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Where do these complaints go? Upper management, and they are supposed to respond within 72 hours. I cancelled early and told them I was not going to pay the final bill until we resolved the damage to the home. Next thing I know my case is in collections for non-payment. THANK YOU RISE BROADBAND!!! You have the worst customer service in your category. Calling collections, then back to customer service, I get the same answer. Fill out an online...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service cannot escalate
  • Only getting 10 percent of the service that i am paying for
My name is jeremy seely i have been trying to get them to come move my dish they put it ib the valley of my roof anyone knows thats a huge no no guaranteed leak down the road not only that but put it right in front in the middle of my roof when i live within 600 yards if that from there tower.i have talked to numerous employes and supervisor's and all tell me the same thing we will have this taken care of mr seely and its been months now...
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Rise_Broadband_Rep I sincerely apologize for your frustrations. If you would like further assistance, please email and a representative will reach out to you promptl...