Keia Cix

Disgusted with their workmanship

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Reroof America - Disgusted with their workmanship
Reroof America put on a new roof in August 2005. In 2008 when I started having leaks they told me they weren't responsible for workmanship after one year. I have pictures to show their sub par work and even had my local building inspector write them a letter, but the response was too bad. It cost me $2,000 to correct their work. Now in 2017 I had another leak. The new roofer took photos and showed me the vent pipes were all original from 1978. They should have been replaced with the new roof and weren't. They had holes in them. The new roofer said it was unusual for a roofer to leave original vents when they are doing the complete roof. Reroof America really did me dirty - and I won't forget it. They took shortcuts and were totally unresponsive when I provided photos to show them how unprofessional the eyebrows of the roof were shingled. If you notice their web site has great reviews, however they block negative reviews, now that's a telling sign!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Price reduction

map-marker Saint Francisville, Louisiana

Re Roof America - Non responsive to repair shoddy work

Re Roof America installed the most expensive GAF roof. But lack of supervision and not checking the critical leak point allow the workers to get away with not installing the flashing properly around the three dormers. Over time there was constant leaking and damage to the structures in the attic and now in the ceilings inside and under the front porch. The rep who installed the roof said he would come back and repair it. Always excuses about not showing up and now he refuses to answer my calls.
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Verlene Bmt
map-marker Billings, Montana

Resolved: More leaks now than before the repairs were done.

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Updated by user Jan 29, 2016

Well, after paying a local contractor to fix all my leaking issues I contacted my insurance agent with the cost of those repairs, which were made in April/May. In August I received a call from First Choice Repair telling me they were going to send out their contractor to do a leak test.

I told them that I had already had repairs made because every time it rained I was getting moisture in the walls. I also told her that I sent pictures and a letter detailing all of the damage. I was told that they have never received anything from my insurance agent, therefore she doubted that there would be any reimbursement. One morning in late September I received a phone call from my insurance agent that First Choice Repair had reimbursed me for what it cost me and the money was being deposited in my account.

I was surprised to say the least but it should have been done much sooner since I had documented everything with photos, a third inspection by an independent contractor and details of all of the damage. I am happy to say that my insurance company no longer recommends First Choice Repair who is the company that hired Reroof America.

Original review Jan 31, 2015
Due to a hail storm in May 2014 I ended up with damage to the roof, siding on the west side of the house, fascia, trip around those windows and the gutters. My insurance company recommended First Choice Repair who in turn sent Reroof America to address the repairs to my house. In February I had a leak above my kitchen window which I brought to the attention of the agent who came out. I stressed that the leak there needed to be fixed and I was assured that it would be. Over the course of 2 or 3 months all of the repairs were completed. The first week of January 2015 we had a storm that dumped about 18 inches of snow over 3 or 4 days. In a couple of days it started leaking above the kitchen window again. That was bad enough but all of a sudden I had a leak in my dining room, bedroom, master bathroom, office and crawl space. I contacted the agent & he told me he would have the local manager contact me. (There was no local manager as they had closed the office in either November or December. They sent a girl out to take picture) No one contacted me so I had to call First Choice Repair who is the company who contracted Reroof America to repair the damages. The contractor they sent out determined that there was no issue with the work or the new roof but couldn’t explain all of the leaks. The insurance adjuster who came out because I now had to file another insurance claim said he didn’t like what he was seeing. I took it upon myself to hire a restoration company to dry my house out so had to move to a motel for 4 days. They were supposed to replace all of the siding on the west side of my house and I have discovered that some of the siding that was used was old siding because it had the small black specks that the old siding on my house had. Plus one section is one of the pieces that had been damaged by hail and was cracked. Another section didn’t even fit together leaving a gap between the two pieces of siding where on is supposed to snap over the other. The fascia was placed behind the siding instead of over the siding which allowed water to get behind the siding and into the bedroom window. They installed ice and water shield but you can put your hand under it between it and the roof – what good is that going to do. The shingles bend over the edge of the roof and into the gutter. I called an independent contractor to come over and do an inspection. He stopped by to take a brief look as I had requested to have tarps put on my roof to prevent further leaking(which he couldn't do for a day or 2) and he told me that he didn’t even have to get out of his vehicle to see how bad of a roofing job it was. He will be back in a couple of days to do the inspection and give me a written report which I will submit to my insurance adjuster. And it has snowed again! At this point I am contemplating contacting an attorney. It has been less than 6 months since all this work was done and it is worse now than before the work was done. I will NEVER consider using Reroof America again.
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  • Poor workmanship
Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

