I recently had 8 implants placed and a upper and lower snap-on denture. Within less than a month, 4 out of the 8 implants failed and got infected. When I contacted Rio Grande Dental and informed them what had happened, they offered to do nothing to help and told me that their implants were not guaranteed at all and I was on my own. I spent thousands of dollars and have nothing but failed implants and infections to show for it. Buyer...
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I liked
  • Were initially cheaper
I didn't like
  • Will cost me thousands more to fix their mistakes
  • 4 out of 8 implants failed within a month
  • Poor quality and lack of dental skill
Paid 3200 hundred dollars for 3 implants with crowns. 60 days later rear bridge crown fell out from brushing. Discover Dentist had not torque post in correctly. Had to pay to have tissue added back where Dentist took out to much Gum Make a long Story short Rio Grand warranty is not worth the hot air they use to explain. Counting travel enpense have 5 thousand Dollars in nothing. My Dentist charged little overv10 thousand to fix their mess. He...
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HORRIBLE! Don't do it! We spent an entire week in El Paso going to the Rio Grande Dental Clinic & seeing (Dentist?) Jessica Nitardy. What a disaster! I had many crowns. After preparing my teeth for the crowns she put on the temp crowns, then could not remove them to put on the real crowns, she broke my real teeth in the process, but did not acknowlege it or apoligize. The crowns they that were made were of very very poor quality, ugly,...
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In hopes of saving money, I recently sought out Rio Grande Dental for all on 4/6 dental implants. It's been a month and what a nightmare and extra cost! On the first visit I had all my teeth pulled and was pushed out the door drugged up, blood running out of the corners of my mouth (which concerned border patrol) and a mouth full of "immediate" dentures which honestly felt like they were made for someone else. The plan was for me to return...
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Anonymous Sorry for what you had to go throw.
I was at Rio Grande Dental a few years back. Dr. Nitardy was the head dentist and she did her recommendations to do some work and I made...

I didn't like
  • Horriable
I got 2 crowns done and they don't fit right. Food gets stuck underneath and I can't floss around them. These people never answer their phone and they won't return messages. They say the crowns are under warranty for 1 year, but they don't stand behind that. I am going to try to get a refund from my credit card company. The dentist did not speak English, in fact he hardly spoke at all. They have a free shuttle, but be prepared to wait and...
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