Kurt H Ptl
map-marker Scottsdale, Arizona

Bad customer service

Informed manager of foreign material, utensil wrapper, in my salad. Explained I want looking for anything, just letting them know of the issue. I was kept waiting for the manager who informed me it was impossible for that to happen. Basically calling me a liar. Summarily dismissive of the complaint. If I was looking for a discount or comp, then her response might have made sense. Third time in a row I've been disappointed.
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  • Location
  • Rude manage
  • Customer service

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else. Harkins and cinemark are much better

Kelly G Ktm
map-marker Scottsdale, Arizona

Roadhouse Cinema - Scottsdale - non-responsive.

July 8, 2018 I have raved about this place to my family...and finally able to haul over to Scottsdale for an anniversary treat. The pros - nice and airy restaurant. Like the last two visits...spick and span. Very neat and clean both in the restaurant and the theatre. The seats very comfortable. It was nice to not have the sound blasted and the movie was clear. The cons - it took quite some time for someone to come and get our drink order. Our waitress Kate, told us she would be back to get our order. So...we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally began to turn off and on the service button. And the lights go down...and we miss the first few minutes of the movie because she decides to come at that time to finally take our order. She's pleasant...but I still don't really want to carry on a conversation at the beginning of a movie. So...we'll rent it and see what the heck the beginning was. So...we wait and wait and wait and 22 minutes later (after waiting for 17 minutes to place our order), I go down to see where our Nachos are. Our waitress responds "you haven't gotten anything?"... Nope...nada...and shared this is really bad customer service. She goes in...I wait...and she comes out saying it's being plated. I inform her I want the nachos off the order. All food comes out at once. We didn't eat the darned nachos. My husband's burger - B+ (per Roadhouse the meat temp can't be varied), my chicken sandwich B- (soggy bun and somewhat tasteless) and my daughter's sandwich a A-. Margarita A+. The bill comes - nachos on. Movie ends...and the manager decides to give me a lecture about how I'm wrong. First "it was 22 minutes from order to delivery"...he didn't count how long it took for the order to be taken and my need to come check. Second he tells me we didn't ask for the nachos to come out ahead. I did. Normally who cares. But he was so amazingly rude and condescending he rung my bell. It escalated from there. He passive-aggressively had to check to make sure we hadn't eaten any of the nachos and made us wait more. He ensured I realized he was doing me a huge favor. He told me I was aggressive with his staff - nope...just more and more assertive with him. He threatened to call the police when I told him to hurry up. This is my 3rd time there - first 2 times awesome. Being lectured and spoken down to...this will be my last. A simple apology and we would have been back. They've lost this family's business. As of 7/20/18 - on Facebook, I messaged Roadhouse on 7/13/18...the message was seen today at 1:17 pm with no response. I've messaged the Tucson site to see if there is a response from them.
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  • Rude manager
  • Missing part of movie to place order
  • No silverware
Reason of review:
Extreme redness by Site Manager

Preferred solution: If they want our business in the future, free meals with better customer service and an apology from the manager to me and my 12 yo daughter.

Katharina Rtf
map-marker Scottsdale, Arizona

Resolved: TERRIBLE Customer service. Stealing money!