craig w Elx
map-marker Aurora, Colorado

Reroof America Contractors, Reroof America Mgmt Co Satisfactory Settlement

My name is Craig Wall and I posted the original complaint. All complaints and claims regarding Reroof America Contractors and Reroof America Management Corporation have been fully resolved to my satisfaction. Reroof America Contractors and Reroof America Management Corporation are fair and reputable roofing and construction management companies, and the owner and President of Reroof America, J. R. Emrich, is a fair and equitable business owner, as I try to be. This misunderstanding was largely the result of miscommunications on all sides. This comment box requires 100+ words to post. I would like to add this personal comment: Phoenix is a good example of why companies like Reroof America are critical to the storm restoration industry. . . there was simply too much damage for the "local" contractors to handle. Would have taken the boots on the ground when the storm hit ten years to complete all the repairs.
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craig w Elx
map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Reroof America Contractors refuses to pay Subcontractors Homeowner Mechanics Liens

Updated by user Sep 10, 2011

I received this letter from Reroof America aka Reroof America Management Corporation aka Reroof America Contractors lawyer in response to my debt collections efforts, verbatim as written:Kornfeld Franklin Renegar & RandallA Professional CorporationATTORNEYS AT LAWTHE RENEGAR BUILDING2964 VIA ESPERANZAOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73013TELEPHONE (405)285-****FACSIMILE (405)285-****JOAN A. RENEGARE-Mail: [REDACTED]July 21, 2011Via Certified MailCraig WallRoofing In Colorado, Inc.1181 S.

Sable Blvd. Ste EAurora, CO 80012Re: Reroof America Corporation and Reroof America ContractorsDear Mr. Wall:I am writing this letter on behalf of Reroof America Corporation and Reroof America Contractors (collectively referred to as Reroof) regarding your extreme and unwarranted behavior toward Reroof, including your constant and harassing letters and emails to my client, your letter of June 20, 2011 to your Missouri clients, and your three negative reports regarding Reroof that you posted on Your actions are defamatory and constitute tortuous interference with advantageous business relationships.My client received letters from attorneys in Colorado, Missouri, and Arizona regarding your baseless claims that Reroof has failed to pay monies owed to you as an independent contractor for Reroof.

My client promptly and thoroughly replied to your attorneys’ letters and I have attached both the letters from the attorneys and the replies from my client. My client’s replies make it very clear that they have complied with all terms of their contract with you that was signed on October 11, 2011. I have also attached a copy of the Independent Contractor Agreement Promissory Note Agreement (collectively referred to as “Agreement”). Any additional commissions due will be paid pursuant to the Agreement.Upon receipt of this letter, you are to cease and desist all communications with Reroof; all communications with past, present, and future clients that make negative statements regarding Reroof; all negative communications regarding Reroof on any and all forums, whether accessed through the internet or by any other means; any and all forms of negative communications regarding Reroof America.

Failure to comply with this cease and desist order will result in Reroof taking legal action which will include you being liable for all costs and attorneys’ fees as per the Agreement.I trust this will bring an end to this dispute once and for all.Very Truly Yours,(signed)Joan A. RenegarFOR THE FIRMEnclosurescc: First Choice Repair [et al, REDACTED]This is a copy of my attorney’s letter to Reroof America Management Corporation which was apparently not provided to their own attorney, since no response has been forthcoming; I have since forwarded a copy to Ms. Renegar :Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison and LewisA Professional CorporationAttorneys and Couselors at Law7979 East Tufts Avenue Parkway, Suite 1300Denver, Colorado 80237[non essential letterhead information REDACTED]July 29, 2011First Class and Certified MailReroof America Management CorporationJ.R. Emrich, President2904 Via EsperanzaEdmond, Oklahoma 73013Re: Roofing In Colorado, Inc.

Breach of Contract, Demand for PaymentDear Mr. Emrich:Mr. Craig Wall of Roofing In Colorado, Inc. recently contacted this Firm concerning problems arising under Independent Contractor Agreements with Reroof America.

I have been authorized to write today on behalf of Mr. Wall to present his final proposal for settlement.Mr. Wall states that his company has contracted with Reroof America branch locations in Colorado, Missouri, and Arizona, and that he is owed commissions for work performed in each of those locations. Mr.

Wall describes actions of Reroof America managers which are inconsistent with the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreements, including, but not limited to imposing requirements not required by contract, withholding job information, failure to timely invoice customers, imposing false chargebacks, and withholding payment of commissions. Mr. Wall alleges such actions constitute breaches of contract on the part of Reroof America , as well as violate the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.Acknowledging partial payment recently received in the amount of $784.61, as of today, Mr. Wall claims his company is still owed a total of $8685.39, which includes estimated commissions earned and expenses incurred through August 1, 2011.

