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WARNING: INTRODUCING THE MOST SLICK PREDATORY INTERNET MARKETER KNOWN ONLINE. RICHARD LEGG offers you HIS SIX USELESS Websites for only A $1000 FEE If you hear or read about this slick SCAMMER Richard Legg and his $100K APPRENTICE PROGRAM that promises you $100K SALARY PER YEAR, RUN AWAY! CON MAN RICHARD LEGG WILL ROB YOU BLIND! You just MADE THIEF Richard LEGG A LOT RICHER shakedown THIEF. HE will thank YOU as he LAUGHS his *** ONTO HIS BANKEven LEGGs YouTube channel has NO followers, and NO positive feedback. Confirms that I should NOT have bought LEGGs total SCAM program. Hi there, my friend. SADLY, in early 2014, RICHARD LEGG ROBBED ME OF $1000 CASH when I bought his totally SCAM program. There are MANY online SCAMS out there and RICHAR LEGGS FREE $100k Apprentice Workshop is ONE of them ONLINE. Read ON friend. Sadly, I should HAVE known that this was just another online SCAM, BUT with LEGGS promise of making around $100,000 a year WITH NO EFFORT income from the comfort of own home. WHAT A BLATANT LIE! Legg's promised me the MOON and blindly I FELL for HIS SCAM. HE is a FAILED physics grad school drop OUT. I know I should have done my homework FIRST. Well, I LOST $1000 off the bat just like THAT! But TOO late! Once SCAMMER LEGG got my $$$, forget about it. You MONEY is GONE forever. RICHARD LEGG even LIES to his customers such as myself. LEGG promises a 6 months period to ask for a REFUND if I fail to earn $100/day as his FALSE ADS PROMISE. LEGG RENEGES AND REFUSED to give a refund. NO REFUND said LEGG the CON MAN. Richard Legg, living in his CASTLE in ENGLAND, now LAUGHS at me on the way to his BANK, and says "NO way Jose!" Of course, Legg LIES, NO REFUND at all. Another Pyramid scheme. During this 6 months time, I honestly, diligently tried to make his system with his 6 online websites work. For example, I REALLY tried to make it work. However, I managed to ONLY get UNDER a dozen of subscribers SUCKERED enough under HIS system to COUGH Up a TINY $45 in TOTAL for all of my hard work. Now, I REALIZE THAT CON MAN LEGG has ROBBED ME BLIND of my $1000 CREDIT CARD PAYMENT. Wow, WHAT A SCAM! Now, I realize that my $45 profits versus the $1000 profit for Richard LEGG ONLY BENEFITTED THE THIEF. CAN you say I got ROBBED BLIND!? Richard Legg's Free $100k Apprentice Workshop is a GENUINE ONLINE SCAM. Hence, do NOT also fall for it. Those of us who buy his program that promises $100/day profits using his USELESS SIX WEBSITES WILL LOSE $1000. SCAMMER LEGG even offers his SUCKER CLIENTS a $2000 free program. Getting very GREEDY, eh, RICHARD LEGG? CON MAN RICHARD LEGG has A FEW FALSE TESTIMONIALS about his program on his website. Only confirms that LEGG is running an ONLINE SCAM. So, meanwhile, I read the feedback of my fellow Legg clients online and NONE of them made more than $200 EACH thru LEGG's FAILED, FAKE money making, er LOSING system. Mr. LEGG utterly LIED to me in WRITING ONLINE on his website about keeping his promise of a full REFUND since his system is a TOTAL SCAM to STEAL clients MONIES. LEGG also LIED and ROBBED his other PAYING customers, like MYSELF. And if you email to request LEGG for a refund, he will IGNORE you. Say ADIOS to your $1000. I am requesting that they FTC STOP predatory companies such as Richard Legg's mass spamming of consumers' emails with false advertising forced spam emails. Am requesting for my $1000 refund also. Thank you.

User's recommendation: BOYCOTT AND AVOID being next THEFT VICTIM of Richard LEGG.

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  • Steals customers fees and offers inferior products
  • Predatory scam business
  • Most prolific mass email spammers from the uk and the us
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