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Bad overall, most instructors rude, unprofessional . The school tuition is 6900.00 and NOT WORTH IT. I can see if one would paid 2500.00 total. This price should be enough to cover all the training including diesel costs, instructors pay, staff pay, facility utilities and ins cost. Remember this course is only 4 week long and students are paying pretty much 7k (per student). For a four week course, com'on. If you ask me ( someone's laughing to... Read more

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Decent school IF you agree to sign on to a company they are partnered with and let that company pay your tuition. Because Roadmaster won't get paid from those companies if they don't teach you the necessary skills to obtain your CDL. BUTTTTTT if you pay upfront cash out of pocket $7000.00 of cash upfront then the instructors will NOT and some even refuse to help/teach you anything so basically you sit there 8 out of 10 hours of the day doing... Read more

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Horrible school..... Once they get your money they treat you like ***. Instructors vary in attitude, some try to help others just go thru the motions.

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I paid $7,150 cash to go to this school and was told that you would be able to test 3 times. If you failed all 3 you had to take a 30 day break, then you were able to come back and test 3 more times if needed. They preached you Pretrip is the students responsibility to learn. So So my friend and I decided to concentrate on that. We figured we would get that down and test to get that out of the way. I passed the Pretrip,Incab and Airbrake test... Read more

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Millington Roadmaster school sucks. There's No proper training on skills such as backing. They put u on the road to drive before u even pre trip! If u make a mistake on skills,they holla at you,curse at you,even walk away and leave u unattended in da truck. Now I'm about to test out tomorrow and haven't learned jack **** Do not go to Roadmaster

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The school is FOR PROFIT ONLY! This means they could care less if you pass or fail. They want to get bodies in and out as they make $7000 per student pass or fail. In the past 7 days the Tulsa school has sent 25 students down to take the drive test for their CDL. 2 have passed. That is a 96% FAIL RATE. Go to a NOT FOR PROFIT SCHOOL like Central Tech or any other State approved and or operated school. Instructors do not instruct they... Read more

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Ay for all that are trying to get there CDL's don't go to this place... They don't care They know they are gonna get pay check no matter all the books you get from them don't have the right stuff that way you can get you CDL permit and when you get on the pad you got one (1) person out there for 5 trucks they no communication between the students or the staff you have students teaching other students... AY DONT GO TO ROADMASTER DRIVER SCHOOL... Read more

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Roadmaster schools have some very unprofessional instructors and a finger or two of real great ones. There coperate office does not care about whats going on and their schools and how there students are not recievibg yhe proper trainibg that they needbto become professional truck drivers. Roadmasters has one phone line tha5 go from office to office to the same person. If you want professional tey another school because this one is a horror... Read more

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i'got'to start at the bottom'and work back up DL#D up to CDL#A

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This is the biggest joke of a cdl school I've ever heard of. It's a CDL MILL. DO. NOT. GIVE. THEM. YOUR. TIME. OR. MONEY!!!! The school I went to, (Indianapolis) has been shut down... no one will explain why... equipment they had was awful, more trucks parked off to the side broken down than they had running. Classroom instructor got paid to play a pre trip video from Florida (which was missing vital parts to pass in Indiana) and go to her... Read more

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