Mr. Wall demands payment of this amount within seven (7) days of receipt of this letter, and in exchange will consider such payment in full and final settlement of any and all claims against Reroof America.Resolving this matter without the need for costly litigation is in the best interest of everyone involved here. However, if this offer of settlement is not accepted within seven (7) days, Mr. Wall does intend to pursue further legal action to enforce his rights, including making civil claims sounding in breach of contract, fraud, collusion and deceptive business practices, and wherein he will also be seeking a forensic audit of your financial records.Please accept by remitting payment in the amount of $8685.39 directly to Roofing In Colorado, Inc., attention Mr.

Wall, at 1181 South Sable Blvd., Aurora, Colorado 80012. The services of this firm have been made to available to Mr. Wall should further action be necessary, but for now, Reroof America or its legal counsel are free to communicate with Mr. Wall directly.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.Very Truly Yours,(signed)Rebecca V. AmentFor the FirmThe following is my reply to the demands of Reroof America Management Corporation’s lawyer Ms. Renegar:[ letterhead REDACTED (information redundant)]September 1, 2011Kornfeld, Franklin, Renegar & Randall, P.C.2964 Via EsperanzaOklahoma City OK 73013RE: Reroof America Management Corp. collection effortsDear Ms.

Renegar:Perhaps the enclosed letter crossed yours in the mail. Since Reroof America has been less than forthcoming with information and communications, I assume you may not have seen this letter as well. That these are baseless claims is incorrect. It is not illegal (or what you term “harassing”) to attempt to collect a debt, nor is it illegal to contact my previous clients (unless Reroof considers me an employee) unless the previous customers tell me otherwise.

There are numerous breaches of this so-called contract (not valid in all markets) that have been undertaken by Reroof representatives, simply to help Reroof America justify stealing from us. This behavior will not be tolerated.You may also refresh your memory as to the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. Just because you demand “Cease and Desist” does not mean that I must comply with your directive, nor will I. My written reports state the facts as I see them.

The burden is on you and Reroof to prove my “baseless claims” as otherwise.Not only will I continue to communicate with MY previous clients, several of them are prepared to witness or depose to the facts of the difficulties they’ve encountered with Reroof America management. In addition, there are numerous items that I will update my online entries with, including a copy of your letter. If I am forced to file court action in Oklahoma, there are additional monetary damages I will be seeking based on the boorish, unethical, unbusinesslike and egregious behavior of your client that will be added to the current amount due.There are indeed interest amounts due by Arizona law, unjustified charges to the wrong accounts in Colorado and Missouri, and failure to share pertinent customer information in all markets in order to verify that the commissions owed are indeed accurate, among many other issues. There are also additional collections costs and legal fees that will be billed as incurred, as will be interest.

I look forward to any actions you may take so we can have a judge look at this behavior, and determine who is right or wrong.When the amount listed on the enclosed invoice is received by my office I will sign a document acknowledging payment in full, and I will revise my online reports to reflect the settlement. If nothing is received and as time goes on, I will step up my collections efforts, up to and including contacting all past clients in all markets, in addition to making your letter and my letters, and photos, available to the online public forum.

I will not cease and desist, or will I “go away.”Sincerely,(signed)Craig Wall303-495-****cc:Reroof America Management Corp.First Choice RepairFile[google “reroof america complaints” to view numerous public records of court actions throughout the U.S. that describe Reroof America shoddy workmanship]

