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I am so disgusted with these ppl and. Their cbfs services. It is not what they advertise it to be. Everyone gets treated different. Based on whether. They think you deserve this or that service. The truth comes out later after they have gotten their claws into you and there is no escape..I feel like Im stuck at Danvers in the early. 20th Century..Noone listens because the have alteady formed their own opinion and of course..they are ALWAYS.... Read more

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I love the people at Riverside in Wakefield and Lynnfield. My daughter has had mental issues scene she has been 19 yrs.old. She has been in just about every hospital in this area including Maclean's. Who by the way says she can not go back, because she keeps trying to kill herself. She was sent to the state Hosp. Riverside worked so them to get into a community home. She is doing so well. They save not only her but the people who are... Read more

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My primary care doc sent me here when my regular shrink stopped accepting my insurance. Riverside promised I would not "fall through the cracks" and since then, they've failed to provide me with a therapist and "forgotten" to refill several prescriptions they started me on. So frustrated now that I'm not able to call and find someplace better. I guess I'll just stop my meds and give up on therapy. Thanks, Riverside. When I'm dead, I hope you... Read more

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The therapist they assigned me was inexperienced, and had no concept of boundaries. She was very deceptive and decided to disregard the treatment plan we agreed upon, refused to work with me towards my treatment goals regarding my PTSD, deciding instead to make her own goals and treatment plan to work by without even informing me, instead of the one we agreed upon. When I tried to discuss therapy with her, it was impossible to get her to discuss... Read more

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I could not wait to fire this company. The mentor assigned to my child was a disaster, with no real experience. The clinician was totally inexperienced, and in over -her-head. I felt like they were regurgitating their course texts, which was really annoying and not helpful. The worst was their patronizing attitude, making us feel like poor parents, despite our child's illness. Communication was poor, and the mentor didn't have a clue... Read more

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Their counselors don't seem to know what they are doing or maybe they just don't care. I was so disappointed because I had done a lot of research about them online and had heard such positive things. Their website made it seem like the perfect place for me. I thought it was just me until I met other people who had gone there and had experienced pretty much what I had. They felt like the counselors just didn't really know what they were... Read more

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I wasn't particularly impressed with Riverside Community Care in Upton, Mass., where I went for help with a mood/anxiety disorder, because I found the clinicians to be aloof, dispassionate and uncaring. It wasn't until I went elsewhere and saw how other places operate that I realized how bad it is. Riverside has doctors that do nothing but prescribe medicine and "licensed therapists" (not doctors) who do nothing but chat with you. No therapy,... Read more

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Riverside Community Care in Upton, Massachusetts, is a short-term mental health facility that ostensibly treats patients for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. In fact, the doctor that "treated" me - Andreas Laddis - is an insensitive, uncaring, nasty bully who made me feel as if I was wasting his time, accused me of lying, denied my requests to talk to other professionals and called me names. If you've ever seen the Geico... Read more

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