my wife went to this web site in search of just how to write a resume. and was told that the service was (free) and after requesting a free sample resume at the end of the session it ask for a credit card number. code, expiration date, in order to process the resume, and that it will be no charge off the card. and have all of my bank statements to prove it that the company is still getting monies off of my account, and I am asking resume now to...
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i paid them for their service ,of 1.45 for using their template to set up a resume.on april 6. 2016 then they removed 50.00 from the acount on april 21.2016 i call in on the 30 to find out what was going on as the bank suggested i should done i receive an email may 2 .2016 stating they are not refunding 38.70.WHAT A RIP OFF.WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS HOW COME THEY DIDNT SEND ME AN ALERT EMAIL OR A NOFIFICATION TO ME STATING THAT IF I...
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Anna.B-LC Greetings Anonymous,
We are very sorry that you have had this experience with our service. Our free account gives you the opportunity to try out our resume builder before d...

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