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Reckless Amazon Van Driver

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Hello, My husband and I were driving northbound on 60th street between Thomas and Indian school rd to run some errands and out of nowhere a Amazons prime van pulled out right in front of us (hadnt even closed his door until he reached the speed of 10mph or more when I so quickly had to slam on the brakes and watched him shut it. Thankfully I was driving with caution as I normally do in our neighborhood or I would have slammed into the back of his van. I also would like to add he was parked on the west side of 60th st facing north which is also not in compliance with our city traffic code. I was able to retrieve his license plate number CL78021 if you would like to follow up on that driver and or at least warn him about his unacceptable careless driving I would encourage you to do so. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! Respectfully, Jennifer &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Dustin Poly
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Property management Company Issues

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They think property management is a part-time job. Their office is only open 4 days a week. I purchased a condo for mother in law to live and the documents we received before closing requested we contact property manager which I did on May 15. I asked for the parking space number assigned to the unit. A website that was listed in the documents was not active, but the documents hadn’t been revised to reflect this and it was many months later apparently. I asked for Stairwell captain name and did not receive that until June 27. Such a delay created an unnecessary fiduciary burden to the condo association by the Board’s failure to hire competent management company that could have cause significant damage to property because of failure to have stairwell captain provide needed information to us. I asked about architectural forms. They did not reply to this email so I had to call them on 17 May. I finally found out the parking space number even though they knew we were purchasing the condo weeks before and could have provided this and other relevant info at time of sale. I asked for architectural forms and I have yet to receive them 3.5 months later (and I have repeatedly asked since then). I guess I have carte blanche approval for modifications. I asked about structural issues as I notice aluminum studs. They had no idea and it was not in the information packet either, despite the importance for anyone trying to even hang something in a unit with metal studs. They did promise to have their most experienced handyman contact me. That has not happened after 3.5 months and repeated requests. It was not until June 3 that I got the contact form from the management company, weeks after the sale. This is a financial liability to the owners association and evidence of failure to carry out fiduciary responsibility by the Board. On 24 June I asked again for stairwell captain and water shutoff location. I did not receive a response for 3 days when I finally got stairwell captain’s name, but not their unit number or how to contact them, thus continuing the abrogation of the fiduciary responsibility of the Board. On 6/27 I asked about the 2 shutoffs (water or gas) in my ceiling. Management Company did not know. This is another example of the abrogation of the fiduciary responsibility of the Board. All alterations require architectural approval and the association approved the sale of the property after doing an inspection for violations. They should know all shutoffs of utilities for the units of the property to minimize damage and financial loss to owners and the association. They agreed to have access to the water shutoff in my unit, which was in another secured area, provided for me for June 28 when my plumber was coming. They did not unlock the room at all that day or verify that their subcontractor had done so. This cost me, which was billed to management company but has yet to be paid. Also on June 27 I asked for key to access the water shutoff area to minimize financial loss to me and entire property in case of need for emergency service. In a 28 June reply email, they refused, claiming that if I was resident (the property will be rented to my mother-in-law) I could have gotten access. I found out later this was not true, they don’t give any residents keys to those locked areas either. They never apologized for this “error” and it appears to have been intentional. I specifically pointed out to them that in fact I was a resident as I had no tenant at that point and that my tenant was my mother-in-law, so under Howard County code with family in residence it is not a rental and not subject to rental provisions of county code. They never acknowledged this. In that same email they claimed “The only utility that is in 10085 is the main water shut off.” In fact it later turned out that the TV cable access was also in that room when on June 29 the cable company needed access to that room but did not have a key. This caused my business to have to waste time and money securing access. That debt is the responsibility of the management company or Board depending on fault, which has not been acknowledged. None of the official property documents mention that cable connections are not accessible. That seems potentially negligent. Again examples of their competence and the Board’s abrogation of their fiduciary duty given repeated examples of problems with the management company. I asked for contact info for the association president on June 28. They refused in a June 28 email. But I elect the Board and there is no provision or policy to prevent communication with our board. Further in a June 28 email the management company claimed the issue of giving owner’s keys to utility closets was discussed at a prior board meeting. Note I am an owner of a different condo that DOES give owner’s keys to utility closet and has had ZERO problems. I asked for minutes of the meeting at which the issue was discussed and have not been provided them for 3 months. Also on June 28 I discovered an outside water spigot was not working. I traced the plumbing line into the neighboring unit. The neighbor had no idea how to turn on water or find the line. I then contacted the management company that day. On June 29 the management company claimed definitively “The water shut off is in unit #2.” This turned out to be another mistake of the management company and fiduciary risk to the association from Board’s mismanagement. Plumber came the same day and spent hours going back and forth between our unit and number 2 looking for the shutoff in various locations. He finally found it in the laundry room of the building. Either the Association and/or the Management Company should have known where the shutoff was. It is not clear if the Board or association knew so complete liability cannot be assigned until we go to court, but clearly management company’s claim of where it was was a mistake. I informed Board that they should not pay any bill to the plumber for wasted time if the management company should have known where the shutoff was as they claimed. If they did pay the plumber when it was the management company’s fault, then that act would be a violation of the fiduciary responsibility of the Board. I finally informed management company and Board that they assumed all liability for damages caused by a water leak beyond the first 3 minutes if they failed to provide access to shutoff valvesI billed them for my company’s wasted time staying in the unit while they investigated the issue. They have failed to pay to date. On July 29 I asked to have company leadership contact me to resolve the numerous problems. That did not happen until August 11 after many more requests. Company VP promised to respond to the issues I identified, but as of September 1 had responded to NOONE of them. At July 18 Board meeting the election was run in violation of association bylaws. Management company spoke without being acknowledged and offered the floor by the Board President and meeting chair. Management company took sides on issues at meeting. They seem to forget they work for the Board and do not control the property. Someone wrote an incorrect name on the ballots, either the management company or the Board, both should have verified the ballots so both are likely liable in my view for the costs of fixing the election. They were both informed of the errors but have not redone the election according to the bylaws, putting the association at risk of lawsuits and invalidating decisions made, again abrogating their financial responsibilities. The Board may have violated its authority by having management company (who should have known they had no authority to send the letter) sending a letter to a resident who was LEGALLY feeding geese. On July 20 they were informed of this and asked to respond, but have failed to do so, adding to their potential legal liability. On August 2nd I asked to meet with the management company’s resident agent and attorney and they have yet to do so. If this is the property management company you want dealing with your Board, owners, residents or tenants, by all means. I can recommend others who do not make so many mistakes as I own 4 rental properties.
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Colby Hager
Colby Hager

Colby Hager is an experienced real estate investor with Capstone Homebuyers. He has years of experience in renovating houses, home remodeling, and property management.

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