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Product ordered but never delivered. Company unresponsive

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Rimlox - Product ordered but never delivered. Company unresponsive
I ordered three sets of wheel locks for my vehicles in October 2021 as I fell for the hype on these wheel locks. Fast-forward to August 2022, and I still have not received my order. I requested cancellation and a refund in January 2022 and again in March 2022. Each time was met with an excuse and a promise to pay, which never materialized. The last hoax presented was a tracking number and a photo of a mangled package that was supposed to be ready for shipment. Well, the tracking number turned out to be a phantom number, as the item never left the post office. Excuses for tracing without tracing or contact info and constant excuses. This company is a scam. If they do not honor shipment, what makes you think they will honor any warranty! Run away from this one!
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  • Failure to refund money for products not yet built
  • Dishonest business practices used to deceive customers
  • Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Avoid this business. Does not fulfill orders nor refund money for orders not completed.

map-marker Los Angeles, California


www.rimlox.com http://www.myspace.com/rimlox Re: March 22, 2009 DUB Show Los Angeles March 22, 2009 Chris Mitchell owner of "Rimlox" a Clearwater, Florida based company hired approximately 15 booth models for the Los Angeles DUB Show to sell and promote their products. They used "Scottsdale Models" a modeling agency from Arizona to provide the talent. Chris Mitchell never paid any of the LA models and avoided most of the modeling agency collections calls. The excuse Chris Chris Mitchell provided was that his bank account was hacked and he ran out of money to pay the girls he also stated "the girls didn't make that much money anyways".
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Listen Rimlox owner chris is a huge scammer ...dont buy the product ...he does not honour the warranty.

When i bought mine he told me i can sell them and the warranty is transferrable...now theres a 300 $ transfer fee so if you do buy them you will never be able to sell them thats for sure.

Stay away from rimlox unless you like to give scammers money!


I can tell you the following is true and can be confirmed by searching arrest records, Chris Mitchell was just arrested for trying to steal from the machine shop who actually makes the rimlox product, he doesn't own any production facility, he didn't buy new CNC equipment and he owes many people money including the owner of Comtech Precision Machines Inc who he tried to steal from and was arrested for it, now with a trespass restriction he will have to find someone to make his product.

And before anyone get's the lame notion that I'm full of it, I know both Chris Mitchell and the owner of Comtech Precision Machine Inc and the police public records are available online

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-860485

For the record Chris has never stated that he owns a production facility nor CNC machines, (we have always had a goal to own our own machines and facility...who doesn't eventually want to cut out the "middle man". As for owing ppl money this is far from the truth as well.

This company does not know the personal nor business inter workings of Rimlox. If Chris and Rimlox was such a bad company, why did Comtech continue to make parts and do business with Rimlox etc for over 7yrs. Now all of a sudden that Rimlox has decided to take their business elsewhere... this company is "no good" etc.

With regards to Chris Mitchell attempting to steal parts from Comtech Precision Machine, this in NOT even close to being true, however, the arrest is. This all started with Comptech performing good work in the beginning and unacceptable work towards the latter months as well as not meeting deadlines because they were making (more) money with other clients. (nothing wrong with that). Rimlox would place orders and receive the parts, pay in a timely fashion.

Rimlox and Comtech conducted business for over 7yrs. Then gradually the work started getting less and less by Comtech. To make a long story short, the parts in question were not completed and sat in the shop for weeks and literally months on end. So Rimlox decided to pick up the remaining parts in an attempt to take them to a shop that could do the work to continue shipping out parts to our customers.

The owner personally stated that he didn't blame Chris for picking up the parts and taking them to someone else. Upon grabbing a bucket of unfinished parts (mind you Rimlox had previously picked up twice as many unfinished parts a couple months prior with no incident, picture to prove this.) The owner and one of his workers became aggressive and backed Chris up against machinery and told me..."You ain't leaving with those parts" a verbal altercation ensued, Chris then made his way around both the owner and one worker. The police were called...Chris attempted to leave the establishment with the unfinished parts when he was berated with racial slurs coming from a side back room..You fn N***er your not leaving with them parts...You black son of a *** etc. Chris sat the bucket down, and stated: what the *** did you just say---Chris walked around the corner wall and a gun was stuck in his face.

He reacted by immediately grabbing the barrel and forcing it in the air away from his face and his body. The other worker came into the fray and tried to help the owner of comtech. Again, two on one, Chris eventually over powered both workers by gaining control of the gun in which both individuals retreated back into the main shop area. Once Chris gained possession of the gun, the owner Scott Dixon came back at Chris to get the gun back.

Chris was holding the owner at bay so he could not have access to the gun again. Once Chris gained complete possession of the gun, he did not turn the gun back on the owner (as many stated I should have) nor did he ever throw any punches (as many have stated I should have) to defend himself throughout the entire episode. With his car already backed up to the door of the establishment, Surveillance video positioned outside facing the front door was available to support Chris' narrative of this. It shows that Chris was fending off the owner with one hand and trying to place the gun in the trunk with the other.

Chris then left the establishment with no parts because they were Knocked out of his hands by the owner. The police finally arrived and questioned everyone/Comtech workers, who basically sided with the owner, which eventually led to the arrest of Chris for petty theft and simple battery. The petty theft was for "stealing" the gun---which turned out to be a bb gun, and the simple battery was because the owner had a little part of his collar on his t-shirt ripped. At the end of the day..all charges were dismissed and dropped by the state attorneys office.

Rimlox was never invoiced for any of the "attempted stolen parts...He had literally picked up twice as many unfinished parts weeks before. Chris was also not given the opportunity to provide a written statement of events that day and eventually went to the police department after the fact to file a written statement on his behalf and submitted photos of all of the parts in his trunk as proof of picking up parts previously. Keep in mind, Chris sat down with Scott to work out machine time the day prior to this altercation and the next day he was met with....I DON'T HAVE YOUR G*D D**M PARTS DONE YET!!! Why would anyone in their right mind, *** off the person making your parts etc?

This guy was not provoked in anyway. Is this how you show your true colors to someone who has been doing business with you for over 7yrs by yelling racial slurs and shoving a gun in someones face? Anyone not wanting to do business with Rimlox--no problem, anyone would like to know more about this altercation--no problem. Chris can be reached at 877-618-**** or emailed at rimox@***.com nothing to hide here.

For those who continue to purchase our product and support Rimlox, we obviously appreciate you to the fullest, thank you. There have been a few occasions were ppl have just flat out lied regarding Chris and Rimlox in general (LA DUB show regarding models etc. bottom line is---they got paid the rate quoted--years ago...end of story)...False accusations happens to allot of ppl and companies everywhere some are true and some aren't, ppl want to bad mouth your for there own gain.

If you want to base your opinions on lies, that is your right, however, if you want to know the truth, contact that person or company and hear it from the horses mouth. Then you can determine what is the truth and what are lies.


Did more reseach..wrong Chris Mitchell. The Chris Mitchell i no is actually a good guy and his company and products are the best in the industry...keep up the good work Chris! Sorry for the mix up


I'm not surprised. Chris Mitchell has a history of stiffing people he owes money to. He's a total loser.


What does this have to do with the RIMLOX product?

Go bark up another tree... I care about their customer service and product reliability.. not gossip/drama.


This report is a LIE! and far from the truth.

Me and my friend worked the event and did receive our pay as agreed. However, there were supposidly models who showed up and claimed to be models with sales experience. Not even close to being models any sales experience. The models listed in the picture above did NOT perform their duty, walked away from the booth time and time again and flirted with every decent looking guy who came by the booth.

Once pizza was ordered and they filled there stomach they left again and did not even return until the end of the show bragging about who got the most phone numbers. I know this for a fact because we were alternating taking breaks and they did not releave me all day.(they were very immature and honestly up close really unattractive) As far as Rimlox's bank account being hacked, this is wrong as well and is being taken out of context. Again, I personally saw chris pull out his Credit Card and gave it to the event supervisor to go in the lunch area to pay for our pizza etc.

These so called models need to get a life, and quit trying to ruin a good up and comming company like RIMLOX. I fully stand behind this company!!!



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