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Going to start using revitalsoy

User's recommendation: Non gmo soy unflavored!

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Saint Helens, Oregon

Con Job

The company is just a con. The owners change titles from one company to another all the while using Jesus to sell their products.
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This is exactly right.

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Hawthorne, California
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I love REVIVAL SOY-best ever for hot flash relief and energy

Revival Soy is the BEST soy I have ever eaten. It is a patented blend so I only have to eat one serving for full isoflavone benefits. I am feeling so much better-have energy! My hot flashes are subsiding and I am soooo thankful. Found this site and wanted to 'defend' my Revival Soy. I have been treated with nothing but professionalism and kindness. I signed up for the auto ship and love it. I got the chips for snacks and found out my kids love them too. I have used them for their lunches. There are so many great flavors of shakes and bars but my favorite is the chocolate sucralose. I'm losing a few lbs too which is a real blessings.
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Unhappy in VA

I have been a revival Soy family member for over 15 years. During those 15 years I have purchased their bars and shake mixes at least every 6 months. Recently I went to the web site to place an order and discovered my account no longer existed. I e-mailed the company and was told my account was cancelled and I would have to renew my family membership and pay 83.96 for the soy bars instead of 60.00. The company could offer no explanation as to why my account was cancelled and why I would have to pay 23. 96 more per order. This is a terrible way to treat a long time 'family member'. I have referred many family, friends and even my primary care physician to this company. They should be ashamed.
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Revival soy may actually cause more problems than it helps.


I love Revival Soy. I've been taking it for my hair for about 5 years now.

I haven't found anything on the market that does what it does for my hair. It also has helped me with hot flashes. It's just a unique product with high quality, in my opinion.

When I call to order, they have the best customer service people in town. I am grateful that the Dr created this product.


We are truly sorry You have had this experience. We hope your problem has been resolved.

We moved our website to a new platform requiring us to update all the accounts. We did send emails and a personal letter to each family member plus posted the notice on the top of the new website asking all Family Members to call in to update their order. If you were a long time FM you should have been able to simply update your CC information and all else remain the same. We did have a long overdue and much needed price increase as nothing was raised up for over 8 years on many of the FM but the price was not as you state but a 5.00 increase.

Thank you for being a loyal customer, again we regret you having this experience and truly hope your issues have been worked out. Kindest regards from Revival Customer Service.

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Revival soy scammed me

in 2006 I signed up for something called revival soy. the deal was to try it for 30 days and if you don,t like it you send back the unused amount and you will not be charged. I emailed them and canceled and got a confirmation number and sent back the unused amount....
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Revival Soy is the best soy product I have ever eaten. It is NON GMO and you can just know from the years of quality products I have gotten from this company for literally 15 years that what they say on the outside of the package is exactly what is inside the package!

I have a shake everyday for breakfast-I use the hand blender like they sell on the site and just zip my shake up and go. It is the best tasting soy I have ever eaten AND IT IS A PATENTED BLEND so just my one serving gives me the isoflavones I would get in about 6 cups of soy milk. It helped me with my hot flashes-just knocked them right out, lowered my cholesterol, I lost weight AND my hair and nails-and skin started looking amazing again-not dried out as before. My nails were stronger and I could actually have a nail to polish again.

I could not believe it but then I saw on their site where they had done research showing how much Revival Soy helped skin hair and nails. It is just what my body needs in so many areas. I can't say enough good about Revival Soy.

It was the doctor that graduated from Johns Hopkins that formulated this product along with his mom when she was in menopause. If you want the best product, best value and best taste of any soy I highly recommend Revival Soy.

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Syracuse, New York