his helping me. Now my sons safe at a real home where hes loved. Grandma even let me move in.

Thank you Mr. Glennen.

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map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Best Attorney for the Money!

I used Bob Glennen, aka Robert E. Glennen III Esq.

as my attorney for a criminal case and a civil case involving child custody. Mr. Glennen was outstanding in both cases. He was prepared for hearings each time, he was thorough and competent with the jury in trial and he won both cases for me.

He has been milined by a former wife and her family who have continued to write scathing reports about him. Anyone who would use descriptive words that attack a person and not their service is malicious and obviously suffering from their own serious mental issues because this is not professional. So, Pheobe99, and your 3 friends (or your other family members) get your head out and let Mr. Glennen do his work.

I have recommended Mr.

Glennen to three of my friends who have had divorces and one who had a personal injury case with a DUI driver who hit her. Mr.

Glennen handled each case professionally and each have said they would use him again.

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lani Ygl
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

More than money's worth

Mr.Glennen did the impossible for our family... I was taking care of a sick little boy who was abandoned by his mother.

Not being a blood relative to him, everyone said there was no way we would be granted guardianship even though he was very sick, neglected, & needed medical attention. After reading the way the laws are written & felt as though I didn't get to talk to Mr.Glennen as much as I would've liked to I felt very discouraged & didn't think we would win in court at all. I was very worried because not only was this poor little boy sick & in need of a list of medical treatments that his mother denied him but she was also trying to press charges against me claiming I had kidnapped this poor child & I thought Mr.Glennen had not spent enough time on my case to be able to know what to say or ask or how to win. I was blown away when we went to court, M.r.Glennen was amazing in action.

He knew all the right ways to ask questions to make the abusive mother incriminate herself. I was shocked at how he kept getting her to accidentally admit her own guilt. He tore apart every single one of their witnesses & showed the truth behind everything like it was so simple for him. Everybody's jaw dropped when the verdict came in, we won guardianship of a little boy who was not even a blood relative & we were able to provide all his medical needs and teach him to talk & raise & love him the way he deserved.

I am forever grateful to Mr.Glennen for saving Ryker's life & fighting for his well being.

He truly is a very intelligent & talented lawyer with an impeccable memory for laws. I would choose him on my side any day.

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1 comment

I agree! Mr.

Glennen helped my family keep custody of my step-son when court always seems to give custody to the mom dispite the mom's drug issues or prostitution issues.

He was great in the hearings and has always fought hard for us to be able maintain a steady and loving environment for our little B. I highly recommend him if you need someone in your corner!

map-marker Donetsk, Donetska Oblast

Robert glennen III is the worst of the worst attorney in Las Vegas, NV

This guy is dishonest, unethical, lazy, ***, unprepared, money hungry---and these are the good things I have to say about this total LOSER!! Stay away---better flush your money down the toilet---it would be better spent, and the toilet has a better personality.

Once he gets ahold of your money, he is like a ***...he simply stops working. His idea of working, is, of course, doing as little as possible, and in most cases nothing. How this guy has a license speaks volumes about the Bar in Nevada---any *** can practice, and there is no bigger one than Mr.


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Best experience in the worst situation.

I found Robert Glennen knowledgeable and kind. Always available to answer questions.

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good lawyer.



What is his phone number the one that is listed seems bigus


I have to say that i worked for Mr. Glennen about ten years ago.

I did not see any of these terrible things going on that any of you have mentioned about him.

He was a very hard worker and I rarely saw a dissatisfied client. I believe that you are all just upset because you engaged in some type of criminal activity and since he could not get you out of it, you blame him for your own idiocy.


Never heard of any of you, I represented none of you. What do you say all you cowards tell me your real name, then I'll sue you for the false bs you have written here, and we can both find out how good an attorney I am.


Simply THE WORST. Don't believe it....go waste your money.

ANYONE else is better, believe us. :eek


One word---***. :grin


Absolutely the WORST lawyer. Talking to him is like talking to the wall.

Paying him is throwing your money away. He thinks he can take money under false pretense, and do nothing and get away with it. I've reported him to the State Bar Association for professional misconduct. If you are *** enough to use his "services", you deserve what you get.

You've been warned. Just read all the reviews!!!


Pathetic attorney. Pathetic man.

Lazy, ***, dishonest.

Need I stay more? :grin


Mr. Glennen is, by far, the WORST attorney I have ever encountered in over 20 years of owning my private business.



ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!. A greedy, dishonest, and lazy LOSER as bright as a burnt out lightbulb.

Do yourself a favor and bet on roulette, treat yourself to a vacation, and use a public defender, or just defend yourself.

Whatever you do is better than giving one single dime to a *** who is 99% going to lose your case for you simply because his life and mind are so screwed up that there is no time to learn even the basic facts of your case. The guy can't even speak---he mumbles and neurotically chews on his fingernails or paperclips. The guy needs mental help, and needs his license revoked. LOSER----you've been warned!!

read all the other reviews.

Even his ex-employees say the same--the guy is a dimwit and retard. :x

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map-marker Donetsk, Donetska Oblast

The worst, most incompetent, and unethical attorney in las vegas

Robert Glennen III, just in case you haven't heard, is without a doubt the worst in a city which prides itself on dishonest and incompetent attorneys. He is literally borderline retarded (proven by a simean crease on his palm).

He is neurotic, and chews incessantly on paperclips (not the black ones) while mumbling incoherently. Nobody, even the judge (on the rare occasion he actual bothers to show up for a court appearance) understands what this dunce is saying. He is totally unprepared, and doesn't even know what the case is about. You have a better chance defending yourself, or saving your money and taking a public pretender.

Having Glennen is like having less than nothing. He actually does damage to your defense instead of helping you. How this bumbling ***, whose homelife is as screwed up as his professional, can practice law and still not be disbarred is a disgrace to the NV state bar. He actually steals money, doesn't give receipts, and brags about not reporting the cash income.

How the IRS hasn't busted his *** is another wonder.

If you hire this loser, you'll get what you deserve. You've been warned---STAY AWAY!!!

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I live in Vegas, not Washington.


I must say; you are a bunch of *** So is the admin of this page who said that "personal attacks will be deleted." I have known Mr Glennen for almost 15 years and he is a great guy. Informing the public about a bad experience you had as a consumer is one thing, however; attacking his name is slander and childish. Why not grow up; shall we?


I have never heard of any of you. Never represented you.

Tell you what.

Why don't you cowards tell me your real name, then I'll sue you for the ridiculous lies you have here, and we'll see if I am a good attorney or not. What do you say?


The guy is a pathetic joke of an attorney, and a joke of a man. Words that describe him professionally and privately---gutless, castrated, dim as a burnt out bulb WIMP and LOSER.

Burn your money before giving one dollar to this pathetic unprofessional piece of trash. :sigh


:( Money for nothing. A liar, loser, thief, and incompetent.

Agree 100%, and so do many of his colleagues who must feel sorry for him, since he appears to be mentally challenged (check out the simean crease on the palm of his hand....he is retarded---seriously!!).. Take your money, and play roulette. He will not help you one iota with your problems, unless your problem is having too much cash on hand.

How this *** has any business is a testament to the stupidity of people who find out only too late that they put their hopes on a mumbler who is lazier than my dog. :cry


:( Absolutely correct---he is a disgrace to the legal profession---A LOSER!!! Have money to spend? Better flush it down the toilet than to give it to this total unethical and incompetent fool.

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