Original review Jul 27, 2011
Reroof America Contractors of Phoenix and Glendale AZ opened a strip mall office soon after the storm in October 2010 using a Arizona Registry of Contractors license held since the last storm over ten years prior, though there was no physical company presence in Arizona for the previous ten plus years approximately. The Reroof America Contractors AZ office in Phoenix / Glendale Arizona had no signage, and all that remains ten months later is a truck with faded lettering parked in the lot. Try calling the local number and one is routed to an anonymous Reroof America answering machine. Keith Rodgers was the manager of the Reroof America Contractors AZ office in Glendale and Phoenix Arizona. My independent project management and consulting firm was invited down to work on the hail storm damage of October 2010, after being required to attend training for the First Choice Repair Program; I was also forbidden to work for any other contractors in spite of being hired as a independent, self-employed salesperson. Keith Rodgers, according to his secretary and First Choice Repair Program Coordinator Ms. Geri Becker, is known within the company as "the storm chasing manager," a Reroof America Management Corporation manager who, while qualified to work with the First Choice Repair Program, abused the FCRP system and other participating Phoenix and Glendale area FCRP contractors by "˜cherry picking' roofing only jobs, while the other First Choice Repair Program contractors in the Phoenix area were expected to take on all repairs to benefit those customers by reducing the time they spend looking for the many contractors it usually takes repairing the many different products usually affected by a severe storm. Keith Rodgers made me get out of selling First Choice Repair customers if they had more than roofing to repair, over and over again (written proof of this abuse of the First Choice Repair Program is on file). Keith Rodgers did not want to "˜waste his time' being the general contractor he was required to be by the First Choice Repair Program; it was easier and more profitable to do only roofing. This left the other local AZROC registered FCRP local contractors at a disadvantage, since it takes much more time to do everything for the customer as a General Contractor, as all other participants in the First Choice Repair Program were required to do. This was the third Reroof America Management Corporation office my company worked for in as many months. It turned out, however, that we were jumped around for a couple reasons: These "˜reassignments', coordinated by Reroof America Management Corp.'s Mark Lenzer and J. R. Emrich, attempted to deprive our company of earnings by virtue of a slickly phrased, illegal employment contract that keeps a independent contractors earnings when a salesperson is not in the area, even though it's all the same company. It also allowed the managers to cook their books and make mistakes that they could simply bill the independent contractor if he wasn't around to babysit them, to make their own and J.R. Emrich's and Mark Lenzer's bottom line fatter. In the case of Arizona, Keith Rodger's crybaby friends were his main salespeople, and they did not like it when I far outperformed them in sales when they were out for Thanksgiving week. When Phillip "The Goof is on the Roof" Strong and J.D. "Baby Huey" Emrich (yes, a little nepotism thrown in! Daddy J.R. Emrich owns Reroof America Management Corporation) returned from their vacation, they were mighty upset that I outsold and outshined them, and that I kept getting calls and referrals from First Choice Repair clients that were turning into big jobs. When they cried and whined to their buddy Keith Rodgers, Reroof America Contractors AZ manager Keith Rodgers solution was letting me go, so his crybaby buddies would quit sniveling. He threatened to not pay me what was earned if I raised a stink or complained, but that he would pay me if "I left quietly." Due to the fact that Reroof America Contractors Glendale / Phoenix was pretty poor on the customer relations side, we had numerous clients calling us back for help because they felt they were treated poorly by Keith Rodgers and Reroof America. I since have been forbidden to contact these customers; however, several of them want to be witnesses in the upcoming AZROC complaints to be filed with the Arizona Registry of Contractors. We are currently pursuing them legally in several states, and will be filing complaints with the Arizona Registry of Contractors through our Arizona attorneys in the near future. We are looking for former Reroof America Contractors subcontractors, salespeople and employees who feel they were subject to the same treatment for possible compensation through other legal means such as class action or deposition. Please contact us at 303-495-**** or contact Reroof America and Keith Rodgers broke numerous Arizona Contractor laws and regulations; when this was pointed out to them by my Arizona legal counsel, they claimed we were "˜under contract' (even though we were not under any contracts in AZ) and Keith Rodgers simply ignored the AZROC laws to suit his own purposes.
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I am the individual that made the original post. I'm pleased to say that all complaints and claims regarding Reroof America Contractors and Reroof America Management Corporation have been fully resolved to my satisfaction.

Reroof America Contractors and Reroof America Management Corporation are fair and reputable roofing and construction management companies, and the owner and President of Reroof America, J.


Emrich, is a fair and equitable business owner, as I try to be. This misunderstanding was largely the result of miscommunications on all sides.


Reroof had approached me with a settlement offer that that they refused to revise to provide me the same future protection they demand themselves. They continue to act like I owe them and they are the victim here--not true.


I enjoy those that don't have the nerve to use their name when commenting--must be a company shill. That 10 year "office" was a license kept open--there was no presence there.

Let's see--12 jobs sold in a holiday week.

OK, you win.

Those First Choice Repair leads were lay downs--until Keith Rodgers started high grading the leads and giving the scraps to other local FCRP contractors. What a mockery of a system.


I know this is old but I too was at ReRoof office in Glendale and most of what I'm reading is false. Especially that you out sold anyone..

"Storm Chasing" if that's what you call going to offices that have been set up for 10+ years, then I'm in. I wonder if you consider other businesses "chasing" because of expansion.

-Better salesman.


Reroof America still has not come forth with the funds owed. As the busy Spring roofing season kicks in, we will step up our collections efforts and online alerts to the public as this storm chasing company roams the US looking for disasters.

As long as you pay your dues to the BBB you can retain a A rating--problems resolved are problems that should have never happened in the first place.



craig w Elx

There will be additional comments submitted in the future. I will describe the settlement offer, if any